How To Fix Instagram Showing Wrong Number Of Likes?

Instagram Showing Wrong Number Of Likes

One of the trendiest applications among social media platforms is Instagram. It has generated a lot of attention online. There are also so many functions available in the app that it is safe to say there is never a dull time while using Instagram. However, glitches are there. Instagram showing wrong number of likes is a common issue. Let’s find out the solutions here. 

So, you are suffering from Instagram showing wrong number of likes issue? It is a common glitch that frequently troubles Instagram users. Don’t freak out! There are a few easy fixes to the issue. However, you need to know why this issue is occurring.

To fix Instagram showing wrong number of likes issue, you need to restart the Instagram app, uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app, clear the cache, ensure background data is not restricted.

Let’s go through the article and learn more about Instagram showing wrong number of likes issue and the fixes. 

Why Is Instagram Showing Wrong Number Of Likes?

You want to know how many people have liked your most recent posts when you go into Instagram. It might be upsetting and alarming when Instagram showing wrong number of likes. There are many things you may do to figure out why things aren’t going as they should, but you might want to start with some easy solutions.

The possible reason behind Instagram showing wrong number of likes could be bugs! This might imply that the program itself is having problems. It’s possible that you are the unfortunate one who encountered the glitch right now. When using the software, everyone will occasionally experience the same problem. In this situation, you can see if there is a recognized problem by looking at Messenger’s social media. If you encounter bugs, you may also report them. Although some bugs are frustrating, if you are the first to encounter them, you will prevent many others from experiencing the same issues.

How To Fix Instagram Showing Wrong Number Of Likes?

Following are some of the easy fixes to Instagram showing wrong number of likes issue. Let’s find out here: 

Fix 1: Log Out And Log In

Sometimes all the software requires is a traditional restart. You may accomplish this by uninstalling it from the device, downloading it again, then signing back in. This will frequently fix the Instagram showing wrong number of likes problem and allow you to use the program. Moreover, this will fix any problems that could be preventing your device from displaying the correct number of likes on your posts. If you discover that this does not improve the performance of your program, you may try forcing a reboot and see what happens.

Fix 2: Use Instead Of The App

If the app on your computer is functioning properly but the one on your phone or tablet isn’t, doing this might occasionally resolve the Instagram showing wrong number of likes problem. The Messenger app gives you access to extra features as well. You only need to transmit your messages to the computer, where you may then upload them if you want to transfer messages from your phone to the computer.

Depending on the device you have, you may either use an airdrop to send it or a cable to connect the laptop to the phone or another device to do that. If it’s not functioning when you’re using a computer, you may send the messages in the same manner to your smartphone or tablet and attempt to deliver them from there.

Fix 3: Clear The Cache

Many of the issues that you are seeing can be eliminated if you periodically clean your cache. Clearing your cache will be quite helpful depending on how your phone is used. You may also get rid of anything that can be slowing down or cluttering up your phone. This can enhance both your phone’s general functionality and resolve the Instagram showing wrong number of likes issue.

If you find that this is ineffective, you might want to consider purchasing a new gadget. Perhaps your gadget is simply too old. When a device becomes obsolete, it can no longer be updated correctly.

Fix 4: Update The App

A recent version of your software should be used. There is a good chance that you will have app issues if you have an out-of-date app. This is due to the fact that it is still utilizing out-of-date code, even if they may have found the problem and fixed it in the new programming while you continued to use the old one.

The best course of action is to check the app to see if it has been updated correctly, giving it access to the most recent updates and data. It sometimes is unable to properly interact with the servers when it is running an earlier version. If this is an issue, you can access your profile from another device. If so, a quick update will be beneficial to resolve the Instagram showing wrong number of likes problem.

Fix 5: Ensure Background Data Is Not Restricted

To receive and send messages, get alerts for your posts, and have your feed automatically updated, Instagram requires you to be online. You must ensure that background data also isn’t prohibited in order for Instagram to function without interruption.

Go to the Settings menu on your phone and select “Apps > Show all applications > Instagram > Mobile data & Wi-Fi” to make sure it isn’t blocked on Android. Turn on “Background data” using the toggle. Instagram will always have accessibility to the Internet while running in the background and that should resolve your Instagram showing wrong number of likes issue.

Wrapping Up

Instagram showing wrong number of likes is one of the disturbing issues complained about by Instagram users. We have discussed five possible ways to resolve the issue. Let’s go through the article and share your thoughts with us. Follow Deasilex for more updates on Instagram. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Is Instagram Showing The Wrong Amount Of Likes?

If you see a difference in the number of likes, followers, or comments on their accounts, it’s possible that some of them come from inauthentic accounts. Non-Instagram applications occasionally generate artificial likes, comments, and followers to give the impression that an account is more famous than it actually is.

Q2. How Do I Change My Likes Count On Instagram?

On your Instagram profile, hit the [hamburger icon] and choose Settings > Privacy > Posts to get the viewing options. The option to display or conceal like counts are located here.

Q3. Does Instagram Limit Your Likes?

Users of Instagram are only allowed to like up to 1,000 posts per day. This amount is typical; some identities are blocked at 700 likes, but others have greater freedom.

Q4. How Do You Know If You’ve Been Shadowbanned On Instagram?

Your account was probably reported by other users, and Instagram has shadowbanned you if it moved from steadily acquiring followers to abruptly losing them forever from one day to the next.

Q5. How To Clear Instagram Cache?

Scroll down and click “Apps” under Settings. Locate Instagram in your app list, then tap it. Choose “Storage” from the app page. Tap “Clear Cache” in the bottom right corner of the “Storage” tab when it appears.

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