How To Find A Dress I Saw On Instagram? 4 Easy Ways!

How To Find A Dress I Saw On Instagram

Is it possible to identify a beautiful outfit on Instagram app that a celebrity was wearing? Yes! In this article, let us see how to find a dress you saw on Instagram.

As we spend a lot of time online than actually going out for shopping, while scrolling Instagram, we must have come across some really amazing dresses and quickly We imagine ourselves in them and be willing to buy or get same dress for a rent but not sure of where can we get the specific dress.

To find a dress you saw on Instagram, look at the tags, caption, comment section, check whether the dress is linked to the Instagram store, use image recognition apps and other clothing apps.

Earlier, it was almost impossible to find the exact dress that we come across on a social platform. Now, it has become an easy task! There are ways to find a dress you saw on Instagram even though you have no clue where to buy it. 

How To Find A Dress You Saw On Instagram Within The App?

To find a dress you saw on Instagram, look at the tags, caption, comment section, check whether the dress is linked to the Instagram store, use image recognition apps and other clothing apps.

1. Look At The Tags

When you see a piece of apparel on an influencer’s page that you like, you can visit their profile and open the post. Once you’ve tapped the photo, look for any brand tags for the dress. If there are tags, you may click the tag and reach the profile which was tagged. The profile must be a shopping site where you can make the desired purchase

2. Look At The Caption

If you are looking at an influencer’s page where he/she is wearing an eye-catching dress, head to the particular post and take a look at the caption below where you may find the tag for Dress courtesy or Outfit courtesy. On clicking the tag, you will be taken to the related page where you can make the purchase 

how to find a dress I saw on Instagram - product tags

3. Look At The Comments Section

You can have a look at the comment section where the link to buy the dress may be provided by the influencer handling the page or you may also ask him/her how to make a purchase of the dress in the comments. There are chances of receiving a reply!

4. Verify Whether The Item Is Linked To The Instagram Store

Instagram Store is quickly gaining a lot of popularity. It’s a practical method for both sellers and buyers to reach a larger audience and help potential purchasers find the clothing they’re looking for. To find a dress that you saw on Instagram, through the Instagram store:

Look at the bottom of the image to see whether there is a tiny shopping bag tag. If so, click on it and it will reveal the marked item to you. After that, tap it to be sent to its Instagram Store. You will now be able to see their website with more information related to price, and their other dress collections.

By these four effective methods, you may find a dress you saw on Instagram.

How To Find A Dress I Saw On Instagram by Instagram store bag icon

How To Find A Dress You Saw On Instagram Using Image Recognition Apps?

Today, all you have to do is take a picture of the outfit, and AI scanning technology will find like styles online. Occasionally, you can even find the precise match! There are many apps that can do this task. Let us look at the most popular ones

1. Using Google Lens

Launch app > Choose picture > Click search > See the dresses

Google Lens is a visual search tool that can recognize any type of garment, including clothing, accessories, and other items. It is an absolutely free tool where you can upload a photo of the clothing you’re looking for, and it will provide you with connections to several websites where you can easily make a purchase. It is available for both Android and iPhone users. It is quick and simple to use. Let us see the steps involved:

Step 1: Launch the app after installing it on your device.

Step 2: Choose a picture from your Instagram and Click “search”.

Step 3: You may now identify dresses that are similar to your photo.

Step 4: To learn more about a product and where to buy it, you may even utilize a picture of the barcode.

how to find a dress I saw on Instagram - google lens search

2. Using CamFind

Take a screenshot of the image > Install Cam Find > Allow camera access, storage, location > Take picture > wait for scanning > CamFind will find source

Another excellent method for finding the outfit you’re looking for is “CamFind,” which works by just putting an image into the browser.

Like Google lens, both iOS and Android users can use it, and it is totally free. Even though it might not be as precise as Google Lens, it is still the best alternative. The steps involved are:

Step 1: You may search for an Instagram image by taking a screenshot of it.

Step 2: Install it, then start the program.

Step 3: Allow the use of the camera roll, storage, and location.

Step 4: You can either take a picture of the item of clothing you’re looking for or find a screenshot of it by tapping the media image in the upper left corner.

Step 5: Await the scanning of the image.

Step 6: The “CamFind” will then find the relevant website’s source and links and redirect you appropriately.

How To Find A Dress You Saw On Instagram Using Other Clothing Apps?

Take screenshot of the image > Open ASOS app > Click search icon > Take picture > Click done > Get the outcome

Did you know that many apps, including those from Zara and ASOS, which have their own visual search feature that can help you locate the same or related item you’re looking for?

If “ASOS” is where you prefer to shop, you must follow the following steps:

Step 1: Take a screenshot of the image from Instagram that includes the outfit that you are willing to buy.

Step 2: Download and open the “ASOS” app. Click the search icon in the top right corner.

Step 3: Then decide whether to take a picture using the “camera” or “pictures” options.

Step 4: For the picture upload, click “done.”

Step 5: Get the desired outcomes.

There are possibilities of getting the same outfit or models similar to that outfit.

Wrapping Up

With the above-mentioned methods, we are sure it is easy to find a dress you saw on Instagram with just a few clicks. However, image recognition tools are a great way of finding any outfit or accessory. In order to find exact matches or comparable products in various price ranges, these tools use AI-powered picture recognition technology to recognize styles, patterns, colors, and other product features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Can I Find A Dress Through A Picture?

Ans. When you need to quickly find garments from a picture, a visual search might be the best option. 

  • Amazon StyleSnap
  • Pinterest Lens
  • Google Lens
  • Asos Style Match

Q2. Where Is The Shopping Bag Icon On Instagram?

Ans. On an account profile, images that link to products will have a shopping bag symbol in the top right corner of the image. The message “tap to view product” will show up in a little window once you click on the image.

Q3. Why Is There A Shopping Bag On My Instagram?

Ans. As part of a global test, Instagram is replacing the Activity tab with a “Shop” option for some users. Instagram’s navigation menu will now feature a shopping bag icon in place of the customary heart sign. Users may access the Instagram Shop area, which was launched back in Ma, by tapping the new symbol.

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