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Doge Wallet For iOS

The Dogecoin founder has recently announced the Doge wallet for iOS. Yes, if you are an Apple user, this news is beneficial. Anyone having an iPhone or an iPad can now easily download and use this wallet.

Dogecoin has become a famous cryptocurrency over the last few years. Investors have benefited a lot by investing in the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. On the 4th March 2022, the announcement related to the Doge wallet for iOS was made via Twitter. 

Shibetoshi Nakamoto officially declared the release of the Doge wallet for iOS. It is expected that this move will increase the Doge transactions. In this post, we will discuss the Doge wallet for iOS. Read till the end.

Let’s get more details about the Doge wallet for iOS.

Doge Wallet For iOS

Dogecoin wallet

The founder announced that Dogecoin is releasing a Doge wallet for iOS. The non-custodial wallet, MyDoge Wallet, is exclusively created for safely trading and storing the Dogecoin tokens. 

It was also declared that the mission behind releasing the MyDoge wallet is to increase the daily transactions of Dogecoin. The users can easily purchase, receive, send, or store the Dogecoin more safely with the Doge wallet. 

The Doge wallet for iOS can be downloaded by iPhone or iPad users very conveniently. With this non-custodial wallet app, Doge can be easily transferred using any crypto exchange or another wallet such as Coinbase.

This Doge wallet for iOS is claimed to be an easy-to-use wallet. It is claimed to be a social wallet for the currency of people. The users can explore the world of Dogecoin and meet or connect to their friends using the app. It is also said that the transactions would be conducted with a low fee using the MyDoge Wallet app.

Until now, there are no plans for releasing an Android version of the MyDoge Wallet app. For now, they can use MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or other wallets to store their Doge tokens. Until then, we can wait for the Android version.

With Ukraine’s move of accepting Dogecoins as donations, it is expected that the cryptocurrency will have a bullish effect on the market. The price of the coin is expected to rise in the coming times. Although, till now, no such sign of recovery in the price has been witnessed.

Current Details About Dogecoin


The native token of Dogecoin is DOGE. The current price is $0.1197. The market cap of Dogecoin is $15,850,522,708. The All-Time High of Dogecoin is $0.7376 and the All-Time Low is $0.00008547. It has an ROI of 21227.63%.

Several other Dogecoin developments are also going on currently. Earlier also in the last year, SoDogeTip was released as a Dogecoin Tip Bot. So, Dogecoin developers have been seen introducing Dogecoin-related products. It would be interesting to see if the price of Dogecoin remains to fall or will bounce back in recent days. 


Here ends our post on Doge Wallet for iOS. Complete details about the Doge wallet for iOS are still awaited. Let us see if people’s interest in Dogecoin increases with this announcement or not. We will keep you updated when more information about the Doge wallet for iOS. If you like the post, don’t forget to share it. Do read out other articles related to cryptos on our website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Wallet Supports Dogecoin?

A. Coinbase, Ledger, Binance, and many more support Dogecoin.

Q2. Can You Get Dogecoin On iOS?

A. Yes, you get Dogecoin on iOS. You just need to install the Dogecoin Wallet for DOGE transactions. 

Q3. Can I Buy Dogecoin With Apple Pay?

A. Yes, you can buy Dogecoin with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.

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