What Is Cryptovoxels And How It Works? A Beginners Guide

What Is Cryptovoxels And How It Works

If you are aware of Metaverse, you might have heard about Cryptovoxels. Have you ever wondered why Cryptovoxels is so famous? If yes, you have landed on the right page because here is an article that will explain what is Cryptovoxels and how it works.

Cryptovoxels is a well-known Metaverse where you can purchase land and build on it. It is a 3D virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain. Cryptovoxels was launched in June 2018. Since then, it has continuously developed and introduced new features that made its name even bigger in the Metaverse world. It is the smallest virtual blockchain world (VBW) by land area. 

In this post, we will be discussing what Cryptovoxels is, its features, and how it works. At the end of the post, you will be able to decide if investing in Cryptovoxels is good or bad for you. So, let’s start.

What Is Cryptovoxels?

Cryptovoxels is an Ethereum powered Metaverse that comprises real-life frameworks like buildings, homes, roads, streets, lands, and much more. Currently, Cryptovoxels is a web-based or browser-based Metaverse. But you can access it using virtual reality devices like Oculus Quest, Rift, and HTC Vive. You can currently access it through your web browser like chrome, firefox, safari, and so on. Cryptovoxels uses babylon.js for high-speed rendering within the web browser. 

You can create anything on land. It all depends on your skills and imagination. Once you have constructed your land, you can start earning from it. You can sell or rent it. You can even embed audio, video, or images on the land parcel. 

How Do Cryptovoxels Work?

Every Metaverse is unique. Every Metverse has its unique features and tools. Cryptovoxels, too, have their unique way of working. Players are enjoying Cryptovoxels. Let’s discuss the features of Cryptovoxels.

1. Buying Land In Cryptovoxels

One of the best things you can do in any Metaverse is purchasing land and selling it at a higher price. Or you can construct on this land parcel. You can also rent your land parcel. Here is how easy it is to purchase land in Cryptovoxels.

  1. Go to the marketplace like OpenSea.
  2. Search for land parcels of Cryptovoxels.
  3. Explore different land parcels.
  4. Make the purchase
  5. Complete the transaction
  6. Wait till verified

2. Rent A Land Parcel In Cryptovoxels 

Cryptovoxels allows users to create anything on the land parcel. But if you are interested in creating something on the land parcel rather than buying it, you can rent a parcel as well. Here is the process of renting land parcels in Cryptovoxels.

  1. Go to a website like
  2. Another website is Blockee. co
  3. Land parcels are not always available for rent.
  4. Keep a check on these websites.
  5. Once they are available, you can rent them easily.

3. Play In Cryptovoxels 

Cryptovoxels Metaverse is also for enjoying and playing. Once you click on the play button, you will be on a random street. Then you can chat with other players, explore cities, and shops. Make purchases and much more. You can play from your phone or laptop.

4. Avatars In Cryptovoxels 

One of the best features of  Cryptovoxels is that you can import any NFT avatar in Cryptovoxels. You can also use wearables on the avatar to make it unique. You just have to purchase a wearable from the marketplace and apply it to the avatar. Apart from that, you can also color your avatars’ body parts and skin.

The next thing you can do with your avatar is dance with it. There are a lot of dance moves that you can perform with your avatar. Apart from that, you can also fly with your avatar and interact with others.

5. Building In Cryptovoxels

Landowners of Cryptovoxels can construct on their land. They can add different features to their land parcels like audio, buttons, voxels models, text, images, gifs, and polytext. To add these things you don’t have to download any software. Cryptovoxels provides built-in tools for that.

6. Earning In Cryptovoxels

Apart from enjoying Cryptovoxels Metaverse, you can also earn from Cryptovoxels. There are plenty of ways to earn from Cryptovoxels. Here are some of the famous ones.

7. Land Parcels

Buy a land parcel, develop it and sell it for a higher price.

8. Shops And Museums

In shops and museums, you can display your owned NFTs, and players can buy the from Cryptovoxels directly. They can click on the NFT and complete their transaction on the OpenSea marketplace.

9. Wearables

You can design 3D wearables in Cryptovoxels and then sell them to other players as NFTs.

10. Play To Earn Games

There are several events organized by Cryptovoxels developers. These events also include the Play To Earn games. During these events, you can get exclusive NFTs and much more.

Wrapping Up

Cryptovoxels is a whole new world in itself. If you use virtual devices, you will experience a more immersive environment. From playing to earning everything can be experienced in Cryptovoxels. If you are planning to invest in Metaverse, then Cryptovoxels is also an option you should consider before investing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can You Make Money On Cryptovoxels?

Yes, you can make money on Cryptovoxels by selling land and collections created on this platform. If bidders are interested in your parcel, you can earn more by auctioning parcels.

Q2. How Much Does Land Cost In Cryptovoxels?

The land parcels of Cryptovoxels Metaverse costs from $821 to $3,895 or 1.61 ETH to 10000 ETH. You can purchase it easily from OpenSea. The current floor price of Cryptovoxels is 1.61 ETH.

Q3. Who Created Cryptovoxels?

Nolan Consulting is the developer of Cryptovoxels. This project was first released in May 2018, and the first sales were made in June 2018.

Q4. Do Cryptovoxels Have A Coin?

Cryptovoxels has a token called the Cryptovoxels Parcel (CVPA). It can have 1,583 holders. It can supply a maximum of 5,919 tokens. These tokens represent land in Origin city and each of these parcels is unique.

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