Everything About The New Apple Headset Coming in Mid 2022

Everything About The New Apple Headset Coming in Mid 2022

As of now, Apple has millions of fans who eagerly wait for the launch of its products whether it is an iPhone, Mac, or even Airpods. Now, according to the rumors, the new Apple Headset is set to be launched in mid-2022. Below in this article, we have disclosed every detail of the Apple Headset that you need to know.

When Apple’s New iPhone was launched, everyone was amazed by its revolutionary features, and now there are several iPhones available in the market. Apart from iPhone, Apple has launched Macbook, Airpod, Speakers, Watch, Homepod, and many more. Whenever Apple launches a new product, it enhances the quality of that product.

Similarly, this time, the company is planning to launch a Headset with VR technology and many other amazing features. Apart from this, it is also assumed that the cost of this Headset will be more expensive than the previous Headphones.

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Everything About The New Apple Headset

Even though Apple’s products are expensive, there is no doubt that every Apple product is different from other company’s products and is good in quality.

Everything About The New Apple Headset Coming in Mid 2022

Sound Quality of Apple AR Headset

It is said that these headphones have the technology to deliver amazing sound quality as they come with powerful noise cancellation, which means you will neither be bothered by the background sounds nor you will have to take your eyes off the road to read a new email. In fact, you can listen to your favorite song while you travel in traffic.

Cost of The New Apple AR Headset

As we know, the cost of each Apple device or accessory remains high, the new Apple Headset will also not come cheap. The exact price of the new Headset has not been officially revealed by Apple. However, it is assumed that they may cost almost twice as much as the previous Airpod. Still, if there is a die-hard Apple fan who loves each Apple headphone, he might be willing to spend this much. Also, if you buy this Headset, it is expected that you will save money in the long run.

The New Voice Recognition Feature

The new AR Headset by Apple has an advantage that other companies might not have. They have integrated voice-recognition technology which means you do not require to touch the microphone button every time you send or receive a call. In short, now you can get rid of physically touching the phone.

How does the voice recognition feature work?

You just have to connect the Headset with your Apple iPhone or iPad and it will automatically recognize a number (the one you connect to your device) and then it starts talking to you. Now, you can give any command like “Hello! Dial a number” and it will automatically dial that number. Since it is designed for both indoor and outdoor usage, you will not face any problem with this.

Build Quality of The New AR Headset

The new Apple Headset is very lightweight which means you don’t need to worry about dragging and carrying it around. But if you accidentally drop the unit on the floor, it can break. So, you should always make sure to keep it safe. However, we don’t recommend you to use it while driving. You may think that it is safe, but it is not.

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More About The Apple AR Headset

  • The Apple new Headset is perfect for those who want to stay connected with their friends, family, colleagues, or fans. Since it is a hands-free device, you don’t have to fumble around with your phone to call someone.
  • Apple wants to get the weight of the headset set to 100 to 200 grams which is half of the current ongoing headset.
  • The product is likely to focus on AR technology.
  • According to the leaks, the expected price of the new AR Headset will be $3000.


There are various rumors about the launching of an Apple-made AR headset that will come in mid-2022. We are very excited about this AR Headset. What you think about this new Apple product, comment below.

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How much will the Apple AR glasses cost?

As of now, it is not confirmed that Apple will launch a AR glasss. However, according to the leaks, it is said that the Apple AR glasses will cost $499 or more.

Does iPhone 12 have ar?

Apple iPhone 12 and 12 mini have AR capabilities but they don’t have the LiDAR scanner which we find in the iPhone 12 pro and 12 pro max.

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