How To Block An Email Address In Gmail?

Are you fed up with unwanted emails that fill your inbox? Do you want to stop those unwanted emails from coming to your account? Do you know how to block an email address in Gmail? We all know that email is a very powerful tool in today’s world. Besides being used for professional purposes it is also used for other purposes. This includes the messages from school, universities, or to stay in touch with your distant friends and family members. You can also send digital files or you can use it to keep track of your online purchases and accounts.

You can send and receive emails with ease. However, sometimes your inbox gets filled with spam. Though you can unsubscribe from the mail but still receive unwanted emails. So you may want to know how to block an email address in Gmail?

When you block any email address it means that you will not get any messages from that account in your inbox. Well, here are some easy steps with which you can block an email address in Gmail. Then neither will your inbox get full with span nor will you receive any unwanted emails. Let’s look at some of the steps.

How To Block An Email Address In Gmail On A Computer?

How To Block An Email Address In Gmail?

Here are some of the steps that you can follow to block an email address in Gmail and get rid of unwanted emails that fill up your inbox.

  • Open the message from the person you want to block
  • Next, choose More, it is the three vertical dots adjacent to the reply button.
  • Select block the “name of the sender” from the menu
  • In the dialog box Block this email, choose Block

However, if you want to stop a person from emailing you, then you will see a message above on top of the message. This gives you the option of whether you want to unblock the sender or not. But if you are unable to find a message from that specific person then here are some steps that you can follow to block an email address by going into your own Gmail settings.

  • Open Gmail settings.
  • Go to the Filter and Blocked Addresses tab.
  • Choose Create a new filter.
  • Next in the From field Enter the address that you want to block.
  • Then choose search. Gmail will search the messages and will show you the ones that matched your search results.
  • Next, open a message.
  • Choose more. From the menu Block the name of the sender.
  • Select confirm when you are asked for confirmation.

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How To Block An Email Address In Gmail On Smartphones?

How To Block An Email Address In Gmail?

You can block email on Gmail from with Gmail mobile app. But you need to do it from an open message. However, in this, you will be able to block only the emails from that email address. But you will not be able to stop messages that are of a specific size or have attachments. Here are some steps that you need to follow:

  • Open a message from the sender that you want to block
  • Choose More and then from the menu Block the name of the sender

How To Protect Your Gmail Account From Suspicious Mails?

One problem that you may have come across when you sign up for newsletters, mailing lists, or any other kind of marketing is that your email address could be sold to third parties. When you get mails from these sources these may have links to malware. Moreover, the sender can also be trying to hack some personal or sensitive information. Gmail will automatically warn you when you get emails from such sources. Then those messages are moved to the spam folder.

When you try to download attachments that have a virus or other suspicious files or even click links that will take you to unsafe websites Gmail will warn you. So, when you get a spam message it will take just a few clicks that you can report them as spam to Gmail and send it in your spam folder on your computer. Here are some steps to do it on.

  • Placing the checkmark adjacent to the message list you can choose the message. It is not necessary for you to open the message.
  • Then you need to go to the toolbar. Then choose to report spam.
  • If you want to report spam in Gmail on your smartphone then you need to choose the message and then select More followed by Report Spam.

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Wrapping Up:

So to answer your question on how to block an email address in Gmail here are some of the above-mentioned ways by which you can do so. Blocking unwanted emails is perhaps the easiest way by which you can keep your inbox organized. You can stop newsletters that you do not read. You can even stop the suspicious mails that have harmful links or attachments along with the messages that you are no more connected with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Unblock Someone From Your Gmail?

Here are some steps that you can follow to unblock someone from your Gmail account:

  • Choose to unblock the name of the sender option. It will have a dark grey banner on top of the email that has come from the blocked sender
  • Click on the unblock sender button on this banner. In this way, you can click on unblock sender button on this banner and unblock the address
  • In the Gmail settings, you will find all the addresses that you have blocked. You simply need to go to the Filter and Blocked address and find it.

Q. Why Are You Still Getting Emails From Blocked Senders On Gmail?

If you are still getting emails from a blocked sender on Gmail then it could be that the sender has changed their email address. However, another reason could be that the sender has used email spoofing in order to hide their actual email address.

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