How to Hack Instagram New Reels Algorithm in 2021

How to hack Instagram new reels algorithm

With a new algorithm update of Instagram reels, it is downgrading the videos that contain a third-party app watermark. But here, we have mentioned some ways to hack Instagram new reels algorithm.

Instagram has over a billion active users in 2020 and it continues to grow in 2021. This social networking platform centers on reels and has become a cut-throat place to get followers and to have your voice listened to.

After the Tik-Tok ban, Instagram announced a video-sharing platform that is similar to Tik-Tok. It was named reels. Recently, it also declared a new version of the Reels Algorithm that will drastically change the way of using reels by the brands and other creators.

According to its new algorithm, it is downgrading the reels that feature Tik-Tok watermarks or any other post recycled from other apps. All these changes will be applicable with a new update.

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How to Hack the Instagram Reels Algorithm

Before we start with some hacks, we should know clearly about the algorithms that Instagram has recently updated.

What is Instagram Algorithm

How to hack Instagram new reels algorithm
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Whether it is Instagram or any other social platform, there are some algorithms that allow them to differentiate various contents and rank the unique ones. Instagram new algorithm is a method that defines the series of posts that users see as they scroll over their feeds. It figures out posts based on particular signals and pushes the most relevant posts to the top.

If you are a content creator on Instagram, you will probably acknowledge that the algorithm can behave in ambiguous ways. But once you actually understand how the tricky algorithm works, you can customize your content strategy to work in parallel.

Steps to Hack Instagram New Reels Algorithm

There is no doubt that most of the IG posts are not getting the same result of exposure they previously enjoyed. It has been determined that only a few percent of your viewers actually see your reels. 

This is bothering ordinary users because they are not shown freshly published reels of their friends and relatives. However, there are some steps that you can follow to hack Instagram new reels algorithm. I have clearly mentioned those steps below.

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Create High-Quality Reels

How to hack Instagram new reels algorithm

According to Instagram, the reels that are low in quality, blurry, or have a low resolution, are mostly recycled from other apps and contain other third-party logos and watermarks. It makes the reels viewing experience less satisfying and thus, they prioritize these reels and rank them down.

If you want to hack Instagram new reels algorithm, you should focus on adding high-quality videos. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, you must add only those reels that are of high-definition and are well compressed. Your reels should enhance the viewer’s experience.

Don’t Copy Content From Other Sources

How to hack Instagram new reels algorithm
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Instead of copying others’ content, you should try to focus on creating your own unique content. Whenever you copy a video from any source, the quality of a video reduces, it becomes blurry and sometimes it contains a watermark and with the new reels algorithm update, Instagram will make your reels less discoverable. Thus, you will receive fewer views.

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Edit Reels Properly Before Uploading

How to hack Instagram new reels algorithm

Whenever you are going to upload a video on Instagram, make sure that you have edited it properly. This is because if your content remains in raw format, there are chances that people won’t like it; and once the audience starts disliking your content, you will probably lose the chance to get a high view count.

Create authentic shareable content

How to hack Instagram new reels algorithm

Unique content simply opens up to your subscribers. Share your thoughts, whether positive, negative, bizarre, or detailed – share your real emotions and feelings with your followers. They will also know that you are human and appreciate your transparency.

Instagram’s algorithm prefers posts with a lot of engagement, and a sincere post is a real, easy way to end up on a page like Explore, so your content is discovered by new users.

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Reels Must Meet the Instagram’s Community Guidelines

How to hack Instagram new reels algorithm

No matter how hard you worked to make reels, videos, or anything, if your content doesn’t meet the community guidelines of Instagram, it will remove your content from its platform. If you post a reel that has illegal content, hate speech, bullying, self-injury, graphic violence, etc, you may get banned by Instagram.

To know everything about the Instagram Community Guidelines – click here.


These are the steps that will allow you to hack Instagram new reels algorithm in 2021. What you need is to follow these steps correctly and you will definitely reach new audiences and increase your follower count.

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