Why Is Hulu No Longer Supported On My TV | The Latest Updates 2022

Why Is Hulu No Longer Supported On My TV

Hulu is one the most popular service providers for streaming different and trending movies and TV shows. This streaming platform is solely dedicated to newly launched content like recently released TV shows, series and movies. But sometimes users are tense because they don’t know why is Hulu no longer supported on my TV.

Well, it’s a big crock to everyone that Hulu all of a sudden is not been working few of the older devices. A number of Hulu consumers are reporting nowadays that they are receiving a warning on their TV screen saying that “Hulu is no longer supported on this device”. We would recommend you to read the entire article to know why is Hulu no longer supported on my TV. 

Here’s the answer to why is Hulu no longer supported on my TV: Because of the addition of a certain new update of Hulu, it has stopped supporting a few of the older version devices like Xbox 360, Apple TV gen 3, Samsung Smart TVs etc. At the bottom of the article you will get to know what updates are these because of which Hulu is no longer supporting all the older devices and what can you do to fix this issue.

To find out why is Hulu no longer supported on my TV, Hulu latest updates and fixes stick to the entire article.

Why Is Hulu No Longer Supported On My TV?

Why Is Hulu No Longer Supported On My TV

In recent times while researching how to stream Hulu on Discord we came across a number of reports from the audiences saying why is Hulu no longer supported on my TV? You guys might be receiving notification saying “Hulu is no longer supported on this device” because of their recent update of the platform. After their update, Hulu has stopped supporting previous and outdated versions of devices like Samsung Smart TVs, PS3, Xbox 360 and Apple TV gen 3 and many more.

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The sudden action taken by Hulu of not supporting the older devices without any announcement and awareness to the audience made their users get stuck with a useless paid subscription and pile of confusion as a result of which we are bringing you this guide which will tell you why is Hulu no longer supported on my TV. However in the rush many pretty advanced and modern TVs are also not getting any support from Hulu.

So if in between older and modern devices you are also getting stuck even after having a perfectly compatible device then my dear we gonna give you a few fixes through which you can find out why is Hulu no longer supported on my TV. Although it’s not a big issue, with a few basic and effective methods you can get it fixed if you are having an updated Hulu installed on your modern device.

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Hulu Updates And Alternatives 

Why Is Hulu No Longer Supported On My TV

Considering that you are eager to know why is Hulu no longer supported on my TV then let us tell you that Hulu users who are having older devices and still are accessing Hulu with the help of a few devices like, the Amazon Fire TV stick, NVIDIA SHIELD TV and Roku Streaming devices which are pretty good and suitable picks to modernize the older devices.

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Well we hope now you have got an idea why is Hulu no longer supported on my TV, let’s move to know what updates of Hulu are causing this incompatibility with the older devices.

Update #01

Hulu support reverted back to a user’s report by saying that sometimes they have to “let a few devices go” so that they may provide the best viewing experience to their users.

Here’s the list of devices that are now compatible  with Hulu 2022: 

  1. Android phones and tablets
  2. Android TV (selected models)
  3. Apple TV (selected generations)
  4. Chromecast
  5. Echo Show (8, 10 & 15)
  6. Fire Tablets
  7. Fire TV and Fire TV Stick
  8. iPhones and iPads
  9. LG TV (selected models)
  10. Nintendo Switch
  11. Mac and PC browser/apps
  12. PlayStation
  13. Roku (selected models)
  14. Samsung TV (selected models)
  15. VIZIO SmartCast TVs
  16. Xbox
  17. Xfinity X1 TV Boxes

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Update #02

Previously, Hulu support team said that the users were informed through the email prior to taking this action by saying that they will be offering support to a few devices only. Although, few users claim that they haven’t received any such email related to this case.

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Why Hulu Is Not Working On Smart TV?

Why Is Hulu No Longer Supported On My TV

If you are accessing a modern TV model and an updated Hulu subscription and are still facing Hulu not working on your smart TV then your question should not be why is Hulu no longer supported on my TV and instead how to fix Hulu not working on my TV. There can be a number of reasons because of which you might be facing this glitch. In order to know the reason for the cause of this trouble, read the given sections.

  1. Poor internet connection
  2. Temp files in Hulu application
  3. Outdated Hulu Smart TV application
  4. Hulu server down
  5. Accessing a blocked VPN server

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To tackle these situations, you can follow the given commands and do the following: 

  1. Clear Cache from Hulu application.
  2. Reinstall/Reboot Hulu application
  3. Check your device’s compatibility with Hulu.
  4. Log out and log in into your Hulu account
  5. Check if Hulu server is down
  6. Update the latest Hulu Smart TV application
  7. Shuffle your Internet Connection
  8. Recognise Hulu error code

Finally, considering that you have successfully learnt why is Hulu no longer supported on my TV, why your Hulu TV is not working and how to fix it.

Wrapping Up

In the end, we hope that you have finally figured out why is Hulu no longer supported on my TV along with all the other doubts that you had. Just visit Deasilex if you have any other query related to the same. You can also reach out to us in our comment section with all the suggestions and queries if you have any. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Is Hulu No Longer Supported On My Smart TV?

It looks like Hulu has stopped supporting older devices like PS3, Xbox 360, Apple TV gen 3 and a few models of Samsung Smart TVs and others. Since it stopped supporting without any declaration, many users are stuck with a useless subscription.

Q. Why Can’t I Get Hulu On My TV Anymore?

You can try to deactivate and reactivate your device by removing the device directly from your account tab and after that reactivate your device and try to open Hulu again.

Q. How Do I Get Hulu Back On My Smart TV?

Install the Hulu application on your TV and log into your Hulu account and start streaming whatever you like to watch.

Q. Why Isn’t Hulu On My LG Smart TV?

Hulu and other app-based streaming services are no more compatible with previous versions of LG television models. All of the supported models that operate webOS 3.5, Netcast, or a latest operating system.

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