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How To Create A Twitter Circle

Are you a social butterfly? Then you must don’t miss any trending tweets! But, what if someone is Tweeting without your knowledge? Yes! You may be out of the Twitter circle. But, what is this Twitter circle? And how does a Twitter circle work? How to create a Twitter circle? Let’s find out in this article. 

Sending Tweets to a specific group of people via Twitter Circle allows you to communicate with a more specialized audience. Your Twitter Circle is made up of people you pick, and only those people have access to respond to and interact with the Tweets you share there. But, how to create a Twitter circle? 

How to create a Twitter circle? You can create a Twitter circle from the main menu or Tweet composer. Unlike other social media, Twitter was always open to all. This special feature does not directly block people you don’t like as your followers but to send the Tweets only specific people whom you admire. Let’s go through the article and explore how to create a Twitter circle easily.

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How To Create A Twitter Circle

As discussed earlier, the tweet composer or the main menu both allow you to build a Twitter circle. Follow the steps below to learn both ways: 

Create A Twitter Circle – From The Tweet Composer:

Tweet Composer> Choose Audience> Twitter> Edit> Select people you want in the circle> Click X

Step 1: Click Tweet composer’s “choose audience” from the menu.

Step 2: Next to the Twitter Circle option, click Edit.

Step 3: Choose people from the recommended list or by searching for them to add to your circle.

How To Create A Twitter Circle

Step 4: To continue writing your Tweet, click the X.

Congrats! You have learned how to create a Twitter circle easily using Twitter Composer.

Create A Twitter Circle – From The Main Menu:

Tap Twitter Circle> Select people you want in the circle> Select Add or Remove next to the name

How To Create A Twitter Circle

Step 1: Select Twitter Circle.

Step 2: Search for and add the people you want to your circle under Edit your Twitter Circle, or pick someone from the suggested list.

How To Create A Twitter Circle

Step 3: By their name, select Add or Remove.

Congrats! You have learned how to create a Twitter circle easily using Main Menu.

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Who can see the people in my Twitter Circle?

You can add up to 150 people in your circle. The whole list of those in your Twitter Circle can only be seen by you. If someone likes or replies to a Tweet you share using Twitter Circle, members can see your interaction even though they won’t be able to see a list of your circle members unless your account is protected. Only followers of someone in your Twitter Circle who are also members of that circle will see interactions if they maintain a protected account.

Who can see my Twitter Circle Tweets?

Any Tweets you share with your Twitter Circle, as well as any non-protected replies to those Tweets, are visible to other users who are currently a part of your Twitter Circle. Only followers in your Twitter Circle can see a circle member’s replies if they maintain a protected account.

Unless your circles have members in common, your friend’s Twitter Circle won’t be able to see any of the chat.

Is Twitter Circle the same as Twitter Communities?

People have a dedicated space to connect, share, and participate in the conversations they care about most on Twitter with Twitter Communities. With Twitter Circle, you may share Tweets with the people you specify should see them.

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Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to create a Twitter circle easily, it’s time to create your own circle. Do you know how to manage your Twitter contact on iOS. You should also learn how to create GIF in Twitter! Need more help with Twitter? Follow Deasilex for more updates on Twitter


Q1. Does Everyone Have Twitter Circle?

In May, we started testing Twitter Circle, and the feedback has been incredibly positive. So starting today, we’re opening up access to this in-demand feature to everyone worldwide on iOS, Android, and

Q2. How Do Twitter Circles Work?

You have control over who is accepted into the Circle, just like the Instagram feature. Your Circle tweets can only be replied to by individuals on the list, and only other members of the Circle can see those replies. Even accounts you don’t follow can be added to the list.

Q3. How Does Twitter Family Tree Work?

The Twitter family tree website may see your timeline’s Tweets, including protected Tweets, as well as your Lists and collections, if you log in to their API and grant them access to your Twitter account. View the details of your Twitter profile and account settings. View the blocked and muted accounts.

Q4. What Are Twitter Communities?

People can now connect, share, and get more involved in the conversations that matter most to them thanks to the establishment of Twitter Communities. On Twitter, communities are created and run by users. Admins and moderators uphold community rules and ensure that interactions are interesting, educational, and entertaining.

Q5. How Do You Remove People From Your Circles On Twitter?

You can edit your Twitter Circle once you’ve created it by selecting Public and clicking the Edit button next to Twitter Circle in the tweet box. Choose Remove for any user you want to remove from the Twitter Circle tab.

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