Google Post-Layoffs Discord | How To Join?

Google Post-Layoffs Discord

Google employees claimed they unintentionally lost access when the business announced a layoff. Workers have organized to find out who has been let go and are seeking explanations from management. The laid-off employees have found Google Post-Layoffs Discord and asking for more employees to join who are laid off by the company!

As the firm undertakes a huge round of layoffs, Google employees are searching for clarification from management and their peers. It happens at a time when the management of the company must deal with the remaining vocal employee base. Creating Google Post-Layoffs Discord is just the first step; however, they are forming communities on various social media! 

The Google Post-Layoffs Discord requires a permanent server invite before you can sign up. After clicking the server invitation link, select “I am Human” in the pop-up box. To really get the most out of the Google Post-Layoffs Discord, all you need to do is confirm your server and follow the rules.

What Is Google Post-Layoffs Discord? Why Does It Form? 

Google, which is owned by Alphabet, revealed on Friday that it was laying off 12,000 workers, or about 6% of its full-time workforce. While staff members were preparing for a possible layoff, they are challenging management about the layoff conditions, which stunned several staff members who awoke to discover their access to corporate premises was restricted. Some of the laid-off workers had long tenures or had recently received promotions, which raised concerns about the standards used to determine who got fired.

Workers have stated that the company’s FAQ regarding the layoffs, is vague on several points. To find out who has been let go and why, employees have swamped Dory, the company’s question-and-answer platform, and created online communities. Employees have been advised by directors to save their queries until the town hall meeting scheduled for next week.

An inquiry for comment from Google did not immediately receive a response. The scramble draws attention to the difficulties Google may encounter in sustaining a positive workplace culture for its restless workforce of more than 160,000 full-time workers. Further altercations could result from the company’s stated intention to terminate some international employees, but it has not yet decided which ones.

Some workers got together on their own and formed impromptu organizations in an effort to find solutions. To keep track of those who were let go and the department they worked in, employees made a Google doc spreadsheet. A Discord channel named Google post-layoffs was created by more than 5,000 laid-off workers, with themes spanning from ranting to labor organization to visa immigration. Some staff set up video calls for virtual Google meetings. Others attempted to plan in-person gatherings. Some people used the organization’s internal meme-generator as a way to communicate with one another, find solace, and get information.

Google Post-Layoffs Discord Server Link

If you are laid off by Google last week and looking for explanations, then you should join the Google Post-Layoffs Discord server. however, we have found that the Google Post-Layoffs Discord server link is not available on Google. You may need to join Google Post-Layoffs communities on other platform like Reddit and Tumbler and get a personal invitation link to join the Google Post-Layoffs Discord server. 

We will update the post as soon as we can find the Google Post-Layoffs Discord server invitation link. However, the following are the steps to join the Google Post-Layoffs Discord server, if you get the personal invitation link from other former employees. 

How To Join Google Post-Layoffs Discord

Considering you have already joined popular Discord servers like Warframe or Valorant, it is easy for you to join the Google Post-Layoffs Discord. Follow the steps below: 

To join the Google Post-Layoffs Discord server > Discord Account > Login > Link > Accept Invite > I am Human 

Step 1: Open your Discord Account 

Step 2: Login into your Discord Account

Step 3: Click On the Google Post-Layoffs Discord Link 

Step 4: Click on Accept Invite

Step 5: Check on I am Human box

Step 6: Congrats! You have joined the server!

Do not forget to go through the rules of the Google Post-Layoffs Discord. Failing to meet the rules can ban you from the Discord server. 

Wrapping Up 

It is unfortunate the world is experiencing a global cut-off from tech jobs. Most of the tech leading companies including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter have laid off a large number of employees this year. Maybe there will be more by the end of this year. We are almost at the edge of witnessing other global recessions. Brace yourself so that we can overcome the wave again. Go through the steps mentioned in this blog again and join the Google Post-Layoffs Discord where you can share your thoughts with more laid-off employees. Harsh decisions are made but you should have faith in your talents! This shall pass! Follow Deasilex for more updates on Google and Tech news! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Google Doing Layoffs?

Google is cutting 12,000 jobs, making it the latest technology giant to do so as the COVID-19 pandemic’s explosive growth has peaked. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Silicon Valley Powerhouse Alphabet, announced the news in an email to the company’s workforce on Friday. The statement was also published on the organization’s blog site.

Q2. How Many People Is Google Laying Off?

Google is cutting 12,000 jobs, or around 6% of its employees, making it the latest tech business to do so as the COVID-19 pandemic-related economic boom wanes.

Q3. Why Is Google Laying Off So Many People?

After a recruiting frenzy during the pandemic, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, announced on Friday that it planned to eliminate 12,000 workers, making it the latest technology giant to do so in response to worries about a larger economic slowdown.

Q4. Why Do Google Employees Typically Quit?

We conducted interviews with former Google personnel to learn their reasons for leaving the organization. Their responses varied from dissatisfaction with office politics to a desire to advance professionally, whether it meant picking up new skills, starting a new business, or becoming a social media influencer.

Q5. Do People Stay At Google For A Long Time?

The average duration of a Google employee, however, is only 1.3 years, according to a new analysis by, ranking Google among the top 10 organizations where workers don’t seem to want to stay. To be fair, that is common for software and technology companies.

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