How Does Ripple Net Work and How it Affects the World?

Ripple Net

The world of cryptocurrency is exceeding expectations. With the development of the crypto sphere, different cryptocurrencies have been coming up to the surface. Each is fitted with unique features and corresponds to different needs.

As the digital currency meets users’ requirements worldwide, a system known as Ripple has been formulated. The core function of this platform is to facilitate payments and transactions across borders.

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What is Ripple?

To assist with financial transactions, Ripple was formulated as both a cryptocurrency and a digital network of payments. The network was first released in 2012. However, the owners claim it to be formulated years before Bitcoin. In fiat currency dealings across countries, banks and financial middlemen use the SWIFT banking system. Ripple is built upon a similar network that assists with asset exchange and remittance systems across borders. 

Ripple’s currency is known to be XRP and is premined. Ripple is the company’s name and the network’s name, whereas XRP is the token. XRP serves to be a temporary settlement layer denomination when an exchange between currencies or networks is taking place. During an exchange, Ripple charges a meager amount of fees which is comparatively lower than the banks around the world. It aims to potentially modify the scapes of the world with its novel system. 

How does Ripple function? 

The platform of functioning for Ripple has been open-sourced and decentralized in nature. It allows for money to be transferred between sources seamlessly. This can be Dollars, AED or cryptocurrency as well. The major customers for Ripple include banks and financial services. To facilitate conversion between different currencies, XRP is used. 

Ripple’s cryptocurrency XRP serves as a bridge between one currency and others. It does not bear discrimination between fiat/cryptocurrency, allowing for seamless transfer to occur rapidly. Each currency on the Ripple Network is equipped with its own gateway system, e.g. BTCbitstamp and USDsnapswap. 

If one person wants the services to be rendered to another in Bitcoin, then the other relieving end does not necessarily need to have cryptocurrency for the transaction to happen. In order to initiate or complete a transaction, it is not necessary that a single gateway be used. Instead, multiple gateways can be used to serve the purpose of the transaction. Thereby creating a rippling effect amongst the users. 


RippleNet is a decentralized network of banks and payment providers based on Ripple’s financial technology. It allows services like real-time messaging, clearing, and settlement of financial transactions. In order to send money globally, Ripple connects banks, digital asset exchanges, payers, and corporates. 

Ripple and Financial Institutions 

Ripple is enabling banks by allowing them to differentiate by offering novel cross-border payment services with low costs of settlement. The software, xCurrent, has been specifically designed for banks keeping in mind the risk, compliance and information security frameworks that banks integrate.  Another software, xRapid, focuses on allowing payment providers and financial institutions a lower liquidity cost while improvising on user experience. 

The liquidity costs are normally high across the globe since payments require a pre-funded currency account. xRapid allows for a lower cost of liquidity. The digital asset XRP allows for on-demand liquidity, lowering the overall cost and enabling real-time payment. Through XRP, banks and payment providers alike can offer scalable, efficient, and reliable options for cross-border payments.

Ripple – Growth Potential 

In recent times Ripple has received a lot of support from some of the most eminent names in the investment sector. The forecast for Ripple is high and is bound to achieve highs. Investors can be ensured that their investment is possibly going to garner a lot of support in the future. 


Ripple’s potential is obvious to the eye. It is potentially aiming to shake the currency-exchange industry. It is bound to replace an old and inefficient international money transfer system. The fact that Ripple has formulated ties with banks is obviously quite encouraging. Suppose a favorable change in its legal position takes place. In that case, the prices are bound to hike, thereby benefiting the investors tremendously. 

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