How To Do Siri Voice On TikTok? Go Viral With Siri!

TikTok has launched its Text-To-Audio element in 2020 only, which was supposed to make TikTok more entertaining by letting texts in videos be audible and readable. As this trend went viral on TikTok, TikTok users understood its tremendous value from an entertainment perspective. If you are seeing people making videos on TikTok with Siri’s voice, you might be thinking how to do Siri Voice on TikTok? Let’s learn in this post.

This feature makes itself sound like an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Virtual Assistant, just as Apple’s Siri. Letting an AI Virtual Assistant describe your video is easy and hilarious at the same time. You can see flop entertaining and engaging pronunciations all over your video.

Same as Siri or other automated voices that convert your texts into speech, TikTok’s Text-To-Audio element launched in 2020, functions by creating a robotic sound and reading whatever you have written on your screen. If you are a fan of this feature’s mispronunciations or of its robotic accent, then you can use this feature by following just a few easy steps.

After the launch of this feature, many popular TikTokers have contributed a lot in making it a viral trend and increasing its reach in a very less span. It is one of the most used key features of TikTok till now. So, before we begin with how to do Siri voice on TikTok session, let’s know other important factors like what is it? How does it function? Give it a thorough read to know exactly how to do a Siri voice on TikTok. 

What Is TikTok Siri Voice?  

In December 2020, TikTok launched a feature “Text-To-Speech”, which has its own automated voice that pronounces your texts out loud. It is popular among the TikTokers by the name of Siri Voice.

In actuality, it converts written content on your screen into audio, this is hell easy to do. Some users make use of it so that they don’t have to record their fluctuating voiceovers and add to video and sound like noobs. On the other hand, some users find it entertaining and funny how the voice turns out of Siri with hilarious pronunciations. Anyway, it’s becoming popular not only on TikTok but on all social media platforms.

How To Do Siri Voice On TikTok?

If you want to know as how to do Siri Voice on TikTok, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Download TikTok if you haven’t already.
  2. Open the application and click on (+) Plus icon at the bottom-middle tab.
  3. Record a TikTok video or upload an already recorded one by clicking on Upload.
  4. Next, tap on the Tick-mark. (NOTE: The Siri voice will be the same as the length of the video you’re uploading, if the Siri audio is longer than the video, it’ll automatically be cut off by the system.)
  5. Write whatever voiceover you need, and click on Text.
  6. You will see an option “Text-to-speech”, click on it.
  7. Next, you’ll be able to hear Siri audio reading your text.
  8. After that, write a caption and upload the video.

Voila! You’re done here.

So now, you know how to do Siri voice on TikTok, feel free to create humorous and entertaining videos. This feature is suitable and good for book recs, stories and recipes videos, and a lot more. The choices are never-ending. You keep creating.

Wrapping Up

Tiktok’s Siri voice element has become a trend and it’s being used in a number of ways on the application. The TikTopeopk’s #texttospeech campaign has 327.5K videos on it. This means people in this amount have actually used and viewed this feature. One of many fans tweeted on Twitter that he can’t stop himself from reading everything a Siri’s voice says. 

Although voiceovers are not new on the application, users are adoring the easy to use ”Siri” feature which adds on more entertainment with spice to your video, that help you to gain a wider audience. It is also impressive how this feature is obsessive in nature because of it’s funny sound and hilarious pronunciation. On 16th of february, the hashtag #TextToSpeech reached over 604 million views on TikTok.


Q1. What is #TextToSpeech?

Ans. #TextToSpeech is a feature launched by TikTok in December 2020. It is also popular with the name Siri Voice.

Q2. How Does #TextToSpeech Works?

Ans. Text To Speech converts or reads out loud the content written on your screen.

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