10 Free Vector Software for Windows

free vector software for windows

Since the vector format generates high-quality printed goods with precise lines and shapes, vector graphics play a significant part in the print sector in the world of visuals. Consequently, there is a significant need for vector software on both Windows and Mac.

Along with providing a picture that is clear and crisp, vector graphics make it simple for graphic designers to change images and save a lot of time. As a result, the designer will be able to finish the job more quickly.

If you are working with PNG or JPG photos, Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly the editing program that comes to mind. However, only raster pictures like JPG or PNG may be edited with Photoshop and other programs like GIMP, Picasa, and CorelDRAW. Use more sophisticated graphics editing and creation tools if you want to amaze your work. Here find the top 10 free vector software that pro-graphic designers play with. 

Benefits of Using Vector Software in Windows 

  1. Scalable: Vector-based software allows for the creation of scalable images. They may be enlarged without losing quality or becoming pixelated.
  2. Small file size: The files produced or developed by this software often have a small size.
  3. Different Formats: The produced files can be exported and stored in a variety of formats, including EPS, AI, and SVG.

List of the Top 10 Vector Graphics Software for Windows

1. Adobe Illustrator

Free Vector Software for Windows

Specifications: Windows, macOS

Reasons to Buy:     Toolkit used by companies, AI characteristics that save time, Exemplary vector and type tools

Website: Adobe Illustrator

Pricing: $20.99/mo

Vector software – Adobe Illustrator is used to make 3D graphics, add textures, and do much more. By sending a link for feedback, it enables you to easily share your work with others. It offers you the built-in learning panel to motivate you and hone your abilities.


  1. Helps in the creation of wallpaper, infographics, infographic fonts, hand lettering, icons, and charts.
  2. Adobe Sensei AI intelligently creates or recolors with just a click.
  3. Whenever the inspiration strikes, offers its services on the fly.
  4. Offers 3D graphics and texturing capabilities.
  5. Uses links that can be shared to encourage collaboration.
  6. The Discover panel assists in making suggestions for the top features to use.
  7. Eliminates manual labor and substitutes comparable fonts for those that are lacking.
  8. Affinity Designer

2. Affinity Designer

Free Vector Software for Windows

Specifications: Windows, macOS, iPadOS

Reasons to Buy:     Great Value, Good illustrator capability, Various useful tools

Website: Affinity Designer    

Pricing: $54.99/mo

Affinity Designer is a cutting-edge vector software that runs on Mac, Windows, and iPad. It offers a number of time-saving features that let you focus more on making visuals. To guarantee pixel-perfect designs, it offers a live pixel preview. For its top-notch tools for generating concept art, print projects, UI designs, logos, icons, mock-ups, and more, Affinity designer is advised.


  1. Affinity gives the choice between vector and raster images.
  2. Unlimited boards, advanced grids, keyboard shortcuts, snapping and alignment, and other features are all built into the workflow architecture.
  3. On Windows, Mac, or iPad, accessible from anywhere in the same format.
  4. Vector tools for extremely productive and geometry-perfect work.
  5. Powerful zooming, grids, and contour tools.
  6. Sophisticated styling and ligatures with complete control over leading, kerning, tracking, and other factors.
  7. CorelDRAW 

3. CorelDRAW

Free Vector Software for Windows

Specifications: Windows, Mac

Reasons to Buy:    Amazing features, Strong community back-up

Website: CorelDRAW    

Pricing: $39/mo

Branding, marketing, signage, and large-format printing, fine arts, fashion & textiles, illustration, and other uses all make use of CorelDraw, which is the best part of this amazing vector software.

With the characteristics it provides, like all-in-one design and layout, different licensing methods, native OS experience, wide file compatibility, and so on, it distinguishes out from the competitors. It offers an interactive asset management facility and flexible design space.


  1. Multiple views and multiple asset export are available in this adaptable design space.
  2. Editing images with improved color replacement, assistance for the HIEF file format, and more.
  3. Real-time notes, comments, and feedback can be gathered using sophisticated collaborative tools.
  4. On Windows, Mac, the web, iPad, and other mobile devices, it is easily available from anywhere.
  5. Full of sophisticated design tools, such as typography, font management, page layout, photo editing, and vector drawing.
  6. Design with absolute precision and assurance for print or the web.
  7. Support a variety of file formats, including EPS, TIFF, HEIF, DWG, DXF, JPG, PNG, SVG, and PSD.
  8. Vectr

4. Vectr

Free Vector Software for Windows

Specifications: Browser, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS

Reasons to Buy:     Available in both browser and desktop version, Comes with helpful tutorials, Great collaboration 

Website: Vectr   

Pricing: Free

Vectr is a vector software available for free. This photo editing app is a simple and user-friendly tool that allows you to create and edit vector images without any specialized knowledge. You can also share your skills in real as you are creating and modifying the illustrations by just sharing a link.

It produces sharp images that may be extended or scaled without losing detail or becoming distorted. It offers tools and features that are easier and smarter thanks to AI.


  1. Real-time collaboration is offered.
  2. Via URL sharing, anyone can view your live editing.
  3. It can make scalable images. It may become stretched and hazy.
  4. Better, quicker, and simpler editing.
  5. Provides a chat facility for communication within the program.
  6. Offers AI-powered time-saving technologies.
  7. Vecteezy

5. Vecteezy

Free Vector Software for Windows

Specifications: Browser

Reasons to Buy:     Easy to learn and use, Multiple elements to work with 

Website: Vecteezy   

Pricing: $7/mo

Vecteezy – one of the best vector software offers designers access to excellent creative materials. By offering worry-free licensing, it aids designers in developing confidence in their work.

For designers looking for free, top-notch, royalty-free images, illustrations, and videos for their best work, Vecteezy comes highly recommended. The Pro plan’s price is comparatively quite affordable.


  1. Offers high-quality photographs and photos for purchase as well as for free.
  2. Includes royalty-free clip art and free or paid vector drawings.
  3. Provides free high-definition videos that are sorted into time-lapses, business, nature, travel, lifestyle, and many more categories.
  4. Involve straightforward licensing for both personal and business use.
  5. The information was occasionally updated.
  6. Offers choices to fit any budget.
  7. Sketch

6. Sketch

Free Vector Software for Windows

Specifications: Windows, macOS

Reasons to Buy:     Comes with helpful tutorials, Great collaboration, Comes with multiple elements 

Website: Sketch    

Pricing: $9/mo

With its robust features, Sketch aids in visual design. It facilitates real-time editing and design collaboration. This platform offers sophisticated tools and features that help your work stand out.

For its features like customized workflow, developer handoff, and other similar ones, Sketch is highly advised and the best vector software. A 30-day free trial is offered.


  1. Utilizing collaboration technologies makes it possible to share and edit the same document.
  2. Flexible vector editing, precise controls, OpenType fonts, as well as other effective design tools are included.
  3. provides browser-based collaboration capabilities, including a macOS editor, browsable version history, and the ability to choose who and when to share with.
  4. Workspaces can be set up quickly so that documents are accessible wherever and whenever needed.
  5. the developers may get the pixel-perfect visuals with no fuss thanks to the hassle-free handoff.
  6. With several plugins and integrations, workflows can be customized.
  7. Graphic

7. Graphic

Free Vector Software for Windows

Specifications: macOS

Reasons to Buy:     Compatible to macOS, Comes with multiple features 

Website: Graphic   

Pricing: $29.99/mo

A fully functional platform for graphic design and illustration, Graphic Tool is available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It has a tonne of strong features that make it easy to make straightforward designs for intricate vector graphics.

The advanced features of Graphics, including Smart Guides & Loupe, Clippings Path, path editing, and many more, are highly recommended for photo editing.


  1. The iCloud feature makes it easier to access your creations on several devices as needed.
  2. packed with capabilities for professionals, like path editing, applying patterns, importing photos, and using colors and gradients.
  3. With just one tap, documents may be simply controlled.
  4. A customized canvas grid, intelligent alignment cues, object snapping, and dimensioning tools can be used to create technical designs and illustrations.
  5. offers features for the iPad Pro that are optimized, such as pressure-sensitive strokes, a brush editor, and customizable brush strokes.
  6. Tools for vector illustrations include text with style, shape tools, and vector drawing.
  7. Boxy SVG

8. Boxy SVG

Free Vector Software for Windows

Specifications: Browser

Reasons to Buy:     Good vector capabilities, Intuitive interface

Website: Boxy SVG   

Pricing: $9.99/year

Customizable vector graphics that support the SVG file format can be edited using the Boxy SVG platform. Both novices and experienced web designers can benefit from it. On every platform or OS, we may easily use it.

It has a function that lets you personalize the keyboard shortcuts to suit your tastes. It makes sure that the entire project is completed immediately on a single canvas without the use of toolbars, open pallets, or overlapping dialogue boxes.


  1. Create vector graphics that are scalable.
  2. This vector software Provides editing tools for SVG files.
  3. Helpful for new users, web developers, and designers.
  4. Accessible from every platform and device.
  5. Offers an interface along with keyboard shortcuts, precise controls, and other intuitive features.
  6. Inkscape

9. Inkscape

Free Vector Software for Windows

Specifications: Windows, macOS

Reasons to Buy:    Free software, Multiple Elements 

Website: Inkscape    

Pricing: Free

Inkscape is a popular free vector drawing software. With its adaptable drawing tools, extensive file format compatibility, expert text tools, and bezier and spiro curves, it aids in the creation of vector pictures. The creation and manipulation of objects, fill and stroke operations, path operations, text support, rendering, and file formats are further features.

For artists or web designers, who need to generate a vector image for free using effective creating tools, Inkscape is advised.


  1. Creation of objects using tools like clones, embedded bitmaps, text tools, and drawing tools.
  2. Helps with Z-operations, transformations, and object manipulation, among other things.
  3. Copy/paste style, and other features make it simple to fill in colors and stroke.
  4. Supports text by using several lines of text, text on a route, text in a form, etc.
  5. SVG, PNG, PDF, EPS, and other file formats are supported.
  6. LibreOffice Draw

10. LibreOffice Draw

Free Vector Software for Windows

Specifications: Windows, macOS

Reasons to Buy: Multitasking, Free

Website: LibreOffice Draw   

Pricing: Free

LibreOffice is free open-source vector software. You can unleash your creativity and increase your productivity with its feature-rich tools, which are many. One of its uses is drawing, which may be used to develop or modify graphics in many ways. It is free for you to use. Both flowcharts and diagrams can be made with its assistance.


  1. Make anything, from a simple drawing to intricate ideas.
  2. Produce or work with vector graphics.
  3. Use visuals and diagrams to communicate.
  4. Simple interface for creating flowcharts and diagrams.
  5. allows users to create their photo galleries by altering the graphics in various ways.

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Wrapping up

Adobe’s Creative Cloud program suite is the go-to option for the majority of working graphic designers. Photoshop (for raster image editing), Illustrator (for vector image editing), InDesign (for desktop publishing), and After Effects are its primary graphic design tools (motion design). You have the option of purchasing a single-app membership or the entire Creative Cloud suite. In either case, you’ll also get access to Adobe Fonts and the Behance portfolio service.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner, there are several apps that let beginners in graphic design start for free. Canva, a simple browser extension for creating rapid designs, is one of our top suggestions. Unless you wish to unlock more advanced features and resources, you don’t need to download anything or pay anything.

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