Does Meta Threads Use Hashtags?

Is Threads The Twitter Killer?

Social media is in a frenzy with excited users checking out Threads, hailed as a Twitter killer, launched by Meta. We could be witnessing a social media revolution, and Round 1: Musk vs Zuckerberg has officially begun. Excited users who are experimenting with Threads, tend to compare it with the public conversations giant and are wondering if Meta Threads use Hashtags just like Twitter, to easily find viral posts and trending topics.  

Elon Musk has started a butterfly effect, and all social media users can feel its ripples across different platforms. Many new social media platforms like Mastodon, Clubhouse, Counter Social, Hive, and Bluesky have tried and failed to fix the damages made. Finally, Meta has taken matters into its own hands and launched its own version of Twitter, named symbolically as Threads. However, many users seem to be concerned that they are not able to locate some of their favorite features from Twitter on Threads.

Threads Use Hashtags

We can confirm that Meta Threads currently does not allow users to use Hashtags.

Joining new social networking platforms and exploring their features could be taxing for all new users.  Instead of wasting your time trying to personally find out if Meta Threads use Hashtags, just place your trust in us and dive in to know all the gory details.

Does Meta Threads Use Hashtags?

Unfortunately no. Meta Threads does not allow users to make use of hashtags. While using hashtags is considered to be one of the best ways of socializing, and is very commonly used by most social media users, but to the disappointment of many, Meta Threads currently does not have the option that allows users to make use of Hashtags. Even if you try to add a #hashtag to your Threads, you will notice that it is displayed as text instead of a link to your #hashtag.

Using hashtags is the current norm of social networking. Most of the popular social networking platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc. allow users to use hashtags. All social media users prefer to make use of hashtags for their posts so that they can reach a wider audience and categorically meet interested users with similar interests. Hence, it has come as a shock to us all that Meta Threads use Hashtags has been restricted.

Hashtags: Twitter Vs Threads


The personal favorite feature of most users on Twitter is having easy access to all the trending news and viral content. You will be able to see all the latest trending news and updates that are catered and personalized just ‘For You’. All users will have access to updates on Trending, News, Sports, and Entertainment. All you have to do is open the Twitter app to tap on the Explore icon that is found at the bottom of the page. 

Does Meta Threads Use Hashtags

Twitter users have the easy option of viewing the currently trending tweets, that are categorized based on the #hashtags.


Now, let us take a look at the options that are available for us when tapping on the Explore icon on Threads. Open the Threads app on your device and tap on the Explore button found at the bottom of the page. You will be displayed a list of users on Threads, for you to follow. While you might think that it is a good idea to meet new people on the new social platform, you might be disappointed when you realize that this is just a list of random users on Threads.

Does Meta Threads Use Hashtags? Threads

Meta syncs your new Threads account with your existing Instagram account at the time of installation. So, all your followers are already synchronized with your Threads account. Tapping the Explore icon on Threads will just display a list of verified users, who are in no way even remotely connected to you. It will consist of verified social influencers and celebrities who are on Threads. 

Since the Meta Threads use of Hashtags has been restricted, meeting new users based on similar thoughts, beliefs, and interests is not possible. Nevertheless, likewise Twitter, Threads offers a pedestal for you to voice out your thoughts and be heard by all.

Wrap up 

Widening the social circle and meeting new like-minded people has been the primary purpose of social networking. Adding hashtags to your post not only increased its discoverability but also attracted people with similar interests. It is quite disheartening to say that millions of users who have eagerly waited for Meta’s Threads are deeply concerned about the restriction on using hashtags. Nevertheless, let us hope for the best in the next app update where Meta Threads finally allows all users to use hashtags.

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