Elon Musk On Truth Social | A Tweet To Show Truth Social Popularity

Elon Musk On Truth Social

Twitter’s owner is now Elon Musk and everybody knows how outspoken he is. Just as Elon Musk has grabbed his ownership over Twitter, the users have witnessed a tweet by Elon Musk on Truth social. 

Truth social, we all know, is an app that was introduced in the aftermath of banning Donald Trump from Twitter. He decided to develop a new app that will act as a rival to Twitter. And within a week of its launch, Truth Social got millions of downloads. Although it is hard to beat Twitter which has been in use for years, Truth Social gave good results. 

Recently, we witnessed Elon Musk Tweeted about Truth Social mentioning that Truth Social is currently beating Twitter and TikTok on the Apple Store. Though Twitter and TikTok are much older and far more popular applications, Truth Social is a level above them. This is hard to grasp but true. 

Do you want to know why Elon Musk tweeted about Truth Social? Then let us find out everything about this in this article.  

Is Truth Social Beating Twitter And TikTok On Apple Store?

Yes, this is true that the Truth Social app is presently beating Twitter as well as TikTok on the Apple Store. This is hard to believe because Truth social has recently entered the world of Social media while Twitter and TikTok have been there for years. Still, Truth Social has managed to overtake these two on the Apple Store. 

Why Did Elon Musk Tweet About Truth Social?

Elon Musk has posted a tweet mentioning how Truth Social is beating the popular apps Twitter and TikTok on the Apple store at present. He also added a screenshot as proof that Truth Social is placed above the other two former and popular applications. 

Elon Musk On Truth Social

Elon Musk’s indication about the Truth Social app’s position above Twitter on the Apple Store can probably be showing that Twitter was not working the way it should. The reason might be that Twitter didn’t provide enough freedom of speech to its users. 

Maybe Elon Musk has done this to show the users that Twitter was not working to its full potential and that now he has taken over Twitter, so he will unleash whatever Twitter retains and bring Twitter back to the top. 

As we know how motivated and dedicated Elon Musk is towards things he wants, there are great chances that Elon Musk will do what he stated he is intending to do. If so, it will not take much time for Twitter to surpass Truth Social and attain the top position among the other social media platforms. 

Will Elon Musk Let Trump Back On Twitter?

A lot of people are now wondering “Will Elon Musk unban Trump?”. If Donald Trump returns to Twitter, then there will be no need for Truth Social since this platform was created only after Trump was banned on Twitter. 

There is a good chance that Elon Musk will now let Trump come back to Twitter. As Elon Musk has already mentioned that he is rigid on the principle of free speech, there is no reason he will still keep Donald Trump banned on Twitter. 

Will Trump Be Back On Twitter?

Is Trump back on Twitter? Even though many people are showing their agreement that Donald Trump should be brought back on Twitter, the bad thing is that Donald Trump has already stated in an interview that he is not going back on Twitter and his decision seems firm. If it is so, then the rivalry between Truth Social and Twitter will keep going on. 

Wrapping Up

Elon Musk is planning something big for Twitter or he would not have spent such an amount to buy the company. He never goes without plans and his intentions toward Twitter will soon show up. Tell us what you think about Elon Musk’s Twitter and Trump’s Truth Social in the comments.

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