Why Is My Instagram Reel Only 30 Seconds? A Quick Guide!

Why Is My Instagram Reel Only 30 Seconds

Instagram business owners are concerned about the limitation of Instagram Reel only 30 seconds because it restricts their ability to deliver precise content to their audience.

To become successful as an Instagram content creator, it is necessary to master the Reels algorithm. To do this, you must understand which is the right Instagram Reels time to post, which hashtags to utilize and other factors. 

There could be many reasons behind why is Instagram Reel only 30 seconds, but the primary reasons are the usage of an outdated app, the feature being unavailable in your region, default settings of 30 seconds, accumulation of app cache and poor internet connection. 

Being a newbie to Instagram, if you are confused about why is my Instagram Reel only 30 seconds, well, do not panic as it is easily fixable. 

Why Is My Instagram Reel Only 30 Seconds?

There can be a number of reasons behind why is Instagram Reel only 30 seconds, but the most primary reasons are using an older app, the feature not being available in your area, the default setting of 30 seconds, the buildup of app cache, and a slow internet connection.

Instagram Reel can usually be up to a maximum of 90 seconds and there can be various reasons that could limit it up to 30 seconds only. We have listed down mostly reported reasons that could restrict your Instagram Reel only 30 seconds.

Reason 1: Outdated App

The primary reason is that you are using an outdated app. You will not be able to use the latest Instagram features if you are using the old version of the app and hence it is recommended to update the app.

Reason 2: Feature Not Available In Your Region

Initially the time limit for the Reels video was limited to 15 seconds. Then, due to its rise in popularity, Instagram increased the duration to 30  seconds, 60 seconds and 90 seconds. There are chances that these updated timings are still not available in your region. In this case, you must wait patiently until it is made available for you. 

Reason 3: Default Settings

The most common reason behind why is your Instagram Reel only 30 seconds is because of the default settings. You must change the default settings by tapping the timing button situated in the left menu of the Reels recording page and setting it to your desired duration. 

Reason 4: Poor Internet Connection

Lack of internet connection is the cause of many functionality related problems like Instagram Reels not working and other related issues. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection in order to get rid of why is my Instagram Reel only 30 seconds issue. You may also try switching between mobile data and WiFi to resolve the issue.

Reason 5: App Cache

Cache is the temporary storage of data which when accumulated leads to occurrence of various errors. Hence, it is recommended to clear the cache once in a while to get the app functioning seamlessly. 

How To Make An Instagram Reel Longer Than 30 Seconds?

To make Instagran Reel longer than 30 seconds, Launch Instagram > Click the upload icon > Select “Reel” from the small menu > You will see a floating menu > Tap on the desired timer > Start recording the Reel.

Instagram primarily focuses on Reels as it is the area where most users spend their maximum time on and due to this, Instagram concentrates on updating the Reels feature. One such update is the increase in time limit for the Reels. So, if you are worried about why is my Instagram Reel only 30 seconds, here’s how to increase Instagram Reels time limit. 

Step 1: Launch Instagram.

Step 2: Click the upload icon at the middle of the home screen’s bottom menu.

How To Make An Instagram Reel Longer Than 30 Seconds

Step 3: Select “Reel” from the floating menu that appears below the screen.

How To Make An Instagram Reel Longer Than 30 Seconds

Step 4: Now, a screen appears where you can record your Reel or you can upload a Reel video from the gallery. 

Step 5: In the floating menu on the left, tap on the round icon with 15 on it.

Step 6: Tap on the timer and you will see 4 options 15, 30, 60 and 90 seconds. 

How To Make An Instagram Reel Longer Than 30 Seconds

Step 7: Select the desired timer and now you can begin recording or uploading a video.  

How To Find The Best Instagram Reel Length For Your Audience?

Are you a content creator trying to be successful on Instagram? It is high time for you to master the rules in order to create the best Reel.

1. Check What’s Working For Your Competitors

Competitor analysis is very crucial when it comes to succeeding in social media. Hence, keep your eyes wide open and look for your competitor’s move and strategy. It may give you some helpful insights on what is working for them and you may frame your content based on these details. 

2. Test Different Reel Lengths

Experimenting is the key to success! It is recommended to go for a trial and error method as Instagram is unpredictable and it is necessary for us to understand the Reel algorithm by trying out different variations of Reel lengths and fix the one that is working for your audience.

3. Analyze Your Past Performance

Look back and analyze the length of the previous Reels which you have uploaded earlier by checking the number of views, likes and reaches. This information may give you an idea about the duration that best suits your audience. 

4. Keep An Eye On The Metrics

Monitor the metrics of your previous Reels and your competitor’s Reel for a more clear understanding. Some of these metrics include:

  • Accounts reached
  • Plays
  • Likes 
  • Comments
  • Saves
  • Shares

You can view these metrics by Going to your profile > Choosing Insights from the action menu > For a more thorough analysis, tap the metrics in the Overview section or a particular piece of shared content.

5. Experiment With Different Content Types

The length of the Reel depends on the type of content you are producing. Some information calls for longer Reels, such as FAQs about a product launch, while other content calls for a brief video. So, it is advised to experiment with several content types to see which suits you the most.

Benefits Of Longer Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels were created as a competition to TikTok videos. Though users were mainly interested in watching short videos, there are certain benefits of creating longer Instagram Reels. 

 1. Your Content Will Be Shared For A Long Time

The first and the most important advantage is that creating longer Instagram Reels lets your content be shared for a long time in the app and as a result of it you can convey a much detailed information to the viewers.

2.  It Will Make Your Videos Popular

If you are answering frequently asked questions about your company or product on Instagram, you will generally require lengthier Reels. Your videos will thus become more popular in such circumstances. 

3. You Can Get More Views And Likes

As the information contained in the longer duration Reel is explained clearly and in a detailed manner, users will benefit from the content which eventually leads to the accumulation of more likes and views. 

4. You Will Get More Clicks

Longer Reels have a high chance of receiving more clicks because most people are likely to share them if they believe the content on the Reel to be helpful.

5. Include A Call-To-Action (CTA)

It is a good idea to add a CTA to your Reel, such as “Check in the comments for the final tip” to retain your audience on your profile even after they finish watching the Reel as a way of increasing your follower count. 

Wrapping Up

Users of Instagram are more interested in watching short videos than longer ones, probably because most people scroll through Reels during their busy schedules and it is more convenient for them to watch crisp videos rather than watching a detailed YouTube video. However, sharing longer Reels does have some advantages as it offers detailed information. Visit our page at Deasilex for more information on Instagram and other social media platforms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Are My Instagram Reels Only 15 Seconds?

Ans. The default timing for the Reels is set to 15 seconds. You can change the setting by tapping on the timer that is present on the floating menu of the page where the Reel is created. 

Q2. Can Reels Be 90 Seconds On Instagram?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to create Reels for 90 seconds on Instagram.

Q3. How To Get 90-Second Reels On Instagram?

Ans. You can get the 90 seconds Reels on Instagram by creating the Reel from the Reels feature on the Instagram application.

Q4. Why Is Instagram Reels 60 Seconds Not Working?

Ans. This might be due to the fact that you are using the old version of the app or it may be due to the accumulation of app cache. 

Q5. Why Is Instagram Cutting My Reel Short?

Ans. When sharing a 16:9 landscape or vertical video to Instagram, you run the risk of having some of the video cut off because postings on the platform are set to 1:1 square format by default. 

Q6. Can You Do Longer Than 1 Minute Reels?

Ans. Yes, currently it is possible to create Reels longer than 1 minute by using the timer option that is present within the app. 

Q7. What’s The Best Instagram Reel Length For Reach And Engagement?

Ans. As users are more inclined towards short form content, the best Instagram Reel length for reach and engagement is 7 to 15 seconds. 

Q8. What Is The Maximum Length Of Time A Reel Can Be On Instagram In 2023?

Ans. Instagram Reels were 15 seconds long when they were first launched. These Reels’ duration was eventually extended to 30 seconds, then 60 seconds, and finally 90 seconds.

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