How To Disable Instagram Embeds On Desktop And Mobile?

How To Disable Instagram Embeds On Desktop And Mobile?

Do you know what is embedding? Yes, the feature that allows you to use high-dimensional vectors in low density! Do you know Instagram allows embedding? Wait! Do you know how to disable Instagram embeds on desktop and mobile? If your answer is a no, then you have opened the correct link. Here is a post on how to disable Instagram Embeds on Desktop and Mobile.

Well, embedding your Instagram content is perhaps a great way by which you can share the other work while you give them credit. However, there are few people who don’t want their content to be shared in any other place. And, you might be one among them. So if you are looking for ways to disable Instagram embeds then here we will discuss it.

To disable Instagram Embeds, go to the Instagram app > log into your account > go to your profile > click on the three lines > then go to settings > then to embeds >  turn it off.

When you embed an image or video then the original username can be found on the poster with the media and the links to the account of the creator. So you can now choose to disable embedding on your account so that you can avoid any kind of unauthorized distribution of your content. Now let’s get started.

Why Do You Need To Use This Embedding Feature On Instagram?

Now before we start to know how you can disable Instagram embeds on desktop and mobile, it is important for you to know why you need to use this feature. The ASMP and NPAA together fought for this feature. It was mainly because third-party websites by embedding the Instagram posts just neglected the copyright laws.  

The NPAA is of the opinion that change is very important regarding embedding. More photographers will take more advantage of this feature. It is expected that the publication will reduce and even stop trying to bypass the protection of copyright. As in this way, they can claim that the owner has the right to embed the images. They even have the proper license images from the photographers who go way and beyond to make those photos.

This new feature on the Instagram app will mean that the photographers and the other creative can show their work on Instagram. There they will know that it is their right and they are the owner of that content thus protecting their content.

How To Disable Instagram Embeds On Desktop?

If you want to know how to disable Instagram embeds on the desktop then here are some steps that need to be followed:

  • First, go to your Instagram profile.
  • Then tap on the Settings button.
  • In the settings, you need to tap on the privacy and security options.
  • Now scroll down. You will see embeds. Now uncheck the option that says that you allow people to embed your posts or profile on other websites.

How To Disable Instagram Embeds On Mobile?

To disable Instagram embeds on mobile here are a few steps that need to be followed:

  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • On top of the screen, you will see three lines, click on it.
  • Now select the settings option.
  • Next in the settings option, tap on the account and then on embeds.
  • Click off the option which shows you to the option which says allow people to embed on your profile or posts on the other websites.
  • Now you have disabled the embedding.
  • Now you can avoid people from embedding your work.

How To Embed Your Instagram Profile On The Website?

Now that we have discussed how to disable Instagram embeds on desktop and mobile let’s discuss how to embed your Instagram profile on a website.

Instagram has given the option to enable posts from public accounts which can be embedded on external websites. But, do you know you can now share the previews of your profile? You can even share six recent images of yours so that you can encourage people to view more. Embeds are actually best for the creators who want to promote on the other websites other than Instagram. So, here are some steps with which you can embed your Instagram profile on the website-

  • First to the profile that you want to share.
  • Is it your profile? If yes, then you need to click on the gear icon.
  • But if it is somebody else’s account then you need to click on three dots.
  • Now press embed followed by the option copy embed code.
  • Now you can easily copy and paste the code into the website to show the profile view.

Wrapping Up:

So now after reading this blog, you know why you use the Instagram embed to disable the feature and how to disable Instagram embeds on desktop and mobile. These steps are really easy to follow. It will not make much time to disable the embeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Hide Photos/Videos Where You Have Been Tagged?

If you want to hide the photos and videos that you have been tagged in, then here are a few steps that you need to follow:

  • Click on the photo or video.
  • Now click on your username.
  • Next click on the option which says hide from my profile.

Q. How To Embed A Live Instagram Feed On Your Website?

There are mainly two ways by which you can embed a live Instagram feed on WordPress, that is automatic and manual.

Manually, you can get the Instagram posts to embed codes that you want. Then you need to copy that embed and paste it in WordPress. You can do this manually one by one. If you want to embed more posts then you can follow this step to embed the code.

For getting automatic embeds on your WordPress you need to link your account to the WordPress plugin. You can easily plugin so that the embeds automatically go to your WordPress with just a few clicks.

Q1. Should I Allow Embeds On Instagram?

How To Disable Instagram Embeds. Go to the web browser and search for Instagram. Log into your account and go to your profile. Then go to settings and click on privacy and then to embeds. Here you can turn it on.

Q2. What Does Embed Change Mean?

Instagram embeds can be done on the accounts that are public. It can be done on any content uploaded by the user. It includes photos, reels, or videos. Your post url can be posted on any third-party website. If you have also seen your posts on various blogs and websites, you can control them and don’t let users embed your content.

Q3. What Is An Embed Link?

It is the link used to embed a post on the third-party website. You can copy the embedded link from the post, video, or reel and then post it on the website. If you have a public account on Instagram and your post on your Instagram account is purely your work, then you can try disabling your Instagram embeds. 

Q4. What Happens When You Embed A Post?

When you embed a post on a third-party website, the original post is posted on the website as well. When you click on a photo or a video it takes to the original post.

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