How To Factory Reset Amazon Astro? A Complete Guide

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Want to perform the factory reset of the Astro you are using, but not getting a perfect idea and the factory reset system? Don’t worry, you will be getting to know a perfect idea about How To factory reset Amazon Astro to eliminate all the issues you are facing with Astro. You also need to know all the different positive things about a factory reset of a machine and especially of Astro.

There can be several reasons for you to want to know how to reset the Amazon Astro. One of them and the most common is a malfunction. You might face different types of issues related to access and connectivity. Also, you might get a thought of making it completely new with a new setup. Whatever the reason will be, you will go ahead and perform the factory reset of Astro.

Before you go ahead and factory reset the robot, you need to know some different aspects of resetting. Also, you need to know the exact and proper way to perform that. Without knowing the proper way and the consequences of resetting the robot to the factory, you might harm the robot. You will not want to make even any herm to that robot at all. So, it is too important to know How To factory reset Amazon Astro and the consequences of the factory resetting of the robot.

What Is Amazon Astro Factory Reset?

How to factory reset amazon astro

Amazon Astro is a domestic robot, which is also an artificial intelligence system. Once you have started using it, you will be connecting a lot of other devices to it. Also, you will have to set up the robot with particular features related to your need. On a note, you will set up Astro exactly for what you are going to use it. To change the operations of the robot, you will be needing to factory reset the Astro and for that, you need to know How To factory reset Amazon Astro.

As Astro has different functionalities, different people will use it for different work. Some will keep it for the safety and security of the hose. Then someone can use it to monitor elderly people who live remotely. Also, there will be some people who will use this to monitor the kid and the pet in the house. Someone can even use this just for entertainment purposes.

The Alexa on wheels might be required to change the functionality.  Let’s say you were using Astro to monitor the kid of your house with the security of the house. But suddenly, the elder members of your house have decided to move from the house and will live remotely. Then you have to use the robot to monitor them remotely. Also, you might have to face some connectivity issues So, you will try to rectory reset Astro once. 

While changing the settings you need to start it afresh. To get started from the very beginning, you need to perform a factory reset to that robot. So, you need to know How To factory reset Amazon Astro, or else you will not be able to perform that, and can not set it up as per your requirement. Along with that, you need to know the consequences as well to set it up again.

How To Factory Reset Amazon Astro?

How to factory reset amazon astro

While going to factory reset Amazon Astro, you need to follow a few steps. These steps will guide you on How To factory reset Amazon Astro harmlessly and get the initial settings back to modify the settings. Here is how you factory reset Amazon Astro, Slide Down Menu Bar> Click on Settings> Select Device Options> Select Reset to Factory Defaults> It will be Reset.

Step 1 First you need to slide down the menu bar on the screen of the Amazon Astro.

Step 2 Then you have to click on the settings on that menu bar. Once you click on that you will find some other options as well.

Step 3 From those options select Device Options. And again, another page will get opened.

Step 4 There you have to select the option known as Reset to Factory Defaults.

Step 5 Once you select this option, it will start erasing all the settings and will take you to the initial setup. This process will take a bit of time.

What Is Factory Reset?

When you will bring any machine or robot, which has artificial intelligence to its factory setup with the help of a few steps, then that operation is known as factory reset. So, once you perform a factory reset to any machine or robot, it will return to its very first stage. That stage is the one in which form the machine or the robot you have received. 

Once you have performed a factory reset to any system, you need to configure the system completely. At this time, you can even configure or set up the system in a new process. You can also connect all the new devices with the system this time. So, after a factory reset, you will get a completely new system to use. You can also use that same system for different works as well. Above was explained, How To factory reset Amazon Astro.

Consequences Faced Due To Factory Reset Amazon Astro

Once you have performed the factory reset to amazon Astro, you will be getting the initial settings. This is the setting when you have received the robot from amazon. So, it will be new to you. And once you get that, you have to go ahead and set up the complete robot again as per your requirement. So, you can use the robot perfectly matched to your needs.

Wrapping Up

Once you are required to change the setting and Programmes of Astro, you will be looking for the option of factory reset. Not only that but to eliminate some of the minor issues of the system, you might be required to perform the same. So, you need to know How To factory reset Amazon Astro, and that will provide you with the perfect solution to all those issues, and you can re-arrange all the settings and connectivity to the Astro. If you have doubts regarding this article feel free to drop your queries in the comment section.

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