Gucci Store In The Sandbox Metaverse | Gucci Joined The Metaverse Race

Gucci Store In The Sandbox Metaverse

Metaverse is the platform of limitless possibilities. You can attend live tennis matches, go to clubs and even go shopping. Yeah, you got the last one correct. You can now visit the Gucci Store in The Sandbox Metaverse. We know you are getting excited about the news, especially if you are a shopaholic. So, here is a post that will give you every detail about the Gucci Store to be opened in The Sandbox Metaverse.

The Sandbox (Sand) is a Metaverse game owned by SoftBank, that lets the users buy and sell virtual property on its platform. The announcement of the VR universe by Facebook has given the popularity of the game a boast. You can buy virtual land, purchase property, trade, and earn money on the Sandbox platform by monetizing the games created by you.

Well, Gucci is using the same platform to launch its first metaverse store. Not all the details are out yet. However, we did a lot of research and finally came up with all the updates about the Gucci Store in The Sandbox Metaverse.

Gucci Store In The Sandbox Metaverse 

Gucci Vault on its Discord handle announced that the company has purchased the virtual land in The Sandbox Metaverse. The company has not yet revealed what all will be available in the store and how it will look. However, if we look up at the other virtual stores in the Metaverse and Gucci’s past record in the NFTs. We can easily make an outline graph of the store.

How Will Gucci Store In The Sandbox Metaverse Look Like?

The company has only shared the news that the virtual land has been bought. The video clip about how the Sandbox Metaverse will look has not been released yet.

Well, the store is under the Gucci Vault umbrella. Let us tell you that Gucci vault is the section of the company that is responsible for the Metaverse growth of the brand.

What All Be Available In The Gucci Store In The SandBox Metaverse

The fashion brands will have a different approach in shaping the Metaverse. As we all know, the users join the Sandbox Metaverse as Avatars. So, you need to need wearables to make your Avatar look stylish. 

Although you can create your own NFTs in The Sandbox. However, the double GG belt will still represent your status symbol. So, the Gucci Store will be dealing with the Avatar Wearables in the Gucci Store in the Metaverse.

These Wearables such as clothes, ornaments, and the accessories will be available as the NFTs on the Sandbox platform. 

Go to the Gucci Store in the Metaverse and make the purchase. After all, this won’t be the first time that Gucci is selling its NFTs.

The Gucci NFTs

Gucci was the first luxury brand that sold its NFT in an auction on the Roblox Metaverse. Well, the Metaverse experience went well for the company. The highlighting part was a Gucci Bag that was sold for $4000. 

It was $1000 more than the Gucci Bags in real life. So, the company must have thought of taking the Metaverse experience to the next level.

Wrapping Up

Well, the news is that Gucci has bought the Virtual land in The Sandbox Metaverse. Although, official information other than the purchase of land has been released by the company. So, we have to wait for any official news or the store to open.

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