How To Add Highlights Cover On Instagram From Camera Roll?

How To Add Highlights Cover On Instagram From Camera Roll?

Having trouble to add highlights cover on Instagram from camera roll? Let’s not overcomplicate the joy of sharing brand highlights and your outstanding sense of color palette. Adding a highlight cover on Instagram is easy and of course beneficial for business.

Yes, having graceful and consistent Instagram highlight covers is great for branding. If you are using Instagram Stories for your business then you must add highlights cover on Instagram from camera roll. Personalized highlights covers are super addictive for the followers and influence to shout out for your brand.  

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To add highlights cover on Instagram from camera roll, open your Instagram profile and tap on the new highlights. Go through the archive and add multiple stories. Type the name for your highlights and then edit the cover. Choose a personalized image for your story highlights, and done! 

Sometimes followers visit to view someone’s old Instagram Stories to share it or just to recall if there were any important dates, events, or offers. When you add highlights cover on Instagram from camera roll with a personalized cover, it helps in easily finding the information they are looking for. 

What Are Instagram Highlights And Why Are They Important?

Instagram highlights by definition are the accumulation of Instagram Stories. The Instagram highlight is a feature where you can add as many stories as you wish from your archive so that anyone can check those stories anytime. 

The difference between Instagram stories and Instagram highlights is that stories disappear after 24 hours of posting on Instagram and the highlights remain as long as you choose to delete them. 

If you are an entrepreneur and highlighting your brand on Instagram, you should keep your product tutorials and product offers stories in the highlights section so that your followers can access them anytime. 

Besides, you can also watch Instagram Stories anonymously of competitors from their highlights to remain competitive. 

How To Set A Highlight Cover On Instagram?

It is easy to add highlights cover on Instagram from camera roll as well as from the existing posts. You just need to open the edit highlights and then tap on the ‘Edit Cover’ option. You will find the option at the top of the highlights. 

After tapping the edit cover option you can add any cover photo you want. You can add highlights cover on Instagram from camera roll as well as from any previous posts that you think will be relevant. 

How To Add Highlights Cover On Instagram From Camera Roll?

As we have discussed already to  add highlights cover on Instagram from camera roll, you just need to follow two important steps

Step 1: Open the Instagram account and tap on the highlights to edit.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘Edit Cover’ option and choose any relevant photo from your camera roll that represents your selected highlights best. 

How To Make Custom Instagram Highlight Covers?

To make custom highlight covers you can use Canva or similar apps to create your own images that represent your highlights and brand. Here are some tips to create your own custom Instagram highlight covers:

1. Be Minimalistic: Your highlight cover should be simple enough to identify which highlights are included under that cover. You should be minimalistic. Try a single or gradient color for the cover with important dates or product names that helps your followers to understand about the inside content.

2. Consistent: Your Instagram highlights covers do not need to be identical but should follow similar patterns like theme, date, and color. Being consistent promotes branding. 

3. Be Creative: Custom highlight covers are the opportunity to show off your creativity. Be creative and infuse your brand into your cover for better brand recognition. 

4. Brand color: You should always prioritize your brand color palette. Infuse brand logo and color in your highlights cover that makes it easy to recognize your brand. 

5. Show Off Products: If your highlights are featuring special products, use the product image on the highlight covers. Similarly, you can also use event logos or offer icons on your highlight covers.

How Many Stories Can You Have In A Highlight?

You can create as many highlights as you wish. There is no limit. However, you can add only a hundred (100) stories in one highlight. As soon as you add 100 stories under one highlight, Instagram will send you a pop-up asking you to delete the oldest stories from your highlights to add new ones. Otherwise, you can create another highlight and just keep adding more stories.  

Best Ways Creating Stunning Instagram Highlights Covers

There are hundreds of online apps available for free that come with features to create stunning Instagram highlight covers. One of the best and most trustworthy apps is Canva. All you need to do is open Canva and search for Instagram highlight covers and then start putting elements and playing with colors to create stunning Instagram highlight covers. However, the following are some points that you need to consider while creating a stunning Instagram cover: 

1. Use High-Quality Images: 

To create stunning Instagram highlights covers you should be cautious about the image quality. The image quality for the cover should be high so that it should not be blurred. When your followers are checking your old Instagram stories, you have to make sure that they can identify your stories from the highlights. Using high-quality images can help you with that. 

2. Keep It Simple: 

Keep your highlight cover simple. You do not need to add lots of elements on the cover so that your followers get confused about the content inside. It is best to keep it simple to send a clear message to the followers about which type of highlights are included under that cover. 

3. Consistent Branding: 

You should be consistent with your branding throughout the Instagram posts, reels, highlights, and even highlights covers! Use your brand theme and color palette to maintain consistency, which helps establishing symbolic indications and easy recognition.

4. Use Icons: 

Use simple icons that represent your highlights best. Using icons is better than using words. Your followers will know about the highlights when they see the icons on the cover. Besides, using icons is more creative than simple words. 

5. Play With Colors: 

Play with colors and make your highlight covers look stunning. You can always show your creativity when it comes to colors and impress your followers. However, do not forget to use your brand color theme for consistency and better brand visibility. 


If your followers are showering likes on Instagram Stories without DM, then maybe a certain percentage of credibility goes to your highlight covers. As we have discussed at the beginning it is simple to create and add highlights cover on Instagram from camera roll. So, you do not need to overthink the process and follow the simple rules to create stunning covers and impress followers. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1:  Can I Add A Highlight Cover To An Existing Highlight?

Yes, you can add a highlight cover to an existing highlight. You should go to edit highlights and the ‘Edit Cover’ to add the cover to existing highlights. 

Q2: How To Add Highlights Cover On Instagram Without Posting?

Just go to highlights and tap on the edit Highlights. Then tap on Edit Cover to add a cover on Instagram without posting. 

Q3: How To Change Instagram Highlight Cover On The Laptop?

To change Instagram highlight cover on the laptop, open the highlights section, then select any Highlight. Click on the Edit Highlight. After that click on the Edit Cover option at the top of the highlights and then add highlights cover on Instagram from camera roll.

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