How To Add Temperature On Instagram Stories | The Ultimate Guide

How To Add Temperature On Instagram Story

Instagram is one of the most used applications for social purposes at present. A lot of features are available on Instagram and it is quite hard to resist using them. Every other day a new feature is introduced on Instagram. You can add various interesting things to your stories like location, time, polls, music, and you can even add Temperature on Instagram Stories.

Instagram stories are quite popular these days. People keep putting stories on almost everything to present their happening lives on social media. This also helps them gain more followers.

Posting a lot of stories regularly helps Instagram users reach more viewers which further improves their rankings. This way, with more and more engagement through Instagram stories, one can get a lot of followers in less time.

But how can you make the stories presentable? Well, for this, Instagram has already provided you with so many interesting features that you can apply to your stories to make them look good. One among them is the feature of adding Temperature to your stories. Let us know more about this feature and how to add it to your Instagram story.

What Is The Temperature Feature On Instagram?

What Is The Temperature Feature On Instagram

The feature of adding temperature is being commonly used on Instagram stories these days. This feature shows the exact temperature of your location right at the moment when you are putting the story on your timeline.  

The feature gathers the information from the temperature sensor of the device and processes it to know the current weather and temperature of the place where the device is present at the moment. This way, the exact temperature is shown in your stories which can be shared with your followers.

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Why Should You Add Temperature On Instagram Story

Why Should You Add Temperature On Instagram Story

You must be wondering how showing the temperature on Instagram stories will make it impressive and more presentable. Actually, this filter doesn’t always work. For example, adding the normal temperature to your Instagram story doesn’t look much appealing. But, if you are in a place with extreme temperatures, this feature is quite interesting. 

For instance, you are under the scorching sun in the Sahara deserts or in the extremely cold place during the snowfall where the temperature has fallen below zero. In such situations, when the temperature is so extreme that it is unbearable, you can share the conditions you are dealing with by mentioning the current temperature of your location In your Instagram stories.

Now let us learn how we can add the temperature to our Instagram stories.

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How To Add Temperature On Instagram Stories

How To Add Temperature On Instagram Story

Here are the simple steps to understand how temperature can be mentioned on the Instagram stories:

  1. Turn on the GPS system of your smartphone and make sure that you have permitted access to your Instagram application to have access to your GPS.
  2. Now launch the Instagram app on your phone.
  3. Open the camera by tapping the Plus (+) icon at the top right corner of the screen, or you can simply swipe right to open your Instagram camera. Another option is that you can tap on Your Story Avatar which is at the top of your feed.
  4.  Now take the picture or record the video which you want to put on your Instagram story. You can also choose the media from your phone gallery.
  5.  After choosing the image/video, tap the Sticker icon present on the top row of the screen.
  6. All the sticker features will appear on the screen. Among them, search the sticker which is showing the temperature of the place where you currently are.
  7. The temperature will be originally provided in Fahrenheit. Tap on it and relocate it on your photo or video wherever you would like. You can also resize the sticker.
  8. If you wish your temperature sticker to show the temperature in Celsius in place of Fahrenheit, then you can simply tap on the sticker on the screen which you have already added. Right after that, its presentation will change. This will now also show the precipitation conditions of your area.
  9.  Now, if you tap again on the same sticker, then the unit of temperature will automatically change to Celsius right at that moment.
  10. Now you can tap the share button and share the temperature on your Instagram story with all your followers in which you are currently present.

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Wrap Up

So, this is all just a game of a few simple steps and you can add temperature to your Instagram story. What are you waiting for now? Go ahead and use the temperature sticker and add temperature to your Instagram story.


How To Add Story On Instagram?

To add a story to your Instagram account, you can click on the Plus icon present at the top right corner of the Instagram page or simply swipe right. Then you can either click or record a picture or video, or you can also select them from your phone’s gallery. Then add any filters you want to and tap on the share option. You can also choose which friends you want to share your story with by tapping particularly on the Send option present after the name of your followers.

How Can I Send Someone A Post On Instagram?

To share an Instagram post with your friends, tap on the arrow right below the post you want to share and choose the friends you want to share it with.

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