How To Fix Meta Thread App By Instagram Crashing?

How To Fix Meta Thread App By Instagram Crashing

Wait, you are searching to fix Meta Thread app by Instagram crashing? Don’t be so surprised! We all know, Meta is fighting to fill up the void just created by Twitter because of all the chaos brought by Elon Musk. So, it was important to launch Thread Instagram on time; and that’s where the blunder happened! 

Launched on 6th July 2023, Threads is practically one day old today and millions of people around the world have started uploading and sharing content to experiment with this social media app. The traffic is huge and the app is meant to crash! So, in this article let us help you with how to fix Meta Thread app by Instagram crashing. 

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To Fix Meta Thread App start by;
-checking the internet connection
-restarting the app
-checking the server status
-clearing the Threads app cache.  

Threads may not be at the beta stage but it is a new app and going through multiple updates. Hence, if users are facing trouble while uploading pictures or blank log-in pages, it is simply because the app is crashing. There could be multiple reasons behind the crash and you can surely fix Meta Thread app by Instagram crashing. 

Why Is Meta Thread App By Instagram Crashing Or Keep Stopping?

Meta has launched Threads as a promising Twitter alternative, which leaves very little room for this app to show any issues or crashes. However, it is happening and if you are looking for how to fix Meta Thread app by Instagram crashing, the first thing you need to know is why this app keeps crashing. 

Here are some of the reasons that we could analyze so far:

1. Unstable internet connection. 

2. Threads are going through some technical issues. 

3. Your Thread app is not updated. 

4. Threads is going through a server outage. 

5. Threads app collected unnecessary cache. 

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How To Fix Meta Thread App By Instagram Crashing?

Now that we have discussed some common reasons that may be leading to Thread Instagram crashing issue, let us share the possible fixes to the problem:

Fix 1: Check Your Internet

Check your internet connectivity. If your Threads app continues to crash for a long time, then you might have a problem with the internet connection and not in the app. So, check out your internet connection and choose WiFi data for assured bandwidth and to fix Meta Thread app by Instagram crashing. 

Fix 2: Restart The Threads App

Another popular and easiest way to fix Meta Thread app by Instagram crashing is to restart the Threads app. On your device, open settings, then go to apps and try Force Stop to close the Threads app and restart the app after a few seconds and check whether the issue has been resolved or not. 

Fix 3: Log Out And Again Log In To The Threads App

If you are trying to upload your content and suddenly the Threads app crashes, leaving you staring at the blank screen, all you need to do is log out from the app. Just close the app and wait a bit before logging into it again. Check if the app is fixed again. 

Fix 4: Check Server Status – Threads

As we were discussing, millions of people around the world were waiting for Threads to launch. Threads experienced a huge thrust of traffic just a few hours after its launching. Hence, the Threads server could crash for some time. To know if the app’s server is down, check out the Server status for this app on your own or follow Twitter for updates! If there is a fault in the Threads server, you will surely find the news storming on Twitter! 

Fix 5: Clear App Cache – Threads

The next solution to fix Meta Thread app by Instagram crashing is nothing but clearing the app cache. All of us have a bit of knowledge that cache trash may contain corrupt data that can affect the app’s performance. Get rid of all the app cache and check on the app again if restored fully. 

Fix 6: Update Threads

It is possible that you may be not using the updated version of the Threads app! Threads is new and we can expect multiple updates in a short time. So, if your Threads app is not working properly, it means maybe the app is not in its latest version. Let’s update the app to fix Meta Thread app by Instagram crashing. 

Fix 7: Uninstall And Reinstall

Uninstalling and reinstalling an app is one of the most common methods to whack all the issues you are facing in an app. This is the simplest and an effective way to take care of the trouble. So, just select the app on your phone screen and move it to the trash icon. Also, remove all the app cache from the phone setting before reinstalling the app. 


Threads has been under the microscope since its launch on 6th July 2023 and this is what is expected when you are challenging Twitter! For many reasons, people are showering their concerns about whether Threads can even match Twitter, and if this crashing event keeps continuing then Threads is surely going to face some serious questions!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is There A Threads Android App?

Threads Android app is now available on Play Store. You can now download the app from Play Store for free and log in with your Instagram account to enjoy the app. 

Q2: Can You Use Threads On Desktop?

We expected to have the web version of Threads soon. For now, the Threads app is now available only on Play Store and App Store. 

Q3: Do You Need An Instagram Account To Use Threads?

Yes, you need an Instagram account to continue with Threads. You must be logged in to your Instagram account while signing up for the Threads app. 

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