How To Find Someones Comments On Instagram?

How To Find Someones Comments On Instagram?

Instagram is good for self promotion and creating brand awareness. You can track a lot of interactions on Instagram. But, can you find someones comments on Instagram? If you think this is hardly possible to keep track of the comments, this article will show you the way. 

We are posting stories and Reels on Instagram every now and then. Considering the mass upload, it sometimes not possible to keep a track and when suddenly a need arises to check a particular interaction on your post then it seems hard to find someones comments on Instagram; however, it is possible. Let us share the trick with you, so that you can use Instagram with full potential.

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To find someones comments on Instagram, Open your Instagram profile. Tap on any posts and check the comment section to find someone’s comments. Also, you can try push notifications to find someones comments on Instagram.  

Instagram empowers the users, or we happily say pamper the users in a hundred ways by launching new features almost everyday! However, the Instagram group is also very strict about their privacy policy. Honestly, there is no direct way to find someones comments on Instagram, unless you go through every post manually. Tedious, right?

How To Find Someone’s Comments On Instagram?

If you are so keen to find someone’s comments on Instagram you can either check their friends’ accounts or go through each post of your account. Here is the guidance for you:

1. Go Through Their Friend’s Accounts

If you truly wish to find someone’s comments on Instagram, it’s time that you should list the top friends on Instagram of that person and go through the friends’ accounts. You have to go through every post manually and check whether that person of interest has commented on any of the shared posts. Also, as a bonus you can explore, if the person has tagged any friends on a post! 

2. Look Through Your Account 

Go through your account. You have to open every post manually and check whether your person of interest has made any comments. Also, you can check your push notifications. Going through Instagram notifications will help you to quickly scan who commented on your posts.

Can You See What Someone Comments On Instagram?

If it was a few years back, then the answer would have been yes. But, NO! Now, you cannot view or find someone’s comments on Instagram. Instagram simply found it overwhelming that people are misusing this feature to keep an eye on other users, which is surely a NO-GO for security reasons. Therefore, Instagram has removed the opportunity to find someone’s comments on Instagram. It is unfortunate, yet welcoming for many reasons. 

But, there are surely some tricks as compensation! Go through the article and find the tricks shared. 

How To See What Someone Comments On Instagram? 

Now that we have shared a trick to find someones comments on Instagram, here is another one for you. Now, you can see what someone comments on Instagram. Well, there is no short cut either. 

You have to make all or most of the friends mutual with that user. Start following as many common friends as possible and then visit the common people’s account to explore the comment section. Here is the quick guideline for you:

Step 1: Open Instagram account and go to the explorer tab by tapping on the magnifying glass icon.

Step 2: Use the search bar and find a common friend. If it is a public account, you can start exploring the posts immediately. However, if it is a private account, you have to send the following request. If your request is accepted, you can access the posts and manually check whether any comments are placed. 

How Do You See All The Comments On Instagram?

Remember that Instagram gives you maximum opportunities to custom your account and have all the controls. You may not be able to find someones comments on Instagram easily; however, it is easy enough to see all the comments you have made on Instagram. Here follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log into Instagram and go to profile. 

Step 2: Go to Edit Profile. 

Step 3: Choose Privacy and Security option. 

Step 4: Under Privacy and Security, you can find the Data Download option. Check on it and send a request for data download. 

Step 5: Confirm your email ID. You might have to place the Instagram password again and the whole data will be downloaded. 

Step 6: Open the downloaded file and you can find all the comments you have made from day 1!


It’s fun to explore the Instagram features. Instagram comes with an amazing user interface and complete grasp on the account. Now, as we have discussed, it is hard to find someones comments on Instagram, but it is not entirely impossible when you know some tricks. Have you tried the tricks yet that we have discussed in this article? Share your experience! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Do You Find A Post That Your Friend Commented On?

If you want to find a post that your friend commented on, you can either go through your posts to check his name. Otherwise. Visit more common friends and then go through the posts to find the comments. 

Q2: Is There Any App To See Someone’s Activity On Instagram?

Yes, if you are bored of finding someone’s comments on Instagram manually, you can use Insta View or similar third-party tools to detect someone’s activity on Instagram. 

Q3: Can You See Someones Likes And Comments On Instagram?

Yes, you can see someones likes and comments on Instagram. To achieve this, either you can check every post manually or use any third party tool to check the interactions in just minutes. 

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