How To Fix PS4 Blinking Blue Light? 5 Tested Solutions!

How To Fix PS4 Blinking Blue Light

Your PS4 notifies you of a problem by displaying the notorious “Blue line of death.” The PS4 may no longer be functional, according to the blue line that is pulsing. Standard consoles pulse blue before turning white. If the PS4 proceeds to pulse blue before turning off, the system may not have sent a signal to the Display, which could have bricked the system and prevented the regular operation. How to fix PS4 blinking blue light? We will discuss this in this article.

Sony published an instruction manual outlining alternatives for potential repairs because they thought the issue was a unique incident. Although the issue was common during the launch, it still affects a tiny percentage of users and is most likely to cause issues if your system was made around the end of 2013. Let’s learn how to address – how to fix PS4 blinking blue light issue, in this article. 

How to fix PS4 blinking blue light? There is more than one solution to this issue. You can start by restarting your PS4, checking the cables, restoring PS4 factory settings, upgrading the TV’s firmware, and removing the drive to name a few. Let’s go through the article and explore more. 

PS4 Blue Light Of Death Causes?

The PS4’s blue light signifies that it lacks the necessary level of power, which is shown by a steady white light. It stops the console from reacting or communicating with the TV. This implies that it won’t even attempt to boot into Safe Mode normally, access any menus, or launch any games. For instance, when you turn on the PlayStation 4, some TVs will display the message “No Signal.”

In any case, there are a number of potential causes, some of which are difficult to identify. The following are some potential causes for you that you may need to address to fix PS4 blinking blue light issue:

  1. Your HDMI cable or HDMI ports aren’t functioning properly.
  2. You are attempting to run the PlayStation in a resolution that is incompatible with your TV.
  3. Your TV can feel as though it could operate the console due to its out-of-date software.
  4. Your hard disk can malfunctioning if it has a fault.
  5. The PS4 may not be receiving enough power from your power supply.
  6. Corrupted software: The console can contain a chance bug that prevents it from sending a signal.

Overall, it’s a regular issue with consoles that have been around for a while. The BLoD alerts users to software or hardware malfunction that prevents standard functionality. Let’s learn how to fix PS4 blinking blue light in the next section. 

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How To Fix PS4 Blinking Blue Light?

Try the restart approach at first, which can fix the blue screen of death by discharging electricity first from the PS4’s power supply. Well, this is the first, but if not work you may need to restart your PS4, check the cables, restore PS4 factory settings, upgrade the TV’s firmware, and remove the drive to name a few. Let’s go through the details here:

#1 Restart Your PS4

Try this restart approach, which can fix PS4 blinking blue light issue by discharging electricity first from the PS4’s electrical supply.

Step 1: Unplug all of the wires from your PS4 after pressing and holding the Power button for two beeps.

Step 2: Reconnect the PS4 cords, then turn it back on by pressing and holding the Power button for 7 seconds.

Step 3: Upon start-up, if you notice a momentary white light, your issue has been resolved.

#2 Restart Using Safe Mode

Hit the power button> To activate Safe Mode, hold down the Power button while listening for two beeps> Press controller’s PS button> Choose Restart after choosing Change Resolution

Restarting your PS4 in Safe Mode can help to fix PS4 blinking blue light if the fault is a software one.

Step 1: Hit the Power button to turn the PS4 off.

Step 2: To activate Safe Mode, hold down the Power button while listening for two beeps—the first one immediately after you hit it and the second one coming around seven seconds later.

Step 3: Your controller’s PS button should be pressed.

Step 4: Choose Restart after choosing Change Resolution, Rebuild Database, or Restore Default Settings.

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#3 Check The Cables

Turn Off PS4> Remove all of the PS4 cables> Look for rips or tears in the power cable> Try using a different HDMI cable> Check power supply

The presence of the “blue glow of death” may indicate that your electricity or HDMI cables are broken or damaged. Here’s how to fix PS4 blinking blue light if that is the issue.

Step 1: Hold down the Power button while waiting for your PS4 to beep twice before turning off.

Step 2: Remove all of the PS4 cables.

Step 3: Look for rips or tears in the power cable.

Step 4: Try using a different HDMI cable to see if that solves the issue and if the power supply cable doesn’t appear to be damaged.

#4. Update TV Firmware

The software aspect of things, in particular, can occasionally go wrong as TVs have evolved over time, and that you may need to address to fix PS4 blinking blue light issue. Even while manufacturers work hard to ensure that their products are functional and bug-free, coding mistakes or bugs might still occur. Make sure to look for a software upgrade at this time to reduce the likelihood of a TV firmware issue.

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#5. Check The Hard Drive

The blue light of death may appear if your hard disk drive is broken in any way, such as if your PlayStation was dumped while being transported or fell off a shelf. One should be conscious that opening the PlayStation to remove and check the hard drive will probably void any guarantee you may have before performing this inspection. In light of this, just slide the console’s panel open to reveal the hard drive. Take the hard disk out and look for any obvious damage. Additionally, confirm that it was firmly and accurately connected to the console before relocating the hard disk to its original location. This step might be helpful to fix PS4 blinking blue light issue. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you are reading the conclusion part, you must be well aware of the five solutions we have discussed in this article to fix PS4 blinking blue light. All five solutions mentioned in this blog are well-tested by pro PS4 gamers. Have you tried PS5 yet? Let us know your experience playing PS5 games as well as if you have any further queries regarding – How to fix PS4 blinking blue light. Meanwhile, follow Deasilex for more updates on PS4 and PS5

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Are The Hardware Specifications Of The PlayStation 4?

Following are the hardware specifications of the PlayStation 4:

  1. A fully customized 8-core AMD “Jaguar” x86-64 processor
  2. A “next-generation” AMD Radeon graphics engine
  3. 8 gigabytes of dedicated GDDR5 memory
  4. A read-only optical drive for Blu-ray/DVDs

Q2. What Is The Purpose Of The “Share” Button On The PlayStation 4?

One of the key pillars of focused improvement, when Sony unveiled its next-generation system, was sociality and community growth. In light of this, the DualShock 4 controller’s dedicated “share” button enables players to rapidly share their favorite pictures, publish the most recent portion of their gaming to websites or other PSN users, and broadcast their games with the option of other PSN users watching and commenting. Additionally, a number of social networks, including Facebook, will be linked to the share button. Its simplicity of use is anticipated to be a significant boost for gamers wishing to connect online without having to scroll through numerous windows in order to post stuff.

Q3. What Are The Online Capabilities Of The PlayStation 4?

Currently, it is unknown what the PlayStation 4’s online features will entail outside of the social networking features Sony offers, including live game streaming. It is currently unknown whether the PlayStation Network will continue to be free and how much content it will offer. We are aware that fundamental features will endure in the system, including the ability to play multiplayer online gaming and buy movies and videos digitally.

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