How To Fix Challenge_Required Instagram? 13 Best Fixes!

How To Fix Challenge_Required Instagram

There is an error all over Instagram nowadays troubling users and preventing them from scrolling through Instagram. Stay tuned to know how to fix challenge_required Instagram with easy and updated fixes!

Instagram app is getting attacked by bugs and glitches too much these days which has upset a huge number of users who are facing challenge_required glitch more than often while navigating through Instagram. If you also spot this glitch on your Instagram account and feel like this is hindering your Instagram activity then prevent it from happening again and learn how to fix challenge_required Instagram today!

To fix challenge_required Instagram, Restart your device, force quit app, update the Instagram app, delete cookies and cache, switch internet source, logout and login, and reinstall the Instagram app! These are a few of the fixes. To know in detail, read more!

This article explains how to fix challenge_required Instagram and what are the major reasons for challenge_required error occurring on your device! To investigate more and troubleshoot the error go through the below mentioned sections and find the right fix!

How To Fix Challenge_Required Instagram?

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms that allows their users to share and post pictures and videos and also interact and communicate with each other even though being miles away. Even after having a decent number of advantages, users are encountering a few bugs and glitches like challenge_required error! Challenge_required error on Instagram has been found being an obstacle in the Instagram accessing experience of many of you! 

Therefore if you are also trying to surpass challenge_required error but can’t figure out how to fix challenge_required Instagram then no issues, this detailed guide will help you in the same!

Fix 01: Use Android System Repairing Tool (For Androids)

If anything goes wrong with your Android device and you suspect that the reason behind several glitches occurring to your device and apps is your device only then you can make use of this tool. It also fixes other Android glitches like bricked Android, boot loop, black screen, etc.

Here are the instructions for how to fix challenge_required Instagram using an Android System Repair tool:

Download Android System Repair Tool > Install > Launch Android System Repair Tool > Select Brand, Name, Country > Next > Complete

Step 01: Download and Install Android System Repairing tool (only for PCs and Desktops) from Google Play Store and launch the software.

Step 02: Now select your brand, name, model, region, and carrier and hit the Next button. 

Step 03: Next, follow the prompted instructions on-screen and wait for the tool to end the process.

Once the tool shows “complete/done” consider the job done and you can try launching the Instagram app after a couple of seconds to see if the challenge_required error still occurs. If yes then try the next fix out!

Fix 02: Switch Internet Source

How To Fix Challenge_Required Instagram

There is no need to mention that weak and poor internet connection is the most common reason behind every major-minor glitch. Whenever you come across any error or glitch on any of the apps on your device just try switching or rebooting your internet connection. If you are using your mobile data for watching reels on Instagram then just switch to a stable and strong WiFi connection. 

And if you are already using WiFi then we would recommend you to unplug both the modem and router for a minute or two and then plug both of them back in! If the challenge_required error is occurring because of the internet connection problem on your device then it must have been resolved right after connecting it to WiFi back again.

Fix 03: Delete Instagram Cache

If you have been browsing through the Instagram app for a long time without clearing the cache even once then you are making a big mistake! Caches of apps like Instagram, take large spaces and make the performance of the app poor day by day. A lot of disturbances come along while accessing the app if you haven’t cleared the temporary files stored in caches for a long time. 

So, you better clear cache from time to time. Here’s how to delete Instagram cache step-wise-step:

Settings > Apps & Notifications > See All Apps > Instagram > Storage & Cache > Clear Cache & Clear Storage 

Step 01: Hover over the Settings app of your device and scroll down to find Apps & Notifications tab.

Step 02: Once found, click on it and hit the See All Apps button.

Step 03: Scroll down and find the Instagram app and click on it. 

Step 04: From the next page, tap on the Storage & Cache button.

Step 05: Next, click on the Clear Cache & Clear Storage button.

Once you cleared the cache and storage of the Instagram app, relaunch the app and see if the error still appears. If this didn’t fix the challenge_required error then try your hands on the next!

Fix 04: Restart Your Device

Restarting your device is the best thing that one can do as soon as an error pops up on Instagram or any other social media which is not being resolved even after trying above mentioned fixes. Just restart it! 

In order to get your device restarted, press the power button of your device for a couple of seconds till the Menu pops up on your screen. After it launches, click on the Restart button given on the screen and you will be all set to relaunch the phone once again!!

Fix 05: Log Out And Log Back Into Your Instagram Account

How To Fix Challenge_Required Instagram

Logging out and then in to your Instagram account back is yet another good idea to give your social media handle a fresh start. As this challenge_required error may also pop-up if you are trying to access your Instagram account through web browser, so for how to fix challenge_required Instagram you need to use the application to login and then access the account. 

Hence, just download the Instagram app if you haven’t already and then sign in to your Instagram handle and see if the error code still appears. If it does, then we are mentioning another fix below!

Fix 06: Use A Trusted VPN 

If nothing has been working for how to fix challenge_required Instagram till here, then is something that would definitely help you in fixing the error. Accessing a VPN has been found useful in most of the glitches and error codes that appear out of nowhere on social media apps like Instagram. 

As sometimes the challenge_required error also occurs because your device’s IP address may be blocked from Instagram which is preventing you from accessing their services and platform. If this is the case with you then you can make use of any trustable or highly rated VPN apps for Android or iOS devices like Express VPN, NordVPN, etc.

These can be found on either Google Play Store or App Store. You just to install any one of these, install it and try accessing the app again from your personal account! You will find the error resolved automatically. 

Fix 07: Force Quit Instagram

Challenge_required may also appear due to some momentary glitches taking place in the Instagram app on your device which makes the challenge_required error appear and not disappear from your Instagram. In order to surpass this glitch we would highly recommend you to shut the Instagram app for a couple of minutes by minimizing it and then deleting it from the widgets and then relaunching the app after a decent gap of a short period.

Fix 08: Update Instagram App

How To Fix Challenge_Required Instagram

Instagram keeps releasing latest and updated versions of itself more than frequent just to make the app perform smooth and keep it bug-free. But if the app in your device still faces errors like challenge_required then you need to consider that your app is outdated and it needs an update. 

Hence, to get access to latest Instagram features and a glitch-free experience update your app either by heading to the App Store and Google Play Store and look for updates there. If found any, then kindly hit the update button and let the latest version install. 

For details, follow the given set of instructions for how to fix challenge_required Instagram:

Android Device > Google Play Store > Search > Instagram > Update 

Step 01: Head to Google Play Store on your Android device.

Step 02: Next search for Instagram by hitting the lens icon and entering Instagram in the Search Bar.

Step 03: After that, look for the Instagram Update. If you find there is a latest version of Instagram just hit the Update button.

Fix 09: Use Instagram Data

As per reports from the Instagram users, accessing Instagram data aids the users to resolve the challenge_required error. One should also try this fix for how to fix challenge_required Instagram. Here is how to achieve the same:

Instagram > Profile > Menu > Settings > Security > Access Data > Enter Login Credentials > Load Data > Relaunch App

Step 01: Launch the Instagram app on your device and head to your Instagram Profile.

Step 02: Hit the Menu button located at the top of the screen after that.

Step 03: Next, you need to select the Settings tab followed by Security.

Step 04: Now scroll down and tap on the Access Data button.

Step 05: At last enter your Login Credentials if asked for it and wait until the data completely loads.

Step 06: Once it finishes, just shut the Instagram and launch the app once again.

After opening the app you should not find the error code in the app and if it does then switch to the next solution.

Fix 10: Uninstall And Reinstall Instagram App

Deleting and installing the Instagram app once again is a good way to tackle error code challenge_required or Instagram keep crashing or any other glitch. You just need to reach the home screen of your device and long press on the Instagram App icon from there until Uninstall and Remove options appear. Once they pop-up, tap on the Uninstall button and let the app icon disappear form the screen. Make sure you click on the OK button if it asks for confirmation before uninstalling the app.

Once the app vanishes from your home screen, head to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for the Instagram app and hit the Download button. Don’t forget to install the app once the downloading process completes. And done! That’s how to fix challenge_required Instagram.

Fix 11: Login With A Recognized Device 

This is not necessary that if the challenge_error is occurring then the fault is in the app! Sometimes the device that you are operating to use the app can be the reason for the glitch. Most of the times, accessing Instagram from an unknown device causes disturbance and brings errors in your device’s contact.

If you tried to access the app with an unknown device and this error pops-up then consider that Instagram failed to identify your device that you are currently operating and hence shown you this error code! In such cases, we would suggest you to use the device that you earlier used to do for running Instagram to get rid of this challenge_required error.

Fix 12: Upgrade Device OS

If the challenge_required error code is still bothering you and not letting you use Instagram then it may also be because of the outdated Android or iOS versions that you are still operating. Outdated operating systems can also be the reason behind the hindrance caused because of challenge_required issue. In such cases, misbehavior from app, crashing and different error codes become common.

To fix challenge_required error from popping again, you need to launch your device’s Settings app and then head to the Software Update and look if there are any available updates. If there are any latest OS updates visible, then just download and Install it and you will be all set to use Instagram seamlessly again!

Fix 13: Contact Instagram Support

How To Fix Challenge_Required Instagram

If by any chance all of the above solutions fail to fix challenge_required then the only way left for how to fix challenge_required Instagram is taking help from the official Instagram support team. The support team will provide you with the best advice and will also let you know the reasons why the error took place on your Instagram app. 

You can contact Instagram through their in-app help and can also visit the help page or contact us tab on their website from where you will get their official support email address and contact number on which you can write to them and place calls for enquiring about how to fix challenge_required Instagram.

What Causes Challenge_Required On Instagram?

How To Fix Challenge_Required Instagram

Users are frequently reporting of how to fix challenge_required Instagram as they are facing challenge_required more than often. However, this error pops-up for the sake of safety of your own Instagram account from anonymous and unauthorized access and nothing else. Hence, this error only wants to confirm that this account is being accessed by a human and not a bot. Usually, this error code appears mostly when the users try to login and access their account through the web browser instead of an app! 

If you are eager enough to know more about the challenge_required error like what else causes this error then we would suggest you to read this section carefully! Below we have mentioned a few factors that cause the challenge_required error:

  1. Instagram server down
  2. Weak or poor internet connection
  3. Accessing outdated Instagram app
  4. Piled up Instagram cookies and cache
  5. Accessing foreign device to login Instagram
  6. Misbehavior of Instagram app
  7. Outdated device’s OS

These causes will help you in figuring out root causes of challenge_required and will aid you in figuring out how to fix challenge_required Instagram. So, that was all we had to fix challenge_required error on Instagram.

If you are a regular user on Instagram then reading these and exploring more about Instagram would something falling under your area of interests. If yes, then move forward and read these too!

Wrapping Up

If you are one of those who have Instagram as a big part of their lives and access Instagram more than the number of times they breathe then you must be aware of the recently most reported error code challenge_required. This can either be considered a bug or a glitch popping on almost everyone’s Instagram screen nowadays. However, you can use these fixes to troubleshoot other Instagram errors too, i.e. InstagramAPI/Response/LoginResponse: Challenge Required etc.

If you or any of your friend encounter any one of the above mentioned error codes then you are supposed to follow our guide on how to fix challenge_required Instagram and also share it with others so that they can do the same and get rid of the error.

Don’t forget to comment down which fix worked for you to fix challenge_required and let us know if you have any doubt, query or suggestions for us! We would love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Does My Instagram Say Challenge_Required?

Usually, Instagram shows Challenge_Required because of in-app glitches, poor internet connection, outdated Instagram app, outdated OS, overloaded corrupted Instagram cache and Instagram server down, etc.

Q. How Do You Solve Challenge_Required Or Checkpoint Required In Instagram?

Here is how to fix challenge_required Instagram:

  1. Restart Instagram app and device
  2. Clear Instagram cookies and cache
  3. Verify yourself as an authentic user
  4. Login from your previous device
  5. Contact Instagram support

Q. What To Do If An Error Occured In Instagram?

One can change their Instagram password, switch to strong internet connection, login through app and update Instagram app and device to get rid of any error taking place in Instagram app.

Q. How Long Does The Instagram Try Again Later Error Lasts For?

Such errors may last from a couple of minutes to couple of days! There is no fixed period of time that can tell under what time period the error may get resolved automatically or how much time it will take to disappear.

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