How To Build Chrome Extension Using GPT-4?

How To Build Chrome Extension Using Gpt-4

My younger sister is pushing the limit on how to get the best out of GPT-4. You must be too! Now, if you have access to the paid version of ChatGPT, you can do more than you think. You have the power to build Chrome Extension using GPT-4! Sounds fun? Alright! Let’s get the ball rolling.

According to OpenAI, GPT-4 is the most sophisticated system to date and can provide safer and more useful solutions. With this most recent update, ChatGPT-3 is officially “back-dated” and ChatGPT-4, an even more potent tool, is introduced. YouTuber and gaming host Jake Browatzke, shared on Twitter that he with zero coding knowledge created Chrome Extension using GPT-4. Let’s find out how to build Chrome Extension using GPT-4, in this article!

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To build Chrome Extension using GPT-4, you must have the ChatGPT Plus subscription, then enter the right prompt to get the complete steps and code for building your own Chrome extension.

It’s anticipated that this new GPT-4 will make even bigger ripples globally. The more people are sharing their experiences using GPT-4, the more we are astonished! Let’s know what is ChatGPT-4, and how to build Chrome Extension using GPT-4.

What Is ChatGPT-4?

On March 14, OpenAI made ChatGPT-4 available to the public; however as in paid version, only premium users can have access to GPT-4. From legal to biochemical, ChatGPT-4 is eligible to answer all queries and unlike ChatGPT3, it has 100 times more parameters.

How To Build Chrome Extension Using GPT-4?

As tweeted by Jake Browatzke, anyone can build Chrome Extension using GPT-4, even if you have zero coding knowledge! The influencer and gamer YouTuber experimented with GPT-4. Just the day after, the AI bot launched, and people shared Tweets about how they have started experimenting with ChatGPT-4! When someone builds a video game with GPT-4, some others like Jake Browatzke build Chrome Extension using GPT-4! 

On the Tweet, Jake Browatzke shared the secret graciously. According to him, GPT-4 guided him through every step of the creation process, helping him to write the code and correct any issues that arose. Isn’t it simple? 

  • The extension created by Jake Browatzke is a simple extension that translates the text of any webpage into “Pirate Speak.” The procedure includes GPT3-API and the prompt “Ahoy matey.” This extension can convert any text into Pirate language that includes questions. Ahoy!
  • A “Pirate theme” was added to the extension popup by GPT-4 using new code that was based on basic text input Browatzke provided after using the extension for the first time.

So, if you are looking forward to knowing how to build Chrome Extension using GPT-4, just prompt it to ChatGPT-4. No need to find an expert developer.

If you are wondering what kind of prompt you should use, then here is the example used by Browatzke [he shared prompts on Twitter]:

  • “Create the following google chrome extension: A simple and sleek pirate-themed extension using manifest version 3 that when opened reads any highlighted text on a webpage and summarizes the text in the open chrome popup using “pirate speak” while adding a pirate-themed joke about the text. Have the extension use ChatGPT-API to generate the “Pirate Summery”. Include a refresh button on the extension popup to get a new summary and joke for the same highlighted text.”

To this prompt GPT 4 responded on how to start with creating a new folder for the extension and wrote the necessary codes. Also, ChatGPT-4 guided where to paste the codes – step-by-step.

How Does GPT-4 work?

. An enormous quantity of data was used to train the neural network that powers GPT-4. The model is able to comprehend and create natural language since it has already been trained on a sizable corpus of text. The model may be fine-tuned for a particular activity, such as language translation, question-answering, or summarizing after it has been trained.

Wrapping Up

If you are also energized to build Chrome Extension using GPT-4, just give it a shot. Follow the simple prompt instructions. ChatGPT has also shared a whole guide on how to write clear prompts for maximum results. Chrome already has a huge library of extensions that you can explore in seconds. But, if you have to create a personalized extension, this is the way! Follow Deasilex for more updates on ChatGPT and OpenAI. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can You Build Your Own Chrome Extension?

It’s possible that you won’t always be able to locate something in the Chrome Web Store that will satisfy the demands of your users. In that case, you may develop your own unique ChromeOS software or browser extension that people can install.

Q2. How Do I Create A Complex Extension In Chrome?

You can make a Chrome Extension by following these instructions. In order to add the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, we must first create an empty folder. Let’s now include a head tag link that points to the Bootstrap CDN. In order to avoid writing additional CSS for this example, we are going to employ the Bootstrap framework.

Q3. How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Chrome Extension?

You must register for a developer account and pay a one-time registration charge of $5 in order to upload an extension to the Chrome Web Store.

Q4. Can You Make A Chrome Extension Using Python?

HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are used to construct Chrome plugins. With a Python-to-Javascript compiler, you can utilize Python to develop standard Chrome extensions (Rapydscript).

Q5. How Do I Code A Browser Extension?

Go to chrome:/extensions in your Chrome browser. enable Developer mode on your device. After clicking the Load Unpacked button, the extension’s source code is loaded. Activate Developer Mode and load the source code for the extension. After loading, you will be able to view our extension on the browser’s toolbar menu.

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