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Envision Glasses For Blind

Being able to see the world is indeed no less than a blessing. However, visually impaired people are so deprived of God’s Grace. Nevertheless, Envision Glasses for Blind, solve the problem as they are a special type of glasses specifically designed for people who are stricken with visual impairment. 

Technology is transcending boundaries of development and innovation. Who thought, there could be glasses that will make the blind see? Well, “Expect the unexpected” is what technology is. Recently, modern technology has come up with these envision glasses for blind that make them see and feel the world around like an ordinary human being. The technology is currently available on iOS and Android smartphones, and already enables you and thousands of other users around the world to read all kinds of information.

The main aim of these Envision Glasses is to empower visually impaired people to become more independent by speaking out about the visual world around them and coming across as unconventional beings on their own. It all started with the first-ever Goggle glasses, the technology is now the base of a set of glasses designed to assist the blind known as Envision Glasses, they utilize AI to verbally tell their wearer what they are looking at. Envision Glasses is a wearable device that significantly improves the daily life of blind and visually impaired people. 

This article will incorporate everything about the Envision Glasses for Blind and will address all your related queries regarding these unique pair of glasses. We hope this guide turns out to be useful to you.

Envision Glasses For Blind Review

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be unable to see the world at all? If yes, then it such so devastating to even imagine the mere thought. With the constant and unstoppable advancements in technology, we see this problem getting addressed. Special Glasses are made for the blind so that they can feel as normal as any other human being. 

“See the world as it is.” Endorsing and addressing majorly the visually impaired set of the society, the vision of the company is to make the environment accommodative and normal for the people with visual impairment. These are called the Envision Glasses for Blind. These glasses come with extensive features which we will be discussing in the guide below. Until then, let’s get to know a little more about these Envision Glasses for Blind. 

The idea of these glasses is that whenever the user needs to know what’s in front of them, they start by finger-swiping the right-hand arm of the glasses to select a mode. The mode is guided by synthetic speech feedback from the integrated speaker. Once a mode has been selected, the user double-taps the arm to record an image, which is processed by the system’s AI-based algorithms.

Envision Glasses for Blind are of much significance, as they are known for the best text recognition. It excels in all kinds of text recognition, with the ability to read in over 60 languages. Be it handwritten notes, a cereal box, or that book you want to dive into. Also, Envision Glasses are also IP53 water-resistant (protected from water spray), tip the scales at approximately 46 g, and should run for four to five hours per charge of their lithium battery.

Envision Glasses are initially paired with an iOS/Android smartphone app when being set up, but function independently (for the most part) from that point on. Their software runs on a Qualcomm Quad-Core processor, within Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 hardware.

Features Of Envision Glasses For Blind 

The Features That Make These Envision Glasses for Blind Stand Out are: 

1. Displays Instant Text 

This function is intended to read short pieces of text, like room numbers, street signs, food packaging, etc. This works with a live video feed, so you can scan around and the glasses will continue to speak out whatever text is in front of it.

2. Describe the Scene 

Whenever you snap a picture with this option, the AI will do its best to describe what’s in the image. This feature is great for getting a general sense of what is around you. Well, you can also save these images, making it a great way for taking photographs.

3. Detect Colors From One Another 

This is a simple but useful function. When these envision glasses are turned on, they will speak out the dominant colors in front of it. Useful when you need to pick the right dress.

4. Find the Person

When you have this function on and scan around with the glasses, it will give you a mild beep every time it sees a person in the frame. You can also teach Envision the faces of your friend and family, so when their faces come into the frame, it will speak out their name to you.

5. Explore the Surroundings 

With the Explore function, the glasses will consistently speak out the objects and people it detects around you. This is useful to familiarise yourself with a new place or just a fun activity when you are out for a stroll to know what’s around.

6. Do a Video Call

Envision allows you to make a video call from within the glasses to a friend or a family who will have a companion app. With this, they can see a direct video feed of the glasses, enabling them to help you out of any sticky situation. You can also choose to share additional information like your location on a map.

Envision Glasses Technical Specifications 

The company’s aim was to build these glasses very technically sound so that it acts as a complete aid to its users. Envision Glasses are technically Envision’s software platform running within the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Envision’s software serves as a virtual layer of accessibility that allows you to not just use the functions.

Below are the technical specifications of the Envision Glasses for Blind: 

SoCQualcomm Quad-Core, 1.7GHz,10nm
OSAndroid Oreo
Memory & Storage3GB LPDDR4 / 32GB eMMC Flash
Wi-Fi802.11ac, dual-band, single antenna
‍BluetoothBluetooth 5.x AoA
Camera8Mp, 80 DFOV
‍Display640×360 Optical Display Module
Audio outMono Speaker, USB audio, BT audio
Microphones3 beam-forming microphones
‍TouchMulti-touch gesture touchpad
Charging & DataUSB Type-C, USB 2.0 480Mbps
LEDPrivacy (camera), power (rear)
Battery820mAh with fast charge.
IMUSingle 6-axis Accel/Gyro, single 3-axis Mag
‍Power-saving featuresOn head detection sensor, and Eye-on screen sensor
RuggedizationWater and dust resistant
Weight~46g (pod)

We can thus, culminate that the Envision Glasses for the blind are worth the hype as they come with solid features and specifications. The listed features and specifications showcase an award-winning software for smartglasses, enabling an unprecedented experience of hands-free and unobtrusive experience of accessing the visual world. From kids to adults the envision glasses are prescribed. 

User Review: 

What users have to say, 

“The thing about the glasses is it gives you the extra confidence to do those extra tasks that you would not do by yourself usually. It really brightens my capability as a blind man living independently. This is a game-changer. Now if I can only get these glasses to clean my apartment.”

“Used my new Envision Glasses to read a printed letter from the hospital this morning. It’s the best OCR I’ve ever used! Wonderful to now be able to read my own mail without having to ask someone else to! read it for me!”

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Envision Glasses For Blind Cost 

Envision Glasses For Blind

Although, the prime goal is to encounter everything from your eyes, however, for the visually impaired it is made possible through these special glasses that have in-built sensors that signal the user about each and everything. 

These glasses have gained recognition across the globe and are completely worth the hype. The question now is the price of the Envision Glasses for Blind and where to buy these from? 

Envision Glasses cost $3,500, and you can order these glasses from the official website of the company or from a distributor. Alternatively, you can have the Envision App downloaded on your phone, which also scans text and tells you about your surroundings using your phone’s camera. 

The app costs $20 for a one-year subscription or $99 for a lifetime subscription.

They can also be purchased now from their Netherlands-based manufacturer, and are priced at €3,269 (about US$3,607).

What All Is Included With The Purchase?

When you pre-order the Envision Glasses, you get the following things in the box:

  1. The Google Glass Pod with Envision Software installed on it.
  2. The Titanium Band frame: the lightweight and robust frame for the Google Glass.
  3. A USB-C charging cable.
  4. A Lifetime Subscription to the Envision AI app for iOS and Android.

If you do order the Envision Glasses with Smith Optics Frame, you will have that included in the box as well. Please bear in mind that the glass frame ship with zero power lenses. You may take them to your optician to replace them with applicable prescription lenses.

Envision Glasses For Blind User Guide 

The Envision Glasses are unique looking in structure without any complex working procedure. Once you learn how to pair these glasses, you can carry them anywhere and wear them anytime. The Envision Glasses for Blind user guide is as simple as pairing your mobile to any Bluetooth device. 

To use these Envision Glasses, you need to open the Envision app and link the glasses via Bluetooth to use the glasses. Then, connect the glasses to Wi-Fi, and you’re good to go. You only have to do this once. Once you have paired or linked your glasses to your mobile app, you won’t even need to carry your phone around for the glasses to work. To teach Envision to recognize faces, have people take selfies in the app and then enter their names. After that, the glasses will speak aloud that person’s name when they’re in the frame.

The main objective of Envision is to bring apps like Aira that carry out visual interpreting for visually impaired people. It’s an accommodation or productivity tool that connects you to actual humans to simplify your daily life. An integration with Envision would mean users could connect to Aira directly from the glasses instead. Envision is also in talks with navigation apps to try to bring their services onto the glasses.

Wrapping Up 

In a nutshell, we can say that envision glasses for the blind are by far the best work of technology. If you are keen on exploring its extensive features then go buy your pair of envision glasses. It is thus, recommended to all the visually impaired people to use these glasses as it makes life easy, especially for them. 

Furthermore, if have any related doubts or queries or if you really liked this guide you can leave your comments in the comment section right below. We assure to revert as soon as we can. Hope this guide was of great help to you. 

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