How To Fix Roblox Not Working On iPhone/iPad? Effective Troubleshooting Methods 2023!

How To Fix Roblox Not Working On iPhone/iPad?

Roblox is a top notch gaming stage where every gamer shows his gaming skill and enjoys playing games with others. Although if you are an iOS user then the experience for you might be a little different as we are hearing from you all that you are unable to play Roblox on your iPhone and iPad devices. Let’s crack this one out and learn how to fix Roblox not working on iPhone/iPad in this article today. 

A gamer’s dream is to play their favorite games seamlessly on their compatible devices and beat the shit Outta everyone in the game. But how can this be possible for iOS users as they cannot even launch the Roblox game on their iPhone/iPads. Yea, you got that right! Almost every iOS user is now facing problems in operating Roblox on their iOS devices, mostly iPhones and iPads. If you are an addict to Roblox and anyhow want to play it on your iOS properties, then learning how to fix Roblox not working on iPhone/iPad is a must for you! 

How to fix Roblox not working on iPhone/iPad: Uninstall and reinstall Roblox, Update device and app, force quit Roblox, clear Roblox cache! These are some of the fixes from the ones that we have mentioned below. You can try all of these to make Roblox work on your iPhone and iPad device. Want details? Find them below.

This article is going to be all about why Roblox is not working on my iPhone and iPad with how to fix Roblox not working on iPhone/iPad. If you are a dedicated Roblox player and got stuck cuz you own an iOS device on which it is not working that well, then this article is for you to read!!!

How To Fix Roblox Not Working On iPhone/iPad?

Love playing Roblox in your time? Or do you free your time to play Roblox? Well, in any of the case Android owners have a win-win case! As the iOS users are reporting simultaneously that they are facing issues in navigating through the Roblox app in their iPhone and iPad devices. May be the brand decided to make you all crave a bit for it but to prevent you all fr suffering any more we have brought you a set of different fixes that you can try out for how to fix Roblox not working on iPhone/iPad.  

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So if you can’t bear the separation from Roblox anymore, slide into the details very quick. But before that a very optional but important thing we would like to tell you is, the causes of the malfunctioning of Roblox on your iPhone and iPad devices which will help you in fixing Roblox performance on your iOS device. 

Recently, in a few iPhone and iOS models, users are interrupted while playing Roblox on their devices. In such cases, the problem or glitch can be from anyone’s end! Either yours or from the software’s end. This guide explains the same, for example in which situation what you should do. Read out loud the below given data to memorize the causes of poor performance of Roblox on your iPhone/iPad.

Why Roblox Isn’t Working On My iOS? 

There can be a number of reasons why Roblox has drawn a boundary when it comes to iOS devices. All of them are mentioned below: 

Reason 1: Incompatibility Of Your iPad To Roblox

If you are owning an older version of iPad and running Roblox on that then it might not be possible for you to run it anyhow as many of the iOS devices have compatibility issues with such heavy duty gaming applications. For example, iPad 6 Air, is not that much compatible or accustomed to Roblox and similar gaming applications. 

If you still want to use Roblox on your iPads then you can wait a couple of minutes and allow the game to fully load before playing if you don’t want it to crash all of a sudden

Reason 2: Storage Issues

Storage is the first thing that pops up in your mind when it comes to any software glitch or crash! If your iPhone or iPad is loaded with a number of heavy and large size gaming and other applications then you might consider deleting them right away from your device so that Roblox may get some space to breathe and work properly. 

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Make sure the apps which you’re gonna delete are not as important as Roblox, afterall everyone has their own priorities! And if there is nothing like a storage issue in your device then hop on the other method to try out.

Reason 3: Uninstall And Reinstall Roblox

Similar to other devices, services and programs, Roblox also needs fresh starts and resets whenever something goes wrong. Instead of bothering your entire device, you can just try uninstalling and reinstalling the Roblox application alone and see if it works properly or not. 

You can long press the Roblox app icon and till the uninstall or trash icon appears at the top. Then you can drag the app till there and uninstall it and after a couple of minutes install it back again like the first time you did. 

Reason 4: Heavy Loading Files 

Other than gaming applications on your devices, if you have downloaded multiple heavy files like any document which is taking up much space than required then you can compress it or delete it from your device in order to allow Roblox features to take up the desired space and function properly and for how to fix Roblox not working on iPhone/iPad.

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You just head to storage, look up for the files and see how much space they are covering up and decide whether it’s worth keeping or not.

Reason 5: Minimise Graphic Standards

By decreasing the graphic gradings to 3./10 or below this can help a lot in Roblox functioning on your iPhone or iPad device. As highly defined graphics take much processing from the software which might interrupt with the functioning of Roblox on your device.

Reason 6: Update Roblox 

If nothing’s been wrong with your device then the gaming app version might create problems while operating it on your device. In other words, if you are unaware of the application’s latest update and are still running the older one then you can look out for updates on the App Store or on Safari. 

So, it’s better to update the Roblox first and see if the updated version is also not working. And if it works then you are good to go and in case if the problem persists then you should consider jumping to other fixes.

Reason 7: Navigating Multiple Application At Once 

If you are operating and using a number of applications at once then you are making it difficult for the Roblox to function and perform well on your device. As it’s difficult for the device to process and allow multiple applications and services all at the same time to function.

How To Fix Roblox Not Working On iPhone/iPad? 

This section of this detailed guide explains the fixes that can help you in learning how to fix Roblox not working on iPhone/iPad effectively. These solutions will help you in making Roblox work effectively on your iPhone and iPad device. All your iPhone/iPad glitches should fade away after practicing any of these fixes. 

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Find the remedy of how to fix Roblox not working on iPhone/iPad device is given below: 

Fix 1: Force Quit Roblox 

If the Roblox app in your device is crashing out of nowhere in the middle of the game or is showing loading issues  too often then you can try exiting the app and give Roblox a gap of a couple of minutes and then launch the app again. Here’s how you can do it: 

Step 01: Click on the Home button twice on your iPad. 

Step 02: Swipe up in the Roblox widget and shut off the screen after reaching the homepage.

Step 03: Launch the Roblox again and navigate.

Fix 2: Restart Your iPhone/iPad

As the source of glitch is not fixed or determined from where they are occuring.First reboot your device to see if the your device is also playing any role in the Roblox not working issue on your device.

If you are not sure about reboot your iPhone or iPad for how to fix Roblox not working on iPhone/iPad, then here is the set of instruction:

Step 01: Long press the Home button and the Sleep key on the top of the iPad for a couple of minutes, i.e: 10 seconds.

Step 02: Once you feel that it’s enough, then you will find a Slide To Power Off button which you have to avoid and just wait for your device to restart on its own.

Step 03: Consider the job done once the Apple logo appears. Next to it, the device will turn on by default. So when it stops processing you go to the Roblox app and open it. 

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Fix 3: Clear Roblox Cache

Cookies and cache can prevent you from operating Roblox on your device smoothly or even barely whether it’s your iPhone or iPad. You can try clearing the Roblox app’s cache and cookie by heading to its Settings on your iPad, and see if it works. 

Select the Roblox app from the list of applications and click on the Clear Cache button and you will be all set to play the game seamlessly once again.

Fix 4: Repair iOS System

Apart from all these ways to fix Roblox not working on iPhone/iPad solutions explained above, you can try repairing your iPhone or iPad to access Roblox on your iOS device. In this case, you have to download and install a third party application which is iToolab FixGo, which is especially designed to fix iOS errors in all your Apple products. These are a few things which can be sorted out by iToolab FixGo: Black screen, frozen screen, iPhone stuck on Apple logo, Update Failure, white screen, Boot Loop, restore failure, spinning circle and all the other iPadOS related concerns.

Here is how you can fix Roblox not working on iPhone or iPad with the help of iToolab FixGo:

Step 01:  Start with downloading iToolab FixGo app on your desktop and install it. Once done, connect your iPhone or iPad (on whichever device you want to play Roblox) to the desktop.

Step 02: Once you link both the devices together, the system will start detecting and working once you click on the Fix Now button.

Step 03: Next, in order to repair your iOS device you need to download a microcode package. To achieve this, tap on the Browse button to select the package storage and Download to proceed further.

Step 04: after downloading the microcode package, tap on the Repair Now button to fix any glitch or ongoing issue with your iOS device which is the cause of Roblox not working on your device.

This was all you needed to know about how to fix Roblox not working on iPhone/iPad. If nothing works out for you in any way then you can try contacting the official support team of Roblox and Apple Store and share your concern to get a solid solution.

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If you have no idea how to contact Roblox support then the next section might be of some help to you.

Fix 5: Contact Apple Or Roblox Support Team

Contacting either your Apple Store or Roblox official support can get you expert advice and solve the problem at first go! 

Apple Store

  1. Visit
  2. Visit official website
  3. Call at 000-800-100-9009

Roblox Support Team

  1. Provide your contact number
  2. Fill in your email address
  3. Call at 888-858-2569

Here’s what you need to share with the Apple  Store and Roblox Support team once you contact them:

  1. Your Roblox username 
  2. Error code 
  3. iOS version that you tried to access Roblox on your iPhone or iPad
  4. Your current device’s model
  5. Fixes that you have already tried to fix Roblox not working on your iPhone or iPad

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A few times, Apple takes a bit longer to respond back to your concern. But they ensures that they do respond to you with a correct fix that might solve all of your concerned problems that you faced on iOS and iPhone.

Wrapping Up

Roblox is a 3D gaming console platform that lets its users develop and enjoy games according to their tastes in gaming. One can operate Roblox in almost every device including iOS devices. But for the past couple of weeks, users have been reporting a bug related issue that’s stopping them from playing Roblox on their iPhone and iPad devices.

If you are also facing these restrictions, then either your device might not be compatible to cope up with the Roblox gaming app or you might be accessing an outdated version of iOS. Like in a few iPads, Roblox doesn’t function at all due to a number of other reasons. 

This detailed guide by Deasilex on how to fix Roblox not working on iPhone/iPad might have helped you in fixing the issue and made playing Roblox on your iPhone and iPad possible. We have mentioned all the possible solutions to all your problems related to Roblox not working on iPhone and iPad. If you are somehow still not able to play Roblox on your iOS device then you can try either accessing a third party application to fix the iOS system and contacting the official support teams of both Apple and Roblox and get your concern resolved. 

Deasilex hopes that you might have got the answer to your problems. Kindly leave reviews in the comment below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Is Roblox Not Working On iPhone/iPad?

If you are facing the same crashing or not working issue in either of your iPhone or iPad device, then consider that either the gaming app is outdated or your device is. One among the both is defective. Or you can either try repairing the iOS of your iPhone or iPad. 

Q. How Do I Fix Roblox From Crashing On My iPad?

Here are a few common troubleshooting methods through which you can fix Roblox not working on your iOS device:

  1. Force quit the app
  2. Restart your device 
  3. Uninstall and reinstall the Roblox app
  4. Clear Roblox app cache and cookies
  5. Recheck the standard date and time i

Q. Is My iPad Too Old For Roblox?

iPad users who own iPad 2 or higher like iPhone 4s and iPad touch 5 generation  or iOS 9 are majorly required for the application to run.

Q. Why Is Roblox Not Letting Me On?

Ensure that you are accessing a supported browser and an updated version of the browser to play Roblox on your iPhone or iPad device. 

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