How To Fix iPhone Messages Keep Crashing? Top 7 Selected Ways!

How To Fix iPhone Messages Keep Crashing

If you are in a hurry to send someone a message but could not just because the iPhone Messages keep on crashing then you should find ways for how to fix iPhone Messages keep crashing? We will be explaining the same in this article with every detail that you should know. 

If your iMessages app is not working on your iOS device or just keeps crashing again and again after updating your device to iOS 15, then here are a few of the best ways for how to fix iPhone Messages keep crashing. This problem was mainly occurring in user’s devices who update their iPhone devices to the latest iOS 15. 

Here’s how to fix iPhone Messages keep crashing: Check Apple server, Force exit iMessages, Restart your device, enable airplane mode. These are a few ways through which you can fix those bugs causing trouble to your iMessage app.

This blog post explains all about how to fix iPhone Messages keep crashing in different ways along with all necessary tips and tricks to get rid of the iMessages crashing glitch.How To Fix iPhone Messages Keep Crashing

How To Fix iPhone Messages Keep Crashing?

Recently, a lot of you have been reporting that the iMessages app on your iPhone is crashing for no reason since you have updated your device to iOS 15. We thought about it a little and decided to present you solutions for how to fix iPhone Messages keep crashing. If your My iMessages app is crashing again and again and not letting you text anyone then the matter is serious.

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As we all know iMessages comes under one of the most used apps in an iPhone. There are a number of reasons that can cause glitches in the iMessages app on your iPad or iPhone device like accessing outdated application versions, or the iMessages app would be loaded with caches, your internet connection might not be stable, internal software glitch and many more. 

If you are also wondering why does your iPhone message app keep crashing after updating it to the latest iOS version then here’s something you should know about. iPhone message app crashes only in two ways, either it will open and closes immediately or it’ll close your entire iPhone continously. There are a number of factors causing this malfunction of messages app on your iPhone like buggy software updates, iOS system errors, malicious text message, improper device settings, bugged data and caches and many more.

In such situations, you start facing different glitches in the iMessages app then follow the given remedies to get your problem resolved in a couple of minutes. Make sure you read the guidelines carefully:

Fix 1. Fix iMessages App Crashing By Force Exiting iMessages App

When iMessages stop working and crash again and again we’d recommend you to force exit the iMessage app and relaunch it once again and wait a couple of seconds and see if the problem still persists or it has gone.

To force exit iMessages app from your device, follow the given instructions carefully:

Step 01:  Exit iMessages app and all other apps along with it by tapping the home button and swiping up on every app l.

Step 02: Next you need to delete every app’s widgets even if the application is closed.

At last, open the iMessages app and try to send a message to your friends or families and see if it still crashes.

Fix 2. Check Apple Server Updates

Cross check the Apple Server Status if this iMessages application is still crashing or not. If yes, then it can also be because of Remote Apple Server.

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You can browse or contact iPhone support the team and get your concern resolved.

Fix 3. Switch To Stable Internet Connection

The first thing you need to do is to check if you are really using a stable wifi or internet connection to operate iMessages. You can take help from apps like Safari or other browsers to test the speed of your cellular data. 

Fix 4. Enable And Disable Airplane mode

Switching the Airplane Mode on and disabling it later again aids you to reboot your iPhone wifi/ Bluetooth speaker/ cellular Settings. However this life isn’t easy either. Also this method does not assure you to fix the how to fix iPhone Messages keep crashing problem.

So to effectively stop iMessages apps from crashing back again, you should move forward with another solution.

Fix 5. Force Restart Your Device

iMessages app crashing back to back because of the recent iOS update. One can stop it from occurring by restarting their iOS devices and giving it a fresh and bug-free start.

Restarting an iPhone doesn’t only fix iMessages app crashes but also can remove and help you get rid of minor other glitches. 

Fix 6. Reset iPhone Network Settings

One more trick for how to fix iPhone Messages keep crashing is to reset your device once and for all to make the task even easier. Resetting your device can give you a fresh new start and one more chance to try iMessage out! 

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Here’s how you can reset an iPhone in detail:

Step 01: Open the Settings app on your device and head to the General tab.

Step 02: Next scroll a bit and click on the Reset button. Next you will land on another page called by Reset Network Settings.

After making changes in your network Settings must help you out! 

Fix 7. Update Your iOS On iPhone

How To Fix iPhone Messages Keep Crashing

Update iOS on your iPhone if your messages are getting crashed before being delivered to a respected receiver. To sort this out, you can update your iPhone set to the latest iOS version.

In order to update your iPhone to the latest iOS15:

Step 01: Head to the Settings app and navigate to the About section.

Step 02: Scroll and find Software Update to find if there is a new iOS version available to download and install.

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This was all about how to fix iPhone Messages that keep crashing in this article. If you have any other doubts, suggestions or concerns then you can let us know in our comment section.

 Wrapping Up

If your iOS device’s  iMessages app is crashing more than often then you are one of those iOS users who are finding bugs in their iOS 15 or their iMessage app got attacked due to malicious messages sent by someone containing large and heavy files. It’s truly troubling when the messages app doesn’t work the way it was supposed to. But no worries as this becomes common among iOS users which made us present this article containing tips and tricks for fixing iOS message apps crashing back to back. 

This guide was primarily meant to make you learn how to fix iPhone Message that keep crashing. If you are owning iOS 14/15 and are facing issues like big attacks or multiple glitches, then you can report that to us in the comment section. Other than this, we would keep updating you all in the recent iOS bug fixing articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Does My Messages Keep Crashing iPhone?

If the Messages app is crashing continously on your iPhone you can try force quitting the app and launch it once again. To achieve this, you need to press the Home button twice to make the app switched pop on your screen. Then swipe up the messages app to the top of the screen to exit from it. After a couple of seconds, re-launch the messages app and observe the app to see whether it becomes normal. 

Q. Why Does My Text Messages Keep Crashing – Android?

There can be a number of root causes that may cause your Android messages crash! The current software version vof your Android device might be outdated. The message application caches might be corrupted. The microcode can be outdated as well, or there might be some bugs or corrupted messages in your Android device making the app crash simultaneously.

Q. How Do I Fix My Message App On My On My iPhone?

You can try rebooting iMessage app by navigating to the Settings app for giving the iMessage app on your iPhone. One can also try restarting their entire device by long pressing the power on/off switch, and sliding the bar to power off and then wait for your device to restart again on its own. After rebooting your device head back to the settings app, reach the Messages section and switch on iMessages.

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