How To Access Google AI Test Kitchen On Desktop? The Easy Way 2023!

How To Access Google AI Test Kitchen On Desktop?

AI Test Kitchen is an application launched by Google recently where users will be able to learn about different experiences and can give their opinions and feedback on Google’s upcoming AI technologies. If you also want to taste the experience of using this AI Test Kitchen then follow up on this article based on how to access Google AI Test Kitchen on Desktop in just a simple method! 

Google’s AI Test Kitchen is designed and developed with an aim of making people learn, improve and innovate on AI altogether. Unfortunately, this AI Test Kitchen is only available to a small number of people as of now! If you want to get early access to AI Test Kitchen then you need to how to access Google AI Test Kitchen on Desktop. As this service is under beta testing at present which makes it accessible only to a limited number of people for a limited time, you only have the option to register and wait for your turn to come. Didn’t get? Below is the detail!

To access Google AI Test Kitchen on Desktop, Launch Web Browser and enter AI Test Kitchen. After that, hit Google Blog and register Your Interest. Now, select Country/Region, Device, Profession and Why I Want To Use AI Test Kitchen. At last, join Waitlist with my Google Account and wait for the notification to pop on your registered email address! If you want all this in detail with important tips, then we’ll recommend you to read the below mentioned section! 

This article explains how to access Google AI Test Kitchen on Desktop in detail with some tips that should be considered while registering for AI Test Kitchen. Follow up for more! 

How To Access Google AI Test Kitchen On Desktop? 

Launch Web Browser > Enter AI Test Kitchen > Hit Google Blog > Register Your Interest > Register Your Interest > Country/Region > Device > Profession > Why I Want To Use AI Test Kitchen > Join Waitlist With My Google Account

As you would be clearing noticing the advancement of AI technologies with the capacity to unveil new experiences that may power more authentic human-computer associations. AI brings a future where one can get whatever information one seeks in the casual language that you use while talking to any of your friends or family members.

However, there is a big load of work to be done before establishing this type of human-computer communication can be accessed. Recently done research shows that the generative language tools based on the casual conversations of people are making this process grow. One such trustworthy tool is LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), and as they are growing and developing, they are also getting loads of responsibilities to make it right!

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That’s why an app called AU Test Kitchen from Google was launched at the beginning of this year! This software offers a good way for users to learn about different types of experiences and give their feedback in exchange for enhancing AI technologies like AI Test Kitchen and LaMDA. 

From today onwards one is allowed to register to access AI Test Kitchen as it has been partially launched to limited people residing in the U.S region! And for all the iOS and Android users, the relieving thing is that soon in the upcoming weeks, you will also be able to enjoy the AI Test Kitchen services. But for that, you must know how to access Google AI Test Kitchen on Desktop and mobile devices.

For now, let’s focus on how to access Google AI Test Kitchen on Desktop as the service is not accessible for the iOS and Android devices at present! So follow the given instructions carefully for how to access Google AI Test Kitchen on Desktop:

Step 01: Turn on your desktop and launch any web browser on which you feel accessing is easiest (we’d suggest Google Chrome or Safari for smooth experience).

Step 02: Hit the search bar and enter AI Test Kitchen and click on the lens icon. 

Step 03: Once the results appear, click on the Google Blog from the page and wait for it to load. Once it successfully loads, scroll down a bit and hit the blue highlighted “Register Your Interest”.

Step 04: After doing so, you will be directed to a new page where you find s Blue button saying the same “Register Your Interest” click on it to confirm your action. 

Step 05: Next you are supposed to enter your Country/Region where you currently reside and specify the device type (Android or iOS) that you are currently operating.

Step 06: Then select your Profession and Reason why you want to access AI Test Kitchen from the list of the reasons given. If you have some other motive than the ones that are mentioned then you can click on the Others and fill in the blank with the reason that you have to access AI Test Kitchen.

Step 07: Once filled out the form completely, click on the Join Waitlist With My Google Account button, and done! 

If you have completed the given instructions then you can consider the job done here! As soon as you will be selected to access the AI Test Kitchen service you will notify through your registered Google Account! Make sure you keep an eye on the emails.

Accessing this AI Test kitchen is crucial as they allow you to use and evaluate experimental AI-powered systems directly from the company’s labs before heading to the production. As many of you were interested in accessing this service early so we decided to provide you with an article on how to access Google AI Test Kitchen on Desktop. Through this you can register for their waitlist and being shortlisted to use the tool as it is only available to a very few people in U.S for beta testing. However the AI Test Kitchen service isn’t a fully finished one but the brand still decided to give a gist of this huge innovation to people.

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AI Test Kitchen – LaMDA

AI Test Kitchen is related to a broader, where recently introduced technologies are offered to people to test before launching them entirely into the industry or market. No doubt alarmed by blunders like Google, Meta, Microsoft’s Tay chatbot, OpenAI, and the rest have chosen to evaluate their AI systems in small groups of people to make sure if their product is working as it was supposed to or is misbehaving and also to enhance their features and performance whenever found necessary.

The first set of outcomes in AI Test Kitchen highlights the potential of the recent version of LaMDA (Language Model For Dialogue Applications), Google’s language tool that asks the web to reply to queries in a way similar to human-human interaction. For instance, one can offer any place’s name, and LaMDA is supposed to provide you with routes to explore or provide a destination to make LaMDA list out its specialties and activities to be done there!

According to Google, they have made sure the privacy and safety of the AI Test Kitchen with multiple layers of protection to avoid or reduce the risks like toxic or offensive results or biases. Systems in AI Test Kitchen will automatically track and remove offensive words or sentences that may sexually be offensive, hateful, violent, illegal or explicit, etc. 

Wrapping Up

To know the goodness of AI Test Kitchen services, you need to access it first which is not possible for now but to access it before anyone else as soon as it launches make sure you register to the waitlist. In this article, we have explained how to access Google AI Test Kitchen on Desktop before anyone else! So go grab the guide and also send this post to your friends also to make them familiar with such amazing technologies!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Acess Google LaMDA 2?

LaMDA 2 is accessible now but for that, you need to sign up first in order to request for an invite. After doing so, Google will approve invitations in small groups throughout the future weeks to U.S smartphone users. The chatbot can be accessed by both Android and iOS users.

Q. Where Can I Test Google LaMDA? 

Head to the LaMDA Test Dashboard and select Real Time Testing from the Menu. Once done, enter the URL, select a web browser, browser versions, and OS, and hit the START button.

Q. Can I Use LaMDA Google?

LaMDA is now available for access and Google testing. Anyone who’s into it can successfully sign up in the AI Test Kitchen and get access to AI Beta. LaMDA is an AI technology that recognizes the human command and follows up on it.

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