How To Fix Power BI Error Column Not Found?

How To Fix Power BI Error Column Not Found

If you are using Power BI for a long time, then you must have confronted many errors. It may sound awkward, but most of the Power BI users have reported many errors that they are confronting almost every day while using this AI software. However, it is easy to fix all of them if you are following our guide regularly. In this article, we will help you with how to fix Power BI error column not found.

Using Power BI is the smartest choice to introduce your business the AI power Technology. You can always create reports and charts manually; however, using Power BI has proven as one of the best ways to make international-level presentations and influence investors. If you are on it and facing a column not found the issue, then this article is dedicated to you learning – how to fix Power BI error column not found. 

How to fix Power BI error column not found? There are many ways to fix this issue. However, you can start by checking your queries. This article will help you with the possible solutions. Go through the article and learn about more issues and solutions that you might need while using Power BI. 

What Is Power BI Error Column Not Found Error?

If you are searching for how to fix Power BI error column not found, then you must be well aware of the issue you are confronting. However, you need to be more precise about the issue to find the perfect solution to fix Power BI error column not found.

So, here is an example of the situation in which we are aiming to provide a solution. Go through the situation and relate if you are confronting the same. 

You have a query from a text file with the word “Column” as a column name. You have a step in your request that renames that column to “Date”. However, because it was deliberately changed to Date, the initial text file no longer contains a column heading with the name Column.

Power Query is not able to change the name of any columns because it cannot locate a column heading with the name “Column.” The mistake in the following picture is displayed by it.

How To Fix Power BI Error Column Not Found?

Now that we have discussed the error type, you must have figured out, whether you are facing a similar issue or not. To fix Power BI error column not found, here is the solution for you: 

There are several options for this situation, but all of them are dependent on your preferences.

For this instance, you can simply omit the step that renames the column so because the correct “Date” column header currently appears from your text file. By doing this, this error won’t occur while running your query.

As you see, this is a solution to a particular situation. There could be multiple reasons if you are confronting a Column Not Found Error. In general, the first thing you have to do is go through all your queries; if there are any mistakes.

On the other hand, you have to make sure all of the data and texts that you are requesting in your query are exists in the sheet or you might confront Column not found error. There is no fit-to-all solution to the error. Share the type of error you are confronting and we will answer you with the solution you are looking for. 

How To Fix Power BI Error Column Not Found

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Wrapping Up

Hope, this blog helped you with the solution you were looking for in the query – How to fix Power BI error column not found. As mentioned in the article, there is no particular “one” solution to this error. This is because the error can occur due to various reasons.

The first thing you have to do is find out why the error is taking place and you will come up with the solutions. Also, you can share the problem with us in the comment section and we might come up with a solution for you! Follow Deasilex for more Tech updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do You Fix A Column in Power BI?

Choose the table that includes the columns you would like to block in the model designer. Choose a column or columns in order to freeze. Click Freeze after selecting Columns from the menu.

Q2. How Do I Fix Power BI Error?

Select the error-containing column first before replacing any rows that include errors. Select Replace values under the Any column group on the Transform tab. Choose Replace mistakes from the drop-down option. Because you wish to replace all mistakes with the number 10, enter 10 in the Replace errors dialog box.

Q3. How Does Power BI Detect Error?

We choose the source table in Power Query Editor and then click Home>Manage>Reference. With this structure in place, we can direct errors away from the Fact table and into the Error Logs table. The finished product is depicted in the image below.

Q4. Why Is My Column A Missing?

Enter A1 in the Reference line of the Go To the window that displays, then press the OK option. From the taskbar at the top of your screen, choose the Home tab. Cells > Format > Hide & Unhide > Unhide Columns should be selected. Now, column A in the Excel spreadsheet ought to be visible.

Q5. Can I Uninstall Microsoft Power BI?

Utilize Apps and Features or Programs and Features to remove Microsoft PowerBI Desktop. Click on Microsoft PowerBI Desktop after finding it in the list. The next action is to select “Uninstall” to start the uninstallation.

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