How To Do The AI Trend On Instagram? Latest Instagram Trend 2023!

how to do the AI trend on Instagram

Ever imagined how you would look if you were a cartoon character? If not then learn how to do the AI trend on Instagram and find out for yourself. However, you must have come across some amazing and interesting cartoon avatars of your friends or popular actors on Instagram. 

Now, it’s the time for you to own one for yourself too! Let’s reveal the secret and find out how to do the AI trend on Instagram app and create your own avatar in just a couple of easy steps. Your avatar is identical to you and cannot match with anyone else’s which makes it special as it represents you and your identity. To know how you can create your AI avatar on Instagram you need to stick to this post till the end and explore every detail.

How to do the AI trend on Instagram: Download Lensa App > Try Free And Subscribe > Free Trial Enabled > Create An Account > Try Now > Continue > Select 10-20 Photos > Select Avatar Package > Get Your AI Images.  

This article is solely based on learning how to do the AI trend on Instagram in detail and know other users are doing it on Instagram.

How To Do The AI Trend On Instagram?

Lensa lets you create a magical avatar of yourself by accessing your camera roll. The app from Prisma AI Labs will allow you to access whatever images you may like by selecting them via an AI illustrator and create a digital art you are observing all over Instagram right now.

However, many of you are confused with it being a filter or an effect. Let us explain, it’s an effect according to the Prisma AI Labs.

All of these AI avatars are created from scratch by keeping your face in mind. You just need to upload 10-20 pictures of yourself, and allow it to process for a couple of minutes, and get hundreds of art pieces generated by AI for you! AI has become amazingly popular since people started to explore more about it. 

Without waiting any further, here’s a step wise guide on how to do the AI trend on Instagram in detail: 

Download Lensa App > Try Free And Subscribe > Free Trial Enabled > Create An Account > Try Now > Continue > Select 10-20 Photos > Select Avatar Package > Get Your AI Images

Step 01: Download The Lensa App

In order to get started with how to do the AI trend on Instagram open your App Store and search for the Lensa app and download it for free. Next, skip a few slides and find the “Try Free & Subscribe” button just remember to switch on “Free Trial Enabled” feature. 

NOTE: Remember that after a week an amount will be deducted from your bank account as your free trial will be over. To continue further you have to pay $29.99 for a subscription for the entire year and cancel in advance if you don’t want to pay more.

Step 02: Create A Lensa Profile

Now create an account or profile on Lensa by filling in your email address and other required details. On the pop-up Magic Avatars Tool, click on the Try Now button at the base of the screen. 

On the resulting page, you will find a disclaimer which will ask you to go through the terms and conditions at the base of the screen and then click on the Continue button.

Step 03: Select Photos 

Now you will be provided with a set of instructions to follow up on. Make sure you select more than photos and less than 20 photos. Also remember that you only need to select photos in which no one else is visible in the frame and make sure to to give a variety of facial expressions. 

Next click on the circle next to the terms and conditions and then select 10-20 pictures of yourself. If your pictures do not meet the requirements then you need to select a few more.

After that scroll your gallery to select a good set of pictures and then import them to Lensa. Later on you will be asked to select your gender and then the number of avatars you want to buy. 

NOTE: Not all free trials are literally free of cost. There are a few sets for which you have to pay!

Step 04: Select Avatar Package

At last you need to select the avatar package that you want to buy. You can select at least 50 avatars for $3.99, 100 avatars at $5.99 and 200 avatars for $7.99. 

All of these are on discount prices for Lensa subscribers, and there is no way one can use the app without being a subscriber. Which means the exact prices without discounts are just tactics. 

NOTE: You won’t get to preview your AI-generated avatar before you buy them so make your decision wisely.

Step 05: Get Your AI-Generated Images

The Lensa application will now upload and create your AI selfies or avatars. The process may take upto 20-40 minutes, but no worries closing or opening a new tab or app is allowed meanwhile the app processes. You can engage somewhere else while Lensa will do its work. When the task is finished, a smiley face will appear at the top of the screen saying “Find Magic Avatars Here”.

Click on that smiley face icon and then hit the set of your avatars. Your bunch of AI-generated selfies will be kept in different categories including Anime, Fantasy, Fairy Princess, Stylish and more.

Step 06: Download And Share Your Avatars

Don’t worry, you can have your avatars downloaded in your device. To save the avatars in your Camera roll, click on the Save All Avatars button and get them downloaded. And if you want them to be downloaded in a organized manner or separately, then you do that by tapping on the photos individually and selecting Save To Photos button under the avatar.

You can also click on the Share button next to the Save To Photos option to share your favorite avatars on different platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Messages, Facebook, Notes, AirDrop and more.

Wrapping Up

Lensa is an app for those who enjoy editing their selfies and pictures or like retouch to their pictures. The app is entirely loaded with a number of filters for all type of users. Users are here supposed to upload 10-20 pictures of themselves on Lensa AI to generate their avatars. These pictures will later on get processed ti generate you AI avatars accessing an open source stable diffusion model.

However, accessing the application charges you no amount of money. A user can successfully sign up all for free for a 7-day trial to use the AI editing features. Later on, users have to pay $39.99 for a year of unlimited access of the app. 

If you also want to hop on to the AI trend on Instagram then our guide on how to do the AI trend on Instagram can help you a lot. Share it with your other Instagram friends and let them enjoy Lensa services too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The AI App Everyone Is Using On Instagram?

The AI trend on Instagram has arrived from the app called Lensa which allow users to post animated themselves on Instagram and download it to their camera roll also. 

Q. What Is The AI Art App Everyone Is Using?

Lensa – This digital art application is being highly utilized by all the gram users. This app uses AI to create an amazing animated version of a person out of their bunch of selfies.

Q. How To Do The AI Trend On Lensa?

It’s simple to use: Just download the app from your phone’s app store — Lensa AI is available for both iPhone and Android devices — and upload 10-20 selfies from your camera roll. The AI generator will create multiple pieces of art using your photos, which can then be downloaded and shared on social media.

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