How To Download Truth Social App On Android?

How To Download Truth Social App On Android

Are you too searching for a method to download the Truth Social media application on Android? Then you are at the right article at the right time. Today we have brought you all the data and information on “How To download Truth Social App on Android “.

Truth Social App was invented and created in America, thus this application belongs to America but is available for free worldwide. The motive of this platform is to encourage true conversation and connection among the audience is to share their political ideology without any sort of discrimination. Like we know Truth Social is much like a Twitter Clone, so what do you think Truth Social Vs Twitter, which app have the better chances to survive as the best?

The former president of the U.S. creates a new platform called the Truth Social. Trump’s first message about Truth Social was, “Breaking! Get Ready! Your Favorite President will see you soon!” This application is free for all to download. This platform is nowadays more popular by the name of Trump Social Media. Restricted by Twitter and Facebook, Trump said that “the motive of creating this platform is to provide the audience a place where they can openly share their ideas about politics without the fear of being discriminated against by anyone”.

So, stop wondering how to download Truth Social App on android and follow the instructions given below. The most amazing part about this platform is that it doesn’t allow any third party to promote themselves through advertisements, allowing their users to enjoy an Ad-free platform service. This platform guarantees to provide an unobtrusive and clean navigation user experience.  Excited to know how to join Truth Social Waitlist? Have a read!

What Is Truth Social App

It’s a brand new stage launched by the U.S. President itself. It will be rolled out by Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG). The Truth Social application has planned to limit its availability to the Apple App Store till November 2021 and an entire availability on all devices from 2022. Donald Trump has been waiting for a long time for the launch of this application which is expected to be rolled out on 21st February 2022. The cost of Truth Social is also decided based on the subscriptions you plan to use.

TMTG’s motive is to provide a tough competition to the liberal media consortium and to initiate a fight against the “Big Tech” brands belonging to Silicon Valley. Big Tech has utilized its biased and discriminatory power to shut anti-voices of America down.

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How To Download Truth Social Application

As the release date of Truth Social is near, the application is now available on Pre-Orders and Pre-registrations in the Apple App Store. It intends to initiate its beta rollout for its called consumers in November 2021. A worldwide launch is expected to take place in the first season of 2022. There are no other versions for Android devices.

How To Join Truth Social App

Confused about how to join Truth Social platforms? Here are the steps you need to follow to get the app:

  1. Visit the official website of Truth Social App.
  2. You will observe the “accompany the waiting list” letter on the website.
  3. Now fill the necessary details i.e, first and last name including email address.
  4. Tap Register option.

Interested users can only visit the official website to sign in for the invite checklist mentioned above.  But the thing is Can you download Truth Social App on Android? Let’s have a look!

How To Download Truth Social App On Android

Wondering is Truth available for Android or not? Here are a few basic steps to download Truth Social App on Android from Play Store:

  1. Open PlayStore.
  2. Enter “Truth Social App” in the search bar.
  3. Tap on “Search Symbol”.
  4. After that, tap on “Download”.

It will automatically get downloaded and installed on the device.

NOTE: TRUTH Social App is not available on Android devices as of now, but soon it will be. After being available for Android you can follow the above-given procedure to download the Truth Social App on Android

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How To Download Truth Social App On iPhone

How To Download Truth Social App On iPhone

As we know Truth Social is going to be introduced for iPhone users. So to download Truth Social App on iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Enter “Settings”.
  2. Allow “Unknown Source” to access files.
  3. Install Truth Social App for Android device.
  4. Choose the downloaded file.
  5. Tap on “Install”.
  6. Now it’s ready to use.

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How To Sign Up Truth Social App

After you have downloaded the application on your device. Now, it is time to sign up and create the account on the platform. So, given below are the steps that would help in the signing in process on the platform.

  1. Press on the get started option that you will find on the Truth Social app
  2. After you press this you will have to signup.
  3. Now you will get redirected to the page where you will create your account.
  4. There you have to enter your name, email address, date of birth.
  5. You will get a verification code on the email address that you have provided here
  6. You need to enter the verification come and start with the signup procedure.
  7. Now in the next step, you have to enter the password that you want to log in with. Make sure that the password that you make should be of 8 letter words and should include both numbers and special symbols.
  8. And that’s it. You have been able to successfully create your account on Truth Social. Isn’t that easy?

Key Feature of Truth Social Application

Key Feature of Truth Social Application

This stage was rolled out after Trump suffered bans from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Truth Social’s latest stage will raise up to the model of Big Tech. This application is about to be the first product of TMTG followed by its collaborator Digital World Acquisition Group. President of the US, Trump is the chairman of the department.

Truth Feed: It’s a section where you will find a number of posts i.e, videos, photos, thoughts, etc. posted by other users whom you follow. This feed section involves content posted by all the users who utilize Truth Social media from all over the world.

Profile: Show your authenticity and iconic personality by building a profile, background, and avatar. Initiate your path by making connections by increasing followers, followers, and likes and shares on posts.

Notifications: Stay in touch with your audience as you have started creating a profile and building a personality. Get instant notifications whenever your followers upload a post or content on Truth Social App.

Search: Truth Social media has started to attract everyone’s eye and youth has started taking interest in this platform. Search for a vocal you are interested in and follow them just after the search results show you the desired profiles or simply stalk them whenever you like.

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Additional Features In Truth Social App

  • No Registration required.
  • No Subscription is needed.
  • Free to Download.
  • Wide variety of Games to play.
  • No in-built advertisements.
  • Consumer familiar interface.

Pros Of Truth Social App

Here are the benefits that you can enjoy using Truth Social App:

  • Editing option available.
  • Account recommendations according to your search patterns.
  • Statistics of your Personal Activities.
  • Get notified on any of your follower’s profile updates.
  • Application downloads are available on every third party website.
  • You can uninstall and reinstall apk anytime after downloading once from the memory card without actually downloading again and again.

Cons Of Truth Social App

With Pros comes the cons too. Let’s have a look at what negative side do Truth Social has to portray:

  • Similar to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Downloading from a third party can be harmful for your device.
  • Apk files might include viruses.
  • It won’t update automatically like other apps.

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Wrap Up:

Truth Social Media App is a social media platform that is totally built for users who want to express their thoughts to a wide variety of audiences at once without being afraid of discrimination. This platform was an idea of the former president of the U.S. It is currently available for Apple users and will be fully available for Androids in the quarter of 2022.

We hope that this piece of content has removed all your doubts about How to Download Truth Social Media App on Android. Here we have discussed how to download the Truth Social media app on Android, its advantages and disadvantages, and the motive of launching this application.


Q1. Is Truth Social App Available Free Of Cost For Everyone?

Ans. Fortunately, yes. This platform is available totally free for users. In the future, there might be chances of rolling out subscription plans.

Q2. Is Truth Social Media App Available For All Devices?

Ans. Unfortunately, Truth Social Media App is partially available all over the nation. Hence, only Apple users can utilize it as of now. It will be fully available for both Apple and Android users from mid-2022.

Q3. When Can One Expect The Launch Of Truth Social Media App?

Ans. The beta version of the Truth Social Media App will be rolled out in November 2021 and the complete launch will take place in the first season of the year 2022.

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  1. As an Android user I can get to download stage but always bumps me back to iPhone app. Guess we are still out of the loop. Sad day.

  2. Kenneth Lanham

    I have supported the MAGA movement since President Trump announced his intention to run. When I heard Truth Social was being developed I was excited to be able to have a voice without being censored. I’m frustrated that the development process chose Apple’s platform leaving Android users censored yet again by Truth Social. Thanks!

    1. Hey, Kenneth no need to feel sad buddy. The application will soon be available for the Android as well.

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