Does Humane Wearable AI Have Camera?

Does Humane Wearable AI Have Camera?

Humane Wearable AI is the new technology we are now obsessed with. Well, technically it is an AI-based assistant but there is more to it! Humane Wearable AI have camera that walks with you and watches and experiences anything and everything that you are watching. 

Sounds like a privacy threat? Well no! Humane’s chairman and president, Imran Chaudhri, showed in his demo that the Humane Wearable AI have camera and can record everything that it sees; however, the controlling power of the device is still in your hand. 

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Yes! Humane Wearable AI have camera along with tons of features to take down Apple and throw a challenge to Google and OpenAI.  

Imran Chaudhri is a former Apple employee who co-founded Humane with his wife Bethany. According to him, he has unleashed the power of AI technology for the greater good. In the TED talk, Imran introduced Humane Wearable AI features like receiving calls, transcription language, finding nearby shopping places, identifying whether a candy bar is good for his health, and many more including a very important thing – Humane Wearable AI Have Camera. The specialty of this camera is it can record and show everything without a screen! 

Does Humane Wearable AI Have Camera?

Yes, Humane Wearable AI have camera! As we were talking about, this camera records everything that you are watching. Also, as shown in the demo, the camera can play the record anytime and anywhere you want, and that too without a screen. 

This special camera gives extended memory power by recording everything that could be watched in the future anytime you want! 

Does Humane Wearable AI Capture Images?

Yes, Humane Wearable AI have camera that captures images. This AI camera records everything that you see. Then in your command, it can take snaps of any special moments that you can retrieve later or post to any social media platform. 

The Wearable AI camera will work in your commands only and can delete photos if you instruct it to do so. Anyone with special abilities can take pictures of any special moments of their life with this AI camera. 

Does Humane Wearable AI Record Videos?

Yes, Humane Wearable AI Have Camera to record videos. While on, this AI gadget’s eyes record everything that you see and record everything. 

This is a super feature discussed by Imran Chaudhri in TED Talk. With this recording feature, you can record every small and beautiful moment of your life that you may have missed if you waited for someone to bring a camera and record it. Such as the first steps of your daughter, which is just for a few seconds, and the time you open your phone camera she has already stumbled and seated. But, with a Humane Wearable AI Camera, you could have recorded the moment automatically and enjoy showing off to everyone! 

Will Humane Wearable AI Capture Everything That It Sees?

While introducing Humane Wearable AI in the TED Talk Imran Chaudhri stated that the gadget will watch everything and hear everything that you do. However, he also hinted at the privacy concern. This makes us think that Humane Wearable AI may have the power to see everything, but as per the capturing concern, the user has more control over it. It can be assumed that Humane Wearable AI will only capture moments if it is instructed to do so. However, Imran Chaudhri did not discuss anything about capturing or storing data or the impact of the camera on user privacy. 


Humane Wearable AI Have Camera that is taking the internet by storm. AI gadgets are coming up with superpowers and Humane Wearable AI is no exception. But, people may not be comfortable wearing an AI gadget that sees what they see and experience what they experience! It’s a lot to digest! This could be a challenging threat to human privacy too! Do you like the feature? Share your thoughts. 

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