How To Add Text To Instagram Reels? Add Multiple Text And Edit It!!

How To Add Text To Instagram Reels

Do you love making Instagram Reels using trending songs? Well, it’s time to modify what you do!! You can add text and stickers to your reels to make them stand out in the crowd. To learn How to add text to Instagram Reels we got you covered with an easy step-to-step guide!!

Isn’t Instagram the best place to flex your day-to-day life? Make interesting videos and reels, add trending songs to them, add filters that match your mood, add text and tag your friends for fun. Also, Instagram reels give you and your talent exposure publicly. You never know what works best for you!!

To find out how to add text to Instagram reels using your android, iPhone, Mac, and PC, we have disclosed the easiest steps for you. Also, you can edit the text in your videos like change text color, change text style, and much more!!

Be ready to follow the trends with some amazing modifications!! Ready to explore the ways to do so? Well, let’s get headed then!!

How To Add Text To Instagram Reels?

How To Add Text To Instagram Reels
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Make your favorite reels and add the desired texts to the reels. There are many ways to edit your text like you can add the blinking effect to your text, you can change the background color of the text, and much more.

Ready to experiment with the cool editing features? Have a look at these steps:

Add Text From The Instagram Using Android

Instagram itself offers you so many editing features that you can edit your reels from the app itself. After you have created your reel, switch to the editing part. Here are the steps to do so:

1. Open Instagram App, and make sure your account is logged in successfully.

2. At the top right corner click on the “+” option to add your reel.

3. Here you’ll find various options to upload posts, stories, reels, and to go live. Choose the “Reels” option.

4. You can upload your previously shooted clip here, or you can shoot a fresh video. On the left side, you’ll find the option to add music and filters to the reel. Add the desired music to your reel from there.

5. Now tap the “preview” option available at the bottom right corner. This will redirect you to the video editing screen.

6. From there you can find all the editing options for your reel like adding audio, stickers, add text, or downloading reel. To add text click on the “Aa” option at the top right corner of the screen.

7. Now type whatever text you wish to add to your reel and change the writing style, and color of the text.

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How To Add Text To Instagram Reels Using iPhone?

Luckily, the steps for editing Instagram reels are the same for Android and iPhone users as the functioning of the app is the same for both devices.

The steps needed to do the required editing goes like this:

Open Instagram reels>Click preview> Click on “Aa” option> Add text.

How To Add Text On Reels Using Laptop?

How To Add Text On Reels Using Laptop

Yeah!! You can’t upload using your laptop. If that’s what you are thinking, then we are about to change your perception.

Here follow these steps to post reels on Instagram  from windows:

1. Open your Instagram account on your PC.

2. At the top right corner you’ll find three dots, click on them. From there go to the “More Tools” option.

3. Now click the “Developer’s tools” option on the screen.

4. This will redirect you to the Developer Window. From there click on the “Mobile” button to enjoy the mobile interface on your PC.

5. Now follow the same steps as we did for editing reels on the mobile phone above.

And it’s done!!

How To Add Text In Reels From Mac?

Whatever browser you are using on your Mac, Safari, or Chrome, follow these steps to add text in reels from Mac:

1. Launch Safari and  Log In to your Instagram Account.

2. From the “preferences” menu click on the “Advanced” option.

3. Go to the “menu” box and click on “Show Developer Menu”.

4. From there choose the “User-Agent” and then choose the interface to the mobile view.

5. Once you are changing the interface to mobile view, refresh the page and you’ll see your Mac working in mobile mode.

6. Now follow the same steps as we did, in the beginning, to add text to reels on Instagram.

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How To Edit Text In Instagram Reels?

How To Edit Text In Instagram Reels
Source: TechCrunch

Adding text is one thing, but making it eye-catchy will do the job for you. You can be creative with the text that you enter into your reels. You can change the writing style, font size, color, and background color. Here is how you do that!!

1. Change The Text Font And Style In Your Reels

You can change the text style and font by tapping the written text. This will pop up various editing options. To change font style, choose any style given at the bottom of the screen. 

2. Change The Text Color In Instagram Reels

From the same window where you changed the text font and style, you’ll find the color-changing option at the top of the screen. Click on that rainbow-colored round circle to change the text color in your reels.

3. Animate The Video Text

Right next to the color-changing option you’ll find the animate text option. Click on the “=A” option available at the top of the screen. This will add an animated effect to your text.

4. Move And Resize Your Text In The Video

To change the size of the text you need to drag the text to increase and decrease the text size. You can also rotate the text.

How To Add Text To Instagram Reels Using Third-Party Apps?

How To Add Text To Instagram Reels Using Third-Party Apps
Source: Business Standard

If you feel any difficulty in editing your reels using the above-mentioned methods, you can also try some third-party apps if you want to know How To Add Text To Instagram Reels. You can do this using a video editor app like VN Video Editor app. To use that you need to follow these steps:

1. Download the VN Video editing app on your smartphone.

2. Make sure you have your reel saved in the phone’s gallery that you wish to edit. If not then download it first to start editing it on the VN App.

3. Now open the VN App and select the “+” icon present at the bottom of the screen. Click on the “New Project” option to start editing the video.

4. From the bottom click on the “Text” and select the text option to add text. From the available option select the writing style. 

5. A “Input Text” layer will be added to the screen. Tap on it to write text. 

6. You can change the text size, color, and position the way you want.

7. Adjust the time ratio for the text to appear in the video by dragging the text layer at the bottom.

8. Once you are done with the editing part press save and save your video.

And it’s done!!!

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Wrapping Up:

Instagram has this really cool feature to add reels and videos in the app itself. You can edit your reels in the coolest way using the Instagram app and its inbuilt features.

If the app’s editing doesn’t satisfy your requirement you can always try some other reel editing app as we mentioned above. These apps will make it easy for you to make transitions, edit your video, and much more. If you liked the post do share it with your friends and family.

Until then Happy Editing!!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Instagram Reels:

Q. How Do I Add Multiple Lines Of Text To Instagram Reels?

Just like you add text to reels using the “Aa” option once, you can add the text again by clicking on the same “Aa” o[tion. Click done once you add text to re-add the text in a separate tap.

Q. How To I Add Disappearing Text On Instagram Reels?

Once you add text to the reels press done. Then go to the animation option “=A” at the top and change the text style into disappearing style.

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