How To Add A New Empty Homescreen Page On iPhone 14?

How To Add A New Empty Homescreen Page On iPhone 14

Some of us do not like to complicate life. The life of a minimalist is very simple. Whether it is an organized wired headphone or iPhone wallpaper; we are super careful! If you are the one who is searching for how to add a new empty Homescreen Page on iPhone 14, to make it tidy and simple, this post is for you! 

With iOS 14, you could have an iPhone Home Screen devoid of app icons, which is a feature that Android users have long ago. Let’s find out how to hide all apps from the Home Screen and add a new empty Homescreen Page on iPhone 14 in easy ways.

If you want to add a new empty Homescreen Page on iPhone 14, then there are multiple ways; you may start by removing apps from the Home Screen, filling your iPhone Home Screen with Invisible App Icons, and adding Transparent Widgets.

Let’s go through the article and explore the most promising ways to add a new empty Homescreen Page on iPhone 14.

How To Add A New Empty Homescreen Page On iPhone 14?

Following are the three popular methods to add a new empty Homescreen Page on iPhone 14:

Method 1: Remove Apps From The Home Screen

How To Add A New Empty Homescreen Page On iPhone 14?_remove apps from home screen

Moving all of the applications on your iPhone’s Home Screen to the next page is the quickest way to add a new empty Homescreen Page on iPhone 14. Here is how to accomplish it:

Step 1: To edit the Home Screen, first long-click any app on the screen and choose Edit Home Screen. This ought to start jiggle mode.

Step 2: Move the app icons from the initial Home Screen to the following screen by pressing the icon and dragging them sequentially to the iPhone’s right edge once jiggle mode has been engaged.

Step 3: Your Home Screen should then be entirely empty, and you may take advantage of the clear, uncluttered first impression that a blank home screen delivers.

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Method 2: Fill iPhone Home Screen With Invisible App Icons

How To Add A New Empty Homescreen Page On iPhone 14?_fill iPhone home screen with invisible apps

Making invisible icons is another method to personalize your iPhone Home Screen. How to add a new empty Homescreen Page on iPhone 14? You would have to screenshot an empty website, make empty icons, and then download the finished product as your wallpaper to do that. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: By holding down any symbol on your iPhone’s Home Screen, you may turn on jiggle mode.

Step 2: When you reach an empty page, swipe right.

Step 3: Making use of the necessary buttons, take a snapshot of the blank page.

Step 4: Find a tool that creates empty iPhone icons and use it next. The following are instructions on how to use iEmpty, which we suggest due to its simplicity. As an alternative, you may make invisible icons by using the Makeovr tool.

Step 5: Choose Add Empty Icons as you continue to scroll down the page.

Step 6: Choose File to submit the original screenshot you captured on the next screen’s Your screenshot section.

Step 7: Choose Send. Before submitting the file, carefully double-check that you can get a preview of your snapshot.

Step 8: On the following screen, scroll down to the Settings area and select the Bookmark option to create your icons.

To see a row of icons with your background, scroll down. Every icon you choose from this list may be added to your Home Screen as a bookmark by using the share button. You may carry out this procedure as many times as you like for the icons on your home screen.

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Method 3: Add Transparent Widgets To Create A Blank Home Screen

How To Add A New Empty Homescreen Page On iPhone 14?_add transparent widgets to add a blank home screen

Here are the steps you need to add a new empty Homescreen Page on iPhone 14:

Step 1: Get TWid from the App Store and install it.

Step 2: By pushing down on a blank space on the Home Screen, you may enter jiggle mode.

Step 3: Right-click until the page is empty.

Step 4: Take a picture of the blank page.

Step 5: On your iPhone, use the TWid app and choose the screenshot. That ought should show up in the app’s center.

Step 6: Go back to your Home Screen and switch on jiggle mode again.

Step 7: Browse for the TWid widgets by tapping the addition (+) icon in the upper left.

Step 8: With the modify widget option, you may add widgets and change the pictures in any way you like.

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Wrapping Up

Having a personalized Home screen is a reflection of your characteristics. iPhones are our daily companions. Why not personalize something that is so close to us? Try all three methods mentioned in this article to add a new empty Homescreen Page on iPhone 14. Got a question? Drop it in the comment section. Follow Deasilex for more updates! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How Do I Add Another Page To My iPhone Home Screen?

Tap and hold an app until it begins to jitter, then drag it to the right edge of the display to create a new page. It could take a moment for the new page to load. Combine all of your apps onto another Home Screen before deleting a page.

Q2. How Do You Add A Blank Page On iPhone iOS 14?

By pushing down on an empty space on your existing home screen, you may activate jiggle mode. When you reach an empty page, swipe right. Then click or press the addition sign (+) in the top left corner.

Q3. Can You Insert A Page On iPhone?

A new page can also be manually added. Pages may only be manually added in documents with page layout. Note: Word processing and page layout papers might help you identify the sort of document you have. then select Page Break from the shortcut menu.

Q4. Can You Have Multiple Home Screens?

The Android OS is renowned for the many ways users may modify home screens, add widgets, and change any UI element that is visually appealing. A distinct wallpaper for every home screen is one of these adjustments. This is valid if your device has two or maybe more home screens.

Q5. How Do You Add Or Remove Home Screens On iPhone?

On your Home Screen, press and hold a free space. Just at bottom of your screen, click the dots. To conceal a page, tap the circle underneath it. Tap Delete, then hit the Remove button.

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