How To Fix ChatGPT Error ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’?

How To Fix ChatGPT Error ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’

It’s not long since we started using the ChatGPT 3 beta version and now we have ChatGPT Plus access in our hands! No doubt, experimenting with ChatGPT AI is like living a SciFi dream. However, the dream could be interrupted by unwanted errors. In this article, we will discuss one such annoying ChatGPT error ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’ and how to fix ChatGPT Error ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’

The popularity of ChatGPT is increasing day by day. However, the reports of technical errors are increasing too! If you are looking for how to fix ChatGPT Error ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’, then this article got your back. 

To Fix ChatGPT Error We Detect Suspicious Activity

you should start by;
-rebooting the system,
-verifying login credentials, and
-clearing the browser cache or cookies

Now that ChatGPT competitors like Claude 2 and Bard are in the market; it’s high time that ChatGPT should start fixing its technical errors. However, the influx is high and it is really difficult to fix all crises. Hence, let us share some tricks to fix ChatGPT Error ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’ and enjoy ChatGPT without any interruption. 

What Does ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’ Mean On ChatGPT?

If you are an OpenAI’s ChatGPT user, facing the ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’ issue must be a common thing happening now. If this message ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’ is popping up on the screen repeatedly whenever you are trying to log into ChatGPT, it means the ChatGPT server is detecting something unusual activity in your login. 

Here the ‘Suspicious Activity’ or unusual activity may refer to multiple actions like failed login attempts, multiple signup attempts from the same IP address, or others. ChatGPT is now more cautious about protecting the user data, hence, whenever the server is detecting anything foul, it is showing the ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’ message. If you are suffering from this issue too, let us share how to fix ChatGPT Error ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’ in just a few steps. 

Reasons For ChatGPT Error ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’

Before we begin with fix ChatGPT Error ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’, let us explore the possible reasons behind this issue. Studying or exploring the possible reasons behind the issue always helps in landing on the solutions fast! So, here are the possible reasons that we have found by studying the issue:  

1. ChatGPT Old Cache And Cookies

Like any other applications, ChatGPT also comes with Cache and cookies for ease of user experience. However, old cache and cookies can interfere in the app’s performance, once the version is updated. Hence, check for the old cookies first in your system and get rid of them. 

2. Network Issue

If you are connected to a poor network, it may cause the ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’ issue. Hence, to fix ChatGPT Error ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’, you should check whether your net connection is strong enough or not. 

3. Viruses In The System

If your system is infiltrated by viruses, it can cause many malicious activities including ChatGPT issues. Check whether other applications running on the same system are also suffering technical issues or not, and install antivirus software. 

4. Wrong Login Credentials 

If you are using the wrong login credential, then you can end up looking at the message ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’. If you are failing to log in ChatGPT multiple times, hold back for a minute and check whether the login credentials are right or not. 

5.  VPN 

If you are using VPN, then this can interfere with ChatGPT performances including showing you the ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’ pop-up. Try not to activate VPN when you are logged in to ChatGPT. 

How To Fix ChatGPT Error ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’? 

Now that you have a brief on all the possible reasons that can lead to the ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’ error, it will be easier to understand and find the perfect solution to fix ChatGPT Error ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’. Here are some of the fixes that you might need to consider: 

Fix 1: Verify Your Login Credentials

If you are facing the ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’ pop-up multiple times, recheck your ChatGPT credentials. There is a high chance that you might be using the wrong ID or Passwords. Make sure you have the right credentials and try again. 

Fix 2: Reboot Your Device

In most of the cases, ChatGPT users reported that rebooting the device helped them to fix ChatGPT Error ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’. If the issue is a temporary glitch, then rebooting the device can help you to resolve the issue, or you need to try more fixes. 

Fix 3: Clear Your Browser Cache And Cookies

If your device is holding on to the old ChatGPT Cache and Cookies, then those files can interfere with the ChatGPT performance and lead to an issue. Hence, get rid of the old cookies and try logging in to ChatGPT again. 

Fix 4: Run A Check For Viruses On Your System

If your system is already compromised with viruses, then ChatGPT Error ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’ could occur. It is always advised to use a paid antivirus to keep your system healthy. Let’s install a good antivirus and check whether the problem is resolved. 

Fix 5: Use A Different Device Or Network

If you have tried all four solutions to fix ChatGPT Error ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’ that was discussed above and there is no positive result, it is recommended to try another Device or Network and try again. If you can log in using another device, it means that your system must be compromised. However, if the issue persists, it might be a fault from the ChatGPT server end. In that case, all you can do is wait it out. 

Fix 6: Use Another Phone Number

If the troubleshooting persists, you can try a different phone number to log in to ChatGPT. You can use your genuine verified number or try any online number generators to get a random number and try on ChatGPT login.  

Fix 7: Contact OpenAI Support

If you have tried all the above six methods to fix ChatGPT Error ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’, yet no development, then it’s the right time to connect with the OpenAI support team. All you need to do is open a browser and go to OpenAI Help Center, click on the chat icon at the bottom of the page, and type your message. Hit the submit button and the support team will reach you on time. 


ChatGPT troubleshooting is not new. In this article we have discussed how to fix ChatGPT Error ‘We Detect Suspicious Activity’. However, this is one of the many issues that you can face while using ChatGPT. Therefore, try the fixes that we shared in this article and reach out to our seasoned research team for more tips and tricks to fix ChatGPT troubleshoots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Is ChatGPT Saying My Phone Number Is Suspicious?

If ChatGPT is prompting your phone number is suspicious during logging in, you may be typing the wrong phone number or somehow your system is corrupted. 

Q2. Why Is ChatGPT Showing An Error?

There could be multiple reasons behind the issue. For example, maybe your VPN connection is interfering with your ChatGPT performance, maybe you are using a poor network connection or the ChatGPT server is down for some reason. 

Q3. Why Is ChatGPT Not Working On My Laptop?

One of the most common reasons behind the ChatGPT not working on laptops is a poor network connection. So, make sure you have a good network connection and your system has an antivirus installed. 

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