How To Fix ESPN App Chromecast Not Working? Top 10 Easy Fixes 2023

How To Fix ESPN App Chromecast Not Working

Even after trying hard, if the ESPN app casting is showing errors then it’s time to learn how to fix ESPN app Chromecast not working!

ESPN is unarguably one of the best streaming applications available in the market. This app is a personal favorite of all the sport fans and the ones who love watching premium content. So if you also use the ESPN app to chromecast and are facing issues nowadays then learn how to fix ESPN app Chromecast not working.

Switch to WiFi, restart or reinstall the ESPN app, check ESPN server status, disable VPN connection, update device, reboot device for how to fix ESPN app Chromecast not working. Find the details of the same and the rest in the below sections.

This article makes one learn how to fix ESPN app Chromecast not working and what factors cause trouble with the ESPN app and prevent it from chromecasting! If you are seeking guidance for the same then stay tuned and explore more with us!

How To Fix ESPN App Chromecast Not Working? 

ESPN is best for streaming and getting trending and latest updates and highlights including all the important events. But providing all these facilities doesn’t make this app free from technical blockage or bugs. If you are also from the bunch of streamers who are unable to chromecast using the ESPN app then welcome to the company, as there are many like you who are also getting troubled while using the ESPN app. In order to help you and make you get rid of this we will be discussing ways of how to fix ESPN app Chromecast not working. 

Fix 01. Switch To Stable WiFi

The first fix one should try as soon as any error appears is to reset their internet connection. By resetting the internet connection that you are currently using, you will be checking whether your internet connection is stable and strong enough or not. A few times, even after being connected to the WiFi, one might face internet issues while streaming. In such cases, checking back for the router connection and connecting your device to a different internet source works!

Most of the time, the router of the WiFi comes out to be the root-cause which can be easily fixed. You just need to disable WiFi router’s main power and turn it on with a break of a couple of seconds. But if the issue still exists, then hop on to the next solution.

Fix 02. Restart The ESPN App

How To Fix ESPN App Chromecast Not Working?

Fixing ESPN app chromecast not working is one common glitch that was recently reported by a decent number of users altogether. When the app doesn’t perform well hence does not cast movies or matches, then one can directly take an exit from the app, uninstall it and reinstall the app again! After the app gets downloaded, the app will start working effectively as it used to do! This is a potential fix to clear all the minor bugs and glitches from the app that may stop the ESPN app from working properly.

IF you still encounter any other issues with the ESPN app, then we will recommend you to go with the below mentioned methods for how to fix ESPN app Chromecast not working.

Fix 03. Check ESPN Server Status

ESPN server low can also be the reason for the app not working. In such cases, the fault is of the software and you cannot do anything in it. There are chances that there might be some maintenance work going on the server or it can be entirely down for some reason. In such situations, you can make use of sites like Downdetector for checking if the ESPN server is really down or is it some other minor glitch not letting you stream. If you find that the servers are really down, then go, grab a chair and sit back as you cannot do anything to fix this issue.

Fix 04. Disable VPN Connection

A huge number of users are dependent on VPN connections for such services which are restricted in a few regions. A VPN doesn’t only help you stash your identity by altering your IP address but it helps in streaming content that is not available in your region. If you are using a VPN and facing issues while streaming content through the ESPN app then disabling the VPN can be the best that one can do to fix ESPN app chromecast not working.

By turning off the VPN you will also be altering your internet connection which can be found useful in getting rid of this issue and being able to chromecast content through the ESPN app once again on your smart TV. 

Disable VPN – For iOS Users

Settings > Network > VPN > Disconnect

Step 01: Launch the Settings app and head to the Network tab.

Step 02: Now, click on the VPN and then hit the Disconnect button next to the VPN.

Disable VPN – For Android Users

Settings > Network And Internet Advanced > VPN > Turn Off

Step 01: Open the Settings app and click on the Network And Internet Advanced tab.

Step 02: Next you will find a VPN option, click on it.

Step 03: After that, hit the TUrn Off button and done!

NOTE: Don’t forget to reset your connection and device after turning the VPN off!

Doesn’t matter what device you are using, Android or an iOS, disabling your VPN works for everyone! 

So, this was how to fix ESPN app Chromecast not working by turning the VPN connection off!

Fix 05. Update Device

How To Fix ESPN App Chromecast Not Working?

If neither the internet nor the server is the issue, then you must try checking your device and see if the problem lies in your device. Pending updates and outdated versions can be the major cause of the ESPN app malfunctioning. Keeping your device and system up to date is one of the necessary practices that one needs to practice from time to time and not only when any gitch appears.

As both the Android and iOS smartphones keep launching their updated versions in the market to keep the performance bug-free and smooth. Here is how to update an Android device in detail!

Update iOS Device

Settings > General > Software Updates > Update

Step 01: Launch Settings app on your iPhone device.

Step 02: Scroll downwards and click on the General tab.

Step 03: Head to Software Update and click on the Update button.

Update Android Device

Settings App > System > System Update > Update

Step 01: Launch Settings app on your Android device.

Step 02: Hit the System option from the bottom of the screen and then click on the System Update feature.

Step 03: Now, follow the instructions prompted on your screen from now on!

NOTE: This may take a couple of hours sometimes. You need to make sure that you have a stable and strong internet connection and your device is sufficiently charged. 

If you don’t get time to keep a check on the latest updates then set the device settings to update it automatically as soon as a new update appears. 

Fix 06. Reboot Device

Most of the time, the device that you operate has to face a lot of activities at once because of which lag occurs in the device and it starts showing errors and glitches more frequently. In such situations your device asks for a reboot which may help it to clear every bug that causes the system lag. This method is more effective than relaunching the app and updating the app or device!

Here are the instructions that can help you in how to fix ESPN app Chromecast not working:

Restart Casting Device > Restart TV > Launch ESPN App > Cast

Step 01: Restart your casting device by long pressing the Home button for a couple of seconds.

Step 02: Next restart your TV on which you have to cast through the ESPN app.

Step 03: At last, launch the ESPN app and try casting the content. 

Rebooting devices help remove all the persisting bugs and errors from your device and helps in making the performance smoother than before.

Fix 07: Logout And Login ESPN Account

How To Fix ESPN App Chromecast Not Working?

A quick and effective fix for ESPN app Chromecast not working can be logging out and logging back in with a gap of a couple of minutes. By doing this, you will be helping the app get a fresh start after which the app will perform well most probably! This process take only a couple of minutes, here is how you can log out and back in to your ESPN account:

ESPN app > Settings > Logout > Home Screen > Login

Step 01: Launch the ESPN app on your device and click on the Settings option at the top right corner of the screen. 

Step 02: Scroll down and find the Logout button. Once found, click on it. 

Step 03: Next, you will be directed to the front page of the ESPN app from where you have to Login again.

After completing the above given steps you need to find if the chromecast works and help you in playing the game or not! If it still does not work, then refer to the next solution.

Fix 08. Clear ESPN Cache

The ESPN app installed on your device may be loaded with heavy cache files with unnecessary data and info which might not be of any use to you or your ESPN account. All the cache files are responsible for covering storage, making the features lag and resulting in slow performance of the app. It gives you no reason to keep these cache files stored safely on your device.

Hence, clearing the overflowing cache files would be the best for you. This will delete the additional data and files in just a minute! Clearing cache files doesn’t mean that you will be deleting or losing any important file or data, it’s all that you might not need ever, instead this will create space in your device.

Here’s how you can clear ESPN cache in just a couple of steps:

Settings > General > Apps > ESPN > Storage And Cache > Clear Cache

Step 01: Launch the Settings app and head to the General section.

Step 02: Then you need to go to the Apps section scroll down and select ESPN from there.

Step 03: After that, launch Storage ANd Cache page and click on the Clear Cache button!

After completing the above mentioned steps, the ESPN app installed in your device will be free from access and unnecessary data that might be a reason for issues going on with your Chromecast.

Fix 09: Update ESPN App

How To Fix ESPN App Chromecast Not Working?

Another easy fix can be updating the ESPN app directly as accessing the outdated app for a long period of time can bring you a struggling situation in which the app doesn’t work at all. To avoid such cases, you can simply update the app. To update the app on your device, you can follow the below given instruction carefully for how to fix ESPN app Chromecast not working.

App Store > Update > ESPN App > Update > Download > Relaunch ESPN

Step 01: Launch the App Store and navigate through the Update section.

Step 02: If you see Update available for the ESPN app then click on the Update button right away!

Step 03: Once the update gets downloaded completely, relaunch the ESPN app and see if the issue is still troubling you accessing the app!

You can also opt for automatic update while updating the ESPN app so that you don’t have to go through the entire process and the app may get updated every time a new update launches all by itself.

Fix 10. Contact ESPN Support

If you have tried every method for how to fix ESPN app Chromecast not working till now and nothing showed the desired effect then the customer support is all you need and it’s the only option left to get rid of the ESPN app Chromecast not working. There are different modes through which you can seek expert advice and resolve the issue. Select any one among the below mentioned ways to contact the ESPN Support team and get your concern consulted!

  1. Live Chat

One can contact and discuss their issue with the customer care team through live chatting and exchanging messages in the form of texts.


  1. Phone Call

If you think chatting is a time taking process or feel that expressing the concern is not possible with chatting then go for calling services.

Support Number: 1-888-549-3776

  1. Twitter

Twitter is another way through which you can contact the official support team and ask for fixes that might resolve the issue. For this you have to share your concern as a Tweet on the Official ESPN channel on Twitter.

Twitter Support Channel: CLICK HERE

  1. Official Website – Help Page

Not one of the most useful ways but still one through which you can seek guidance for how to fix ESPN app Chromecast not working.


Why The ESPN App Is Not Working?

If you are learning how to fix ESPN app Chromecast not working then this means that you are also going through the same issue as others – ESPN app not working or not casting. However, the ESPN app is known for providing the best live-streaming experience but unluckily it has started falling into situations which usually make casting and streaming much more difficult!

Such situations may occur due to poor internet connection, device issues like being outdated, accessing outdated ESPN app, piled up cache files in the app etc. Although you can resolve all these issues with the help of fixes mentioned above. 

If you want to know more about apps like chromecast and devices that can give you smooth live-streaming experiences, then refer to the articles mentioned below!

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Wrapping Up 

A huge number of people prefer streaming through the ESPN app as this becomes their go-to  channel for streaming live sports of all sorts. Moreover, apart from the game broadcasts the ESPN app also lets you watch premium and original content like commentaries and documentaries. However, nowadays, many of the ESPN users and streamers are facing glitches frequently which are not letting them stream content! Because of such glitches and errors the ESPN app has stopped working. But don’t worry as we have a complete detailed guide for you on how to fix ESPN app Chromecast not working.

Let us know which fix helped in resolving the issue in the comment section below! Feel free to share your doubts, suggestions and queries also!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does ESPN App Support Chromecast?

Fortunately, yes. Launch ESPN app > Cast > Select Device > Stream Show/Game. Make sure that you are connected to a stable internet connection to avoid glitches.

Q. Why Is ESPN Plus Not Casting?

If the ESPN+ is not working on your chromecast device there are a set of solutions that you can try to fix this issue. Those are: Switch to WiFi, restart or reinstall the ESPN app, check ESPN server status, disable VPN connection, update device, reboot device etc. For details, refer to the article given above.

Q. How Do I Cast ESPN App To Chromecast?

Subscribers of ESPN Plus can stream ESPN + content after updating the current version of ESPN app installed in their iOS and Android devices or on the web. Android handset, Roku, Chromecast, FireTV, XBOX One, PS 4, Oculus Go are also supported.

Q. Why Is My ESPN Not Connecting?

Sometimes, the WiFi comes out to be the reason for the glitch. You just need to disconnect WiFi router’s main power and turn it on with a break of a couple of seconds. But if the issue still exists, then hop on to the next solution.

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