How To Avoid An Instagram Shadowban? 5 Easy Methods!

How To Avoid An Instagram Shadowban

Are you facing a sudden drop in engagement or are you losing followers on Instagram? Well, that is worrisome. Just imagine what will happen if the photos don’t show up in the hashtag search results. Well, this could be an issue of the Instagram shadowban. Do you know how to avoid an Instagram shadowban?

When you try to grow a following on Instagram then you can depend on the explore and add trending hashtags on your Instagram so that you can expand your audience as well as reach. So if you see that your content is not showing anywhere then it can be sad. This may be due to the Instagram account being banned.

To avoid an Instagram shadowban, you must not violate the community guidelines, not act like a bot, be consistent, not use the banned hashtags, etc.

Don’t worry we have mentioned these ways that will help you to avoid an Instagram shadowban in detail in the below section. You just need to scroll down and read about it.

How To Avoid An Instagram Shadowban?

Well, here we have discussed how to avoid an Instagram shadowban. Here are a few ways by which you can avoid it. Let’s take a look at them.

Method 1: Don’t Violate The Community Guidelines

One that you should not violate is the community guidelines of Instagram as this will result in Instagram shadowban. You need to be respectful in all communications including DMs. Don’t post any kind of inappropriate content and don’t promote violence. Moreover, it is important for companies to make sure that you own the copyright for everything that you post.

Method 2: Don’t Act Like A Bot

How To Avoid An Instagram Shadowban

In Instagram, if you follow more than 200 people every hour or interact with the app at a bot speed then Instagram will surely think that you are a bot. There are many opinions about how many follows, likes, and comments you can do at a certain time.

There are some who say that it is 160 total actions every hour while there are some who say it is 500. Others are of the opinion that it is different for different accounts and that it depends on how long you have been a user or if you have any red flags.

Well, the spam policy of meta that covers Instagram will just tell the users not to post or share to engage either manually or automatically at a very high frequency.

Method 3: Be Consistent

Be Consistent

If you are not consistent then your metrics will be affected as a result of a haphazard posting schedule rather than shadowban. When you post often for many times in a week then it will keep your followers seeing your content on their feeds and will allow new followers to come in.

Method 4: Don’t Use Banned Hashtags

Don’t Use Banned Hashtags

If you don’t use the banned hashtags then that is one of the ways to avoid an Instagram shadowban. If you use a banned hashtag then it means that Instagram considers those hashtags as problematic and has decided to hide or limit the content that will use it from search and other areas. So it is best that you check the usual hashtags to make sure that they have not been banned. If you see they are banned then you can remove them from the recent posts as this will help in avoiding the potential damage it may cause to your search which in turn will result in shadowban.

Now, how will you know that you are using a banned hashtag? Just search for it. Now, if you see the message below on the hashtag page then you shouldn’t be using it.

Method 5: Don’t Buy Followers Or Use The Sketchy Apps

Don’t Buy Followers Or Use The Sketchy Apps

Another way to avoid an Instagram shadowban is by not using sketchy apps or buying followers. Though you can heat the system just make sure you don’t get caught as this is not recommended. Things that you have to avoid include:

  1. Buying followers
  2. Using unapproved third-party apps to auto-like content or that claim to build the followers organically.
  3. Replying to the DMs which ask you to input a code or offer similar information.

Wrapping Up:

Now, after reading this post we do know how to avoid an Instagram shadowban. These easy-peasy methods will surely help you know how you can avoid Instagram shadowban. If you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Long Does An Instagram Shadowban Last?

As per the users, an Instagram shadowban can last anywhere from 140 to 30 days. But there are many users whose shadowban gets lifted within 2 to 3 weeks.

Q. How Do I Know If I’m Shadowbanned On Instagram?

You will be shadowbanned if you see that your posts don’t show up on the hashtag feed of someone who does not follow you. Moreover, you can also monitor your Instagram insights regularly and see if there is any drop in followers.

Q. Why Are Your Instagram Posts Not Being Seen?

If you have been shadowbanned on Instagram then your post will not show up on the hashtags you use which will limit your ability to reach a new audience. Shadowbanning is when Instagram will intentionally limit the reach of the user’s post to make them less visible on this platform. When the post is shadowbanned then the only way that people will see your posts is by searching for their name and visiting their actual profile.

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