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How Does Liftware Stabilizing Handle Work

Do you or any of your loved ones have Parkinson’s disease? The tremors caused by this are quite troublesome and uncontrollable. The main problem occurs when it comes to eating food with such continuous instability of your hands. What if we tell you that there is a solution for this. You can get the Liftware Stabilizing Handle and get confidence while eating anything.

Those who are dealing with Parkinson’s disease know how difficult it is to eat food with tremors, as the food keeps spilling off the spoon. Most of these people have to depend on their family members to feed them properly. Especially in public places, if your hand is shaking while eating, due to which food is spilling all over, you lose your confidence to eat outside.

Finally, there is an end to this issue. The Liftware stabilizing handle gets you the ease of eating food without depending on someone and doesn’t let the food spill at its best.

Do you also want to end the stress of the inability to properly eat food? We are going to tell you everything about this amazing innovation in this article. Let us know about the Liftware stabilizing handle and how it works.

What Is Liftware Stabilizing Handle

What Is Liftware Stabilizing Handle

The Liftware Stabilizing Handles are the electric handles and attachments that are used in leveling, specially designed for people who experience hand tremors or limitations in hand and arm mobility. Those who can’t eat food properly due to the tremors can use these stabilizing handles that come with replaceable spoon-and-fork heads that you can use accordingly. 

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How Does Liftware Stabilizing Handle Work

The Liftware Stabilizing Handle uses motion stabilizing technology that resembles the technology used in digital cameras. The handle is movable that bends accordingly so as to keep the food in it leveled to prevent it from spilling even if it is being shaken. 

The sensors present in this stabilizing handle have the ability to detect the motion of the hand. Not only this, they have been programmed in such a way that the sensors can distinguish between the intentional hand movements and the involuntary, unwanted tremors and work accordingly.

There are two motors present in the Liftware stabilizing handle which are connected to the computer program that helps in moving the attached part to the direction opposite of the tremor detected. In this way, the microchip and sensors help in counteracting the shaking caused by hand and arm tremors. 

The 360 degrees stabilization technology alongside a high-speed control system helps to oppose the hand tremors that are not wanted and it is successful in reducing the effect of tremors by 70%. 

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Who Can Use Liftware Stabilizing Handles

Who Can Use Liftware Stabilizing Handles

There are two categories of products under Liftware. One is Liftware Steady and the other is Liftware Level. The Liftware Steady device is designed for people with hand tremors while the Liftware Level device is for those who have limited hand or arm mobility. If you have Parkinson’s disease or essential tremor, then you should use Liftware Steady products. And if you are suffering from problems like cerebral palsy, Huntington’s disease, spinal cord injury, or post-stroke deficits, then the Liftware Level assistive devices is best for you. 

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How Much Do Liftware Stabilizing Handles Cost

If you want to get a Liftware Steady starter kit, then it will cost you $195.

If you wish to get further accessories, then you will have to pay for them accordingly. The fork attachment, the spoon attachment, the everyday spoon attachment, and the spork attachment, all cost $34.95 each. If you want to get a Liftware carrying case to store the stabilizing device and attachments, then it will be available for $9.99 in the Liftware store. 

Let us now come to the Liftware Level starter kit, which also has the same price as the Steady starter kit, which is $195. However, the accessories under this include only 3 items, the fork attachment, and the spoon attachment, both for $20 each. And the Liftware carrying case for $9.99.

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Wrap Up

The Liftware Stabilizing handles prove to be of great help for those who want to enjoy eating food by themselves instead of depending on others to prevent food from spilling. Get this product if you are also dealing with the same issue, or if you know someone who needs this and makes their everyday life a little easier than before. 

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