How To Upload Avatar On Somnium – A Step By Step Guide

How To Upload Avatar On Somnium

Metaverse has been a burning topic post-pandemic. Somnium Space, being a Metaverse, has also become popular in the past few years. Are you thinking of creating or uploading avatar on Somnium? Don’t know how and where to start from? Here we are with a post on ‘How to upload avatar on Somnium’ that will help you become a master in this.

Somnium Space is a virtual reality platform launched in 2017. It is an application on the Ethereum blockchain wherein you can buy land and explore. You can create NFTs on the Somnium Space and sell them. You can also explore the creations of other users in Somnium Space.  

If you want to know more about Somnium Space, go through this post. In this post, we will be providing a complete guide for you on ‘How to upload Avatar on Somnium.’ So, let’s get started!

How To Upload Avatar On Somnium?

You can represent yourself in the virtual world of Somnium Space with the Avatar. You can do so with the Somnium Space SDK avatar. Here are the steps for creating or uploading Avatar on Somnium Space. Let us go through all these steps one after the other.

1. Download And Install Unity Hub

The first step is to download and set up Unity. You can visit the website and click on ‘Download Unity Hub.’ Once you have installed Unity Hub, visit this to select ‘Unity2019.x’. Here you will find ‘Unity 2019.2.4’. Click on the Unity Hub button.   

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2. Download And Install Somnium SDK

After that, you need to download the Somnium Space Unity Package and then follow these small steps:

  • After that, open Unity Hub to find a small arrow next to the new button. Click on it to select 2019.2.4f1. 
  • Select the 3D template and fill in the name and the location where you want the project to be created. 
  • Click on create and open Windows Explorer, visit the location where the SDK package is downloaded, and double click. 
  • An import window will open in Unity. Now press All and then Import.
  • Somnium Space login window will appear, where you can enter your login information and then click on log in
  • Now inside the project tab, click on the ‘scenes folder’ and open ‘Upload scenes’ inside the project tab. It is time to upload scenes.   

3. Import Avatar

If you do not have any avatar, you can download them from various websites. However, if you have an avatar or can create avatar, export them from your modeling software.FBX or directly transfer them from other games that support custom avatars.

  • Go to the Models folder from the Project tab in Unity and create a new folder that will contain all avatar assets.
  • Create two folders in this new folder for textures and materials.
  • You can find the ‘model file’ in Windows Explorer, drop the model in the avatar’s folder, and repeat the same for textures by entering the texture folder. 

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4. Set-Up Humanoid Rig

In this step, you can select the avatar in the Project tab and go to the Inspector tab on the right side of the Unity window and follow these steps-

  • Select ‘Rig’ and ‘Humanoid’ in the animation type
  • Click on ‘Apply’ and then on ‘Configure’
  • In the mapping window, check if everything having a full circle is green and mapped. Then click on ‘Apply’ and then on ‘Done’.

5. Set-Up Material

You first need to select the avatar in the Project tab and then select the Inspector tab. After that, follow these steps- 

  • Click on ‘Materials’ and then on ‘Extract Materials’ for extracting them to the materials folder created earlier.
  • Check the materials by visiting the Textures folder and selecting all in the Project tab. Now go to the Inspector, and in the texture type, select ‘Sprite(2D and UI)’ and click on ‘Apply’.
  • Go to the Materials folder where all the Model’s materials are extracted, select one, and go to the Inspector.
  • Set ‘Standard’ in the Shader and the ‘Albedo’ slot, set the tint to white. If it is transparent, set the Rendering mode to ‘CutOut’. 

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6. Upload The Avatar

Before uploading the avatar, you can add different effects to the character. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to the Hierarchy tab on the left side, and you will find ‘ModelPivot’ here. Drop your model here from the Project tab. 
  • In the Hierarchy tab, select the avatar and go to the Inspector tab. In the ‘Transform’ component, you will find a gear icon. Click on it and then press ‘Reset’.
  • As the avatar is already selected in the Hierarch tab, go to the Inspector tab. Click on ‘Add Component’ and search for ‘Avatar Config’ to add it to the avatar.
  • Here are various parameters that can be set for your avatar. You can set camera view position, gender type, lip-sync, and so on. 

Now it is time to move to the building process. Follow these steps for building the avatar:

  • For building, make sure that the avatar is selected in the Hierarch tab and then go to the menu, then Sodium SDK, and select Build and Upload. 
  • In the Build and Upload window, you can find information related to meshes and models, warnings and errors, along with other details. If everything seems fine you can click on Build above the filters for starting the build and upload process.
  • Upload UI will be visible once the build process is completed. Here you can provide details to your avatars like name and description. After filling in the details, agree to the terms and conditions and click on ‘Upload Model’ for uploading it. Once it is successful, a confirmation message will appear.

7. Select The Avatar For Use 

After uploading, you need to visit the Somnium Space Official website, click on ‘Download Client’, and install it. Then follow these steps:

  • Open the launcher and log in. Wait for the updates to be downloaded, and press the Launch PC Client. Now you will see an Avatar tab below. Open it.
  • Here different avatars would be visible, along with editing options. 
  • You can find Avatar Type Selection in the middle on the top side. Use the left and right arrows and press ‘Custom Type’.
  • All the avatars that have been uploaded using Avatar SDK will appear here. You can click on any of these and make changes. 
  • Once you have made changes, press’ Use This Avatar’ at the top of the avatar section.
  • Finally, you can ‘preview the avatar’ or ‘enter Somnium Space’ at the bottom.  

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This was our guide on how to upload avatar on Somnium. We hope that it was an informative post. If you liked the post, share it with friends. Do ask us about any queries regarding this in the comment box. 

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