How To Block Ads On Hulu? Successful Ways To Block Ads On Hulu!!

Watching your favorite shows on Hulu and pop-up ad drops in? How frustrating! We don’t want our fun show-time disrupted, do we? So, why not block those annoying ads and enjoy non-stop shows without any disruption? Don’t know how to do the same? Don’t worry! Here we have covered everything on how to block ads on Hulu.

Hulu is overflowing with shows which we just can’t wait to binge-watch. But what happens when the scene we’ve been so eagerly waiting for gets interrupted by an annoying ad? Irritating, isn’t it?

We are impatient peeps who can’t wait for five seconds to skip an ad on Hulu and let’s be honest, who can be patient when watching their favorite shows. Thus, to help you out, we have covered the best ways by which you can block ads on Hulu successfully. Adding Browser AdBlock extensions for Hulu, adblocker apps, and making use of some other methods like refresh, two-tab, etc will help us in getting rid of Hulu ads.

So without further ado, let’s jump onto some of the best ways by which you can block ads on Hulu!

Can You Block Ads On Hulu?

how to block ads on hulu
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It is normal to wonder whether you can or can not block ads on Hulu as most platforms provide the ad-block feature to premium accounts only. Also, do we want to spend extra bucks to block those pesky ads? Hell NO!

Now, coming to the main question! Can you block ads on Hulu? Well, you’d be happy to know that you definitely can block ads on this platform without any extra expense. There are many ways in which you can block ads on Hulu and one of the most effective ways to do the same is by adding a Hulu adblocker extension in your browser.

Adding an adblocker and pinning it on your browser (Chrome, Bing, or Firefox) will automatically block ads on Hulu if you’re using a browser to watch shows on the same.

Let’s move ahead and look at some of the best and most efficacious ways by which you can block ads on Hulu.

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How To Block Ads On Hulu?

Hulu ads or any kinds of ads, while we’re watching our favorite shows or movies, turns our mood sour and thus, worsen our experience. But never again! Follow these best tips and bid adieu to annoying ads on Hulu.

1. Adblocker Extension

block ads on hulu via adblock extension
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As mentioned previously, nothing is better than browser extensions that automatically block ads on Hulu. If you’re of the habit of using Hulu on Chrome, then you can add the below-mentioned Hulu Adblock extensions to your browser to block ads.

  1. Hulu Ad Skipper | Ad Blocker:

Hulu Ad Skipper will do exactly as the name suggests. This Chrome extension for skipping and blocking ads on Hulu will detect a commercial and mute it instantly. Once the ad gets muted, the same will be fast-forwarded and you won’t even know where the ad went in a matter of seconds. Hulu Ad Skipper is a promising extension and you can even skip ads on Hulu+ live recording with it.

  1. Automatically Skip Hulu Ads:

Automatically Skip Hulu Ads extension will automatically skip ads for you and you don’t even have to move a finger or be irritated when an annoying ad pops in. This Chrome extension will reduce the time frame of long ads on Hulu where a 90-sec ad will be reduced to a mere 6 sec.

Cool, isn’t it!

  1. Adblock Plus:

Adblock Plus is another outstanding extension to block ads on Hulu. And, you know what’s so great about this extension? Well, it is supported by many browsers! You can add the Adblock Plus extension to Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Yandex, etc and it works perfectly fine for all these. Moreover, this extension also protects against malware and unnecessary pop-ups.

2. Fast Forward Hulu Ads With Software

This is another simple yet highly effective way of getting rid of Hulu ads for good.

By installing Enounce MySpeed software on your device, your Hulu ads will be fast-forwarded and you can skip them once the skip option appears. Although this method won’t block the ads like other Adblock extensions, nevertheless, it’s a good method to try.

3. Adblock App For Mobile Phones

blokada app
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Do you often watch Hulu shows and movies on your mobile and want an effective solution to get rid of Hulu ads on your mobile device? Well, we have a perfect solution for you! With the help of the Blokada app, you can effectively block Hulu ads on your Android and iOS devices. Blokada is an open-source and absolutely free-of-cost app that has an inbuilt VPN that can fight malware and also block ads on Hulu as well as YouTube.

4. Two-Tab Method

Do not want to install any software or add an extension to your browser? No worries pal! You can always try the method of toggling between two bars to avoid Hulu ads. Well to be more precise, you won’t be blocking ads by this method, but just avoiding them so that your show doesn’t get disrupted. 

To try out this method here’s what you need to do,

  1. Open two tabs in your browser and log in to your Hulu account.
  2. Open the show that you’d like to watch on both tabs and start the show.
  3. Click to start the show on one tab and look at the ad timing in the streaming bar.
  4. Play the show till the first ad starts and then mute that tab.
  5. Now play the video on another tab from the time you left at in the previous one.

Now, keep repeating this and you’ll complete your show in no time without worrying about those annoying ads. Although this method can be lengthy and complicated, nevertheless it’s a good method to try.

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5. Refresh Hulu Program Page

You can also skip Hulu ads by refreshing the Hulu program page. If you keep refreshing the Hulu page whenever an ad appears, the ad’s length will be shortened and the ad timing will become uneven. Although refreshing can be an unwilling task, but if you don’t want to add Adblock extensions, then you have to try this method out.

6. Hulu Premium Plans

 Hulu Premium Plans
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Do not want to try any of the above-mentioned methods out? Then why not go for Hulu Premium? By opting for a Hulu premium plan, all the unnecessary ads will be automatically blocked from your Hulu account. There are two Hulu No ads plan which you can opt for. 

A simple Hulu (No ads) premium plan costs $12.99/m and the other Hulu (No ads) + Live TV cost $70.99/m. Depending on your requirements (and pocket), you can opt for either of these plans.

Wrapping Up:

Hulu ads are annoying and we should develop a no-ads anthem now. But sadly, we don’t know if singing a few phrases will stop them from appearing ever again. But no worries! We have alternate ways which are highly effective in getting rid of interrupting Hulu ads. To successfully skip and block Hulu ads, you should make use of Hulu Adblock extensions, Hulu AdBlock apps like Blokada, or make use of other software to block them. Additionally, methods like two-tab, refresh, and opting for Hulu premium plans can also help us in getting rid of Hulu ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Block Hulu Ads For Free?

Many browser AdBlock extensions for Hulu are available for free and thus, you can make use of them to block Hulu ads successfully. Extensions like Hulu Ad Skipper, Automatically Skip Hulu Ads, Adblock plus, etc are best to block Hulu ads for free.

Q. How To Block Hulu Ads On Android And iPhone?

Hulu ads can be blocked on Android and iPhone by installing the Hulu adblocker app called Blokada. Blokada will successfully block ads on Hulu and Youtube on your Android and iOS devices.

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