How To Download Reel Audio | 5 Proven Ways

How To Download Reel Audio

Have you ever come across an Instagram reel that you wanted to download its audio but were unsure how to do so? We are here to help you with this. In this article, let us see how to download reel audio.

After the reel feature was added, users began to like and use Instagram more frequently. Instagram reels were first introduced in 2019 and quickly gained popularity. Reels has some incredible music collections that tempt us to listen to them repeatedly. 

On Instagram Reels, you may even find some excellent original cover songs with high quality. You may wish to download these cover songs and set them as your phone’s ringtone.

Well, this option is available for both Android and iOS users. Keep reading further to understand how to download reel audio.

How To Download Reel Audio

The Instagram reel audio can be downloaded in different ways. We have listed those methods with which you can download the audio and use it for your personal purpose.

How To Download Reel Audio Using Websites?

If you wish to download or store Instagram Reels audio for later use, you may use websites that extract music from Reels. The steps consist of:

Step 1: First, you need to get the Reel’s link on Instagram. To do this, open the Reel by clicking the three dots in the top right corner

Step 2: Pick the Copy link from the menu

How To Download Reel Audio - copy link

Step 3: Open the InstaVideoSave website in a browser on your PC or smartphone

How To Download Reel Audio -

Step 4: From the list above, select the Audio tab

Step 5: Copy the URL for the Reel and enter it in the area available before clicking Download

Step 6: Wait until the website has finished converting the Instagram Reel video to MP3

Step 7: To download the audio, click the “Download” option

Step 8: On your iPhone or Android device, open the File Manager app, where you may find the audio file you downloaded

How To Download Reel Audio By Extracting From A Video Reel?

Downloading the Reel video to your phone and using video to Mp3 converter apps to extract the audio from it is another option to get audio from Instagram Reels.

Step 1: Go to the Instagram app. Open the Reel video and tap the Send button. Select “add reel to your story”

Step 2: Click the Download icon at the top of the Story screen. The Reel video will download as a result

Step 3: Install and open Video to MP3 converter app. Now, Click “Video to Audio.” Select the reel you downloaded earlier. Select the video format, then change the other choices as necessary, and select the Convert option. Your phone will then download audio from the Reel

How To Download Reel Audio - video to audio (android)

Step 4: For iPhone, after selecting Video to Mp3, select Gallery

How To Download Reel Audio - video to mp3 (iphone)

Decide on the Reel video. On the following screen, you can trim the song you want to download and select “Next”

Step 5: Click the Convert button after choosing MP3 from the list of options. Your phone will download the song after it has been extracted. It is accessible through the Files app > On my iPhone > MediaConvert

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How To Download Reel Audio By Screenrecording?

This is undoubtedly the simplest and speediest method for downloading audio reels. On an Android or iOS phone, you can record your screen in order to save or download Instagram Reels with sound. All Android and iPhone smartphones come with built-in screen recorders. All you have to do is:

Launch the screen recorder on your phone, press record, and then play the reel video you want to download. Simply stop the screen recording and the video will be automatically downloaded to your gallery. Make sure to record the video along with the audio enabled.

How To Download Reel Audio - screenrecording

How To Download Reel Audio By Changing The Extension?

Instagram Reel audio can also be obtained by modifying the file’s extension.

Step 1: On your phone, you must first download the Instagram Reel video

Step 2: Navigate to the downloaded video in the Files by Google app on Android when it has finished downloading

Step 3: Long press the video and rename can be selected by tapping the three-dot icon next to the file

How To Download Reel Audio - change extension

Step 4: In the pop-up window, change the text that says “.mp4” to “.mp3” and then click “Ok” 

How To Download Reel Audio - change extension mp4

With these steps, you easily convert a video to audio just by changing the extension. But, unfortunately, this feature is applicable only to android devices.

How To Download Reel Audio Within The App?

You may also save the reel audio within the app, either to use it later for your reel or to share it with your friends.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app and select Instagram Reels from the menu that appears next to the home button

Step 2: Play the reel whose audio you want to save

Step 3: To access the audio page, tap the audio name that is displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen, make sure it is the original audio 

How To Download Reel Audio - original audio

Step 4: To save the specific audio, use the “save audio” button

To view the downloaded audio,

Step 1: Launch Instagram and click the three-bar icon at the top of the screen.

Step 2: To view the saved audio, select “Saved.”

Step 3: Hit the Audio folder. All of your stored audio files will be available to you. Hit either the Play icon or the song itself to hear the song or to open its page

How To Download Reel Audio - saved audio

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Wrapping Up

Downloading an Instagram audio reel is a not-so-difficult process. We hope this article has provided you with information on how to download reel audio by 5 easy methods. Now you can download your favorite audio reel and set it up as your ringtone! For more such interesting and informative articles, check out our website, Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Possible To Extract Audio From Reels Videos?

Yes, you can extract audio from Reels video. You must either download video editing software or use an internet platform that enables you to do this on your phone in order to accomplish this. Download the video after that, then include it in the video editor. The audio from the reels can be extracted and added to another video if the necessary steps are taken.

2. How Can You Find Out What Audio Is Popular On Instagram Reels?

Click the center icon on Instagram to go to the Reels Explore page. After that, you may go through the Reels that Instagram has hand-picked for you based on the accounts you follow and the media you value.

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