How To Fix Random Games Downloading On Phone? 8 Best Fixes!

How To Fix Random Games Downloading On Phone

Are you facing constant trouble since games are downloading automatically on your phone and you cannot do anything about it? Well, you have reached the right place. In this article, let us see how to fix random games downloading on phone.

Random games downloading on a phone occurs when Chrome changes background components like machine learning models for particular features. This has probably always been the case, but more frequent background changes might have made it easier to see this behavior these days. 

To fix random games downloading on phone, factory reset your phone, turn off downloads from unknown sources, avoid clicking links by mistake, uninstall suspicious-looking apps, and log other devices out of your Google play store account.

Continue reading further to understand in detail how to fix random games downloading on phone and what steps are involved in it.

How To Fix Random Games Downloading On Phone?

To fix random games downloading on phone, sign out of your Google account, turn off automatic restoration, restrict background information, avoiding unintentional link clicks. 

Many of us must have been there, where, while using our phones, we would have noticed random games being downloaded. There could be various reasons for this automatic downloading. Ad banners can be seen at the bottom, top, or even the entire screen of many Android apps and games.

If you unintentionally click on one of these ads, the app will either be downloaded to your phone or you will be taken to the Play Store to install it. Also, Malware is one factor that could be the cause of this. In essence, this means that a virus is pushing your phone to download unauthorized apps. We have listed down a few fixes for you to try to get rid of the problem.

Fix 1: Factory Reset Your Phone

Go to settings > Access Backup & Reset > Activate Factory Data Reset > Click Phone reset

The ideal solution is to factory reset your phone, but first make a backup of your personal information from internal storage to an SD card or another location. The steps to a factory reset are as follows:

Step 1: Open Settings on your phone.

Step 2: Access Backup & Reset.

Step 3: Activate Factory Data Reset.

Step 4: Click Phone reset”.

With these steps, you can easily factory reset and you can fix random games downloading on phone.

Fix 2: Turn Off Downloads From Unknown Sources

Settings > Security > Turn off “Allow installation of apps from Unknown Sources”

Step 1: Open “Settings”.

Step 2: Go to “Security”.

Step 3: Turn off “Allow installation of apps from Unknown Sources”

By following these steps, you can prevent downloads from happening from unknown sources and you can fix random games downloading on phone. 

Fix 3: Avoid Clicking Links By Mistake

While surfing the internet, you may come across various online advertisements. By clicking on some links you get in emails or texts, you could unintentionally click them, download and install malware onto your device. Hence, avoid clicking links unintentionally to fix random games downloading on phone. 

Fix 4: Uninstall Suspicious Looking Apps 

Go to the Google Play Store app > Tap your profile icon > tap Settings > Click Play Protect > Enable “Scan apps with Play Protect.”

1. Start by removing all erroneous apps and any other apps that appear suspicious on your phone.

2. After that, examine your downloads for anything odd or suspicious, and if you find anything, remove it. Check that Google Play Protect is currently activated. To do this:

Step 1: Tap your profile icon on the Google Play Store app.

Step 2: After that, tap Settings and then “Play Protect”.

Step 3: Finally, enable “Scan apps with Play Protect.”

Step 4: Play Protect will now look through all of the apps on your smartphone to check if there are any dubious ones.

Fix 5: Log Other Devices Out Of Your Google Play Store Account

Visit Google Play Store > Sign in with email and password > Library & Devices > Choose Devices tab > Click the three vertical dots > press “Delete” or “Log Out.”

It is advisable to check whether someone else’s device is connected to your Google Play Store account which causes random games downloading on phone. To confirm the same, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit Google Play Store.

Step 2: Enter your email and password to sign in.

Step 3: Choose the ‘Devices’ tab under ‘Library & Devices’.

Step 4:  Click the three vertical dots next to any unauthorized devices you notice. 

Step 5: The device will then no longer be logged into your Google Play Store account when you press “Delete” or “Log Out.”

Fix 6: Sign Out Of Google Account And Change Your Password 

It is also possible that your Google account has been hijacked, which would explain the issue of random apps continuing to install themselves secretly in the background. Hence, Change the password after signing out of your Google Account on your devices as a precaution.

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Fix 7: Turn Off Automatic Restoration

Launch the Settings > Backup & Reset > Turn off Automatic Restoration

Data and files are uploaded to your Google account when your device is connected to your account. You can retrieve the data from your phone if it is damaged, stolen, or lost using the associated Google account. When you reinstall an app, settings, and data might be restored automatically. Such saved data may be the cause of random games downloading on phone.

Step 1: Launch the Settings application.

Step 2: Scroll down till you come across Backup & Reset. Choose it.

Step 3: Look for Automatic Restoration. To turn it OFF, move the slider to the left.

Fix 8: Restrict Background Information 

Launch settings > Find Data Usage or Data > Turn off Restrict Background Information

A program that is running in the background while you aren’t using it actively is still using data to some level. It is utilizing your data to run advertisements and as a result of it, data can be taken over which leads to random games downloading on phone.

Step 1: Launch the Settings application.

Step 2: Find Data Usage or Data.

Step 3: Discover Restrict Background Information. To turn it OFF, uncheck the box or move the slider to the left. 

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Wrapping Up

We have come to the end of the post and we hope this article has given you a clear explanation on how to fix random games downloading on phone. For more such informative and interesting articles, check out our website at Deasilex

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How Do You Fix A Virus That Says It Is Downloading?

  • Delete your cache and cookies to make sure they won’t obstruct the download
  • Check to See if the File You’re Downloading Is Secure
  • Check whether the Problem Relate to a Specific File
  • Use the Chrome Clean Up Tool, turn off any security add-ons, and exclude the Downloads folder from Windows Defender

Q2. Where Is Automatic Downloads In Settings Android?

  • Click at the top right corner
  • Choose the download options
  • Activate or deactivate automatic downloading. 
  • You can enable or disable Download only on Wi-Fi if you are using the mobile app

Q3. How Do I Stop My Phone From Randomly Downloading Apps?

  • Go down to the “Settings” section of the list and look there.
  • Select “App Download Preference”
  • Choose the “Ask me every time” option and then click “Done.”
  • Finally, select “Auto-update apps.”

Q4. How To Stop Your Samsung Phone From Automatically Downloading Apps?

Ans. Removing Galaxy Store app permissions, disabling all Galaxy Store app settings, deselecting recommended apps when configuring the Galaxy Store, disabling Galaxy Store in-app settings, and ceasing all use of the Galaxy Store are all steps you can take.

Q5. Can An App Be Installed Without Your Knowledge?

Ans. This is used by fake programs to obtain your personal data, frequently without your awareness. Consumers worldwide are now faced with the possibility of phony apps, as cybercriminals increasingly target mobile platforms as their main point of attack.

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