How To Do An Egg Cleanse TikTok? The TikTok Trend 2024!

How To Do An Egg Cleanse TikTok

Feeling low for a long time? Having continuous bad luck? You can learn and try how to do an egg cleanse TikTok to remove the negativity, bad luck and all the evil spirits from you. This practice has an ancient history behind it, don’t judge right now, first try!

Learning how to do an egg cleanse TikTok can be useful whenever your energy is low or are experiencing negative vibes from someone. An egg cleanse can aid you to remove all of that shitt behind and make you feel like yourself once again. This practice is used to protect friends, family, basically anyone from getting in touch with something evil! To know exactly what we mean, you stick to the article first!

How to do an egg cleanse TikTok: Cleanse Egg > Fill Water In A Glass > Set A Goal > Run The Egg On Forehead, Ear And Face > Bring The Egg Down Slowly > Crack The Egg Into Glass > Watch Results. Grab the details down below.

Say no to negativity and bad vibes by practicing  how to do an egg cleanse TikTok on yourselves. Get the guide below along with a manual on how to read the results

How To Do An Egg Cleanse TikTok?

When you feel something is going wrong with you all of a sudden you may consider it as a sign of evil spirit or a curse that your enemies might put on you. So whenever you have one, try egg cleansing for once and find out the exact thing which is causing trouble to you! 

If you see someone egg cleansing themselves, then know that they are doing that to get rid of negative spiritual energies from them. There are a number of types of egg cleansing. As it has an ancient history all over the world are regions including Scotland, Mesoamerica and Greece. At present, people are using this method to get rid themselves, their friends or family members of toxic or evil energies that may be affecting them negatively. One can egg cleanse themselves if they are feeling bad luck, upset or down unnecessarily. This is a process that you can do on yourself and on others too.

Requirements For Egg Cleansing 

If you don’t know what are the ways for how to do an egg cleanse TikTok then consider the problem solved as we are helping you with a detailed guide on the same. Follow the below mentioned steps carefully: 

Cleanse Egg > Fill Water In A Glass > Set A Goal > Run The Egg On Forehead, Ear And Face > Bring The Egg Down Slowly > Crack The Egg Into Glass > Watch Results

Step 01: Clean the egg in saltwater and lemon juice by washing it down. This will help you get rid of any negative energies that it might have collected earlier. 

For cleansing the egg you can bring a spoon full of salt and mix it with a glass of water then drop a full lemon juice and mix it with the salt solution. Then softly wash the egg off with your hands and chanting any holy prayer of your liking. 

Next wash the eggs off with clean water for once and dry it gently with a towel. However, many of the people don’t do cleansing at first and consider it as an optional step but many spiritual leaders consider it a must do!

Step 02: Now, fill a glass of water upto half of its full quantity. Make sure the water is at room temperature for a couple of minutes before initiating how to do an egg cleanse TikTok. 

Step 03: Set a motive with the egg before cleansing yourself with it. You can do this by holding the egg in your hands, allowing it to get natural heat from your palm, mentioning whatever energy or bad luck that you want to get rid of with this cleanse. 

For example, you can say: 

  1. With the help of this egg cleansing, I will rid myself of the negative energy.
  2. After this egg cleansing, I will separate bad luck from my destiny.

Step 04: Roll the egg all over your head, ear and face. You can start this by lying down or in a sitting position comfortably, holding the egg in one hand. Roll the egg in the back of your head, then bring it to your ears and your face. Next close your eyes and roll the egg on your eyelids and lips too.

  1. For better experience, we’d recommend you to switch off the lights and light up a candle.
  2. Keep aiming on the transfer of the negative vibes and energies to the egg. Eggs gulp any bad energy and vibes from your body.

Step 05: Bring the egg down your body slowly, running it all over your body. Start from your head and end up at toe. Assume that the egg is absorbing all the bad luck and energy from you. Do this multiple times in a small and clockwise direction to release bad energies. You can chant a prayer of your choice while performing this or just keep your mind empty.

  1. If you are doing it on someone else, make sure you gently run the egg in a small and clockwise direction, from head to toe slowly from head to toe and try to make them feel comfortable.
  2. If the egg breaks down in the middle of the process, then you can start from the beginning with a fres..

Step 06: Crack the egg into the glass of water. Once the egg cleansing is complete. For this you have to grab the glass of water from the previous one and carefully crack the egg into it. Try not to break the egg yolk. 

And done! This is how to do an egg cleanse TikTok. Now you may leave the glass of water for at least 5-10 minutes to look into the water and interpret the results of your egg cleanse.

The results of how to do an egg cleanse TikTok shows how much negative energy you earlier had and it’s even capable of showing you the reason for the bad energy that you caught!

If you don’t know how to view the results of the egg cleansing then the next section might be of some help to you! 

How To Read Results Of An Egg Cleanse?

How To Do An Egg Cleanse TikTok

If you are someone who doesn’t know how to view the egg cleanse results then this section can be of very use to you. The results of this ritual cleanse your aura with an egg after which all the bad luck and evil energies fade away from your body.

This ritual went viral on TikTok after a user uploaded a video of himself doing this egg cleanse and saying that it’s a ritual, please respect it and don’t just go and get an egg and run it all over your body and call it a cleanse meaninglessly! 

So if you plan to do something like this, make sure you know the meaning of every hint that you get from the egg and the cleansing. Here are some indications given below explaining to you the outcomes of egg cleansing.

Read out each of them carefully and observe them in the result of the cleansing:

Look into the glass, not at the base of it. Once you allow the egg to settle down, put the glass on a table or counter, in order to view straight into it deeply. Loon out for the shape of the egg yolk and the shape of the egg whites including the color of the water. Then you can tell what message they are trying to convey to you depending on the conditions of egg yolk, white and water.

  1. Smelly water or blood – There are evil spirits around you. 

If you find blood or smelly water after keeping the broken egg into the glass then it’s a strong signal that someone has tried their black magic or evil tricks on you and against you. It also indicates that you have not a good health or recently came in contact of any disease about which you are still not aware.

  1. You can do one more trial with another egg to get rid yourself of evil spirits entirely.
  2. If you are thinking about the illness or unwell health of yours, then book an appointment with a trusted doctor and get yourself examined.
  1. Bubbles – Negative energy was taken into the egg.

Bubbles appear in water or the egg white when the motive of your cleansing rituals completes. It also tell you that you have been suffering with indigestion and gas due to heavy stress.

If large bubbles or balloon like structures appear in the water, then consider that the egg absorbed a huge amount of negative energy. This indication shows you that you must practice one more cleansing ritual to get complete rid of negative energies all over you.

  1. Cobwebs in egg white – Someone placed an evil eye on you earlier

In this case you will find small brown specks in the water or in the egg yolk. This is another indication that you must cleanse yourself one more time to separate the evil eye from you.

Cobwebs also says that you are stuck in a confusing situation that is bringing you stress and discomfort.

  1. Needles or Spikes in egg white – People with bad intentions in your circle

This means that there is a huge number of energy vampires around you sucking your positivity out and leaving the bad vibes behind. Or they might just not want you to succeed in your life or achieve any goal.

  1. Face like shaped yolk – Your enemy

If you find the shape of the yolk similar to someone’s face then consider this as a sign of an enemy who envies you or doesn’t think well of you. You can try to look deeper in the yolk and observe with whom the face matches exactly, since we all have a little idea of the trouble maker in all of our lives.

  1. Clear water – No negative energies

If you find nothing suspicious about either the yolk or the white then consider yourself safe. If everything is normal in the glass and you find no changes then there is zero amount of negativity around you which the egg can pull out.

You might be getting confused with your feelings, but if this is something similar to  the results of your egg cleanse, then my dear, there is no need to practice another! 

However you can try meditation to find exactly where your feelings are taking you to! And find out the source of these feelings!

So this was all about how to do an egg cleanse TikTok and how to read the results of an egg cleanse. In case of any query or doubt, ping us below in the comment section. 

Wrapping Up

The egg cleansing TikTok Trend has covered the entire platform. Everyone’s literally been looking for ways of how to do an egg cleanse TikTok. According to a statement given by Shaheen Miro, instinctive craftsman and essayist, the egg is considered as a source of evolution and life. The egg is a particular place which has life and energy in a way which is perfectly balanced and acts like a void which has everything that is not required. 

Deasilex hadls tried to briefly explain to you how to do an egg cleanse TikTok and what are the results of an egg cleanse in the most efficient way in this article! 

We hope that you understood the assignment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is A Healing Egg?

The healing egg is also known as Shamanic Egg Cleansing. In central and south American ancient healers or cyrandos used to use the entire egg as a health assessment and cleansing tools in a ritual called La Limpia.  
In this ritual, an egg is runned all over the body of the customer to help view or divine the problem.

Q. How Do You Purify Eggs?

Cleanse and rinse the egg in saltwater and lemon juice. This will help get rid of all the negative energies. All you need to do is add a spoonful of salt in half glass water then squeeze a lemon into it. Next gently wash the egg while chanting any prayer of your liking.

Q. What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Egg?

Eggs are a symbol of fertility, eternal life and resurrection. From the outside it looks like stone cold wgereasy from inside these life nurtures. 

Q. Does Egg Bring Good Luck?

In traditional folk religions, eggs are considered to present fertility, rebirth and purity.

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