How To Fix “Too Many Attempts. Try Again Later” On Tiktok

How To Fix “Too Many Attempts. Try Again Later” On Tiktok

Do you receive the message “Too many attempts. Try again later” on TikTok? A fun and cost-free program called TikTok allows you to make quick videos and share them with your friends. Millions of users use it every day, making it one of the most popular video-sharing apps. Despite the popularity, you should know how to fix “Too many attempts. Try again later” on TikTok.

There are distinct issues with each social media network, and TikTok is no exception. There are several potential causes for the mistake. First off, you might be trying to send your phone number, with too many codes. Second, you might have attempted to log in too frequently without success. You will be temporarily prohibited from logging in if you made an excessive number of unsuccessful login attempts. Either way, you need to fix “Too many attempts. Try again later” on TikTok. 

If you are following us for quite now, then you must have learned How To Unsync Contacts On TikTok or How To See Who Favorited Your Video On TikTok? This article walks you through how to fix “Too many attempts. Try again later” on TikTok. Let’s go through the solution and update your knowledge. 

How To Fix “Too Many Attempts. Try Again Later” On Tiktok | 5 Ways

If you’ve been attempting to access your TikTok account for a while but keep getting the warning “Too many attempts. Try again later” you are not alone. We’re here to assist you because many users have been seeking assistance with this problem message.

Your IP address has been temporarily blocked by TikTok as a result of your repeated attempts to carry out the same operation in a brief period of time, which is the source of this error. Therefore, to fix “Too many attempts. Try again later” by altering your IP address.

Method 1: Connect Using VPN

Here is the 1st method to fix “Too many attempts. Try again later” on TikTok. The term “VPN” refers to a virtual private network. A virtual private network, or VPN, enables safe connections to the internet from any place utilizing open, closed, or protected networks. The simplest and fastest way to change your IP address is by using a VPN. You can view the TikTok page if you change the location of your VPN to a location where TikTok is accessible because doing so will make your IP address appear to be in an area where access is not restricted.

  1. To connect to an accessible VPN, first, download a VPN from your app store and then run it.
  2. After completing this, try logging into TikTok once more.
  3. If you’re still having trouble logging in, try utilizing your web browser’s “Private browsing mode” to access your TikTok account.

Method 2: Try Switching Network

If you repeatedly logged in and out of Tiktok using the same IP address in a short period of time, Tiktok may blacklist your IP address. TikTok may assume you are a bot as a result of your action. So it is recommended to utilize your phone data to log in if you are using Wi-Fi to see TikTok. This is so because your mobile data’s IP address and Wi-IP Fi’s address are different. Furthermore, it is recommended to connect to Wi-Fi if you are using mobile data to use TikTok. This is the second step to fix “Too many attempts. Try again later” on TikTok. 

Method 3: Change Wi-Fi Settings

Changing WiFi settings is the third step we recommend to fix “Too many attempts. Try again later” on TikTok. By modifying your Wi-Fi settings, you can change your IP address on your own. Verify that there are no limits on your network in your Wi-Fi settings. Next, select the advanced settings option for the Wi-Fi network you are currently logged into and manually enter your new IP address.

Method 4: Delete TikTok And Reinstall

TikTok should be reinstalled in order to fix the “Too many attempts” problem. Reinstalling the software will allow you to clear the cache. Any outdated information that can make TikTok load improperly will be removed by doing this. The sooner you take action, the higher the likelihood that everything will start working properly once more. It was the fourth step to fix “Too many attempts. Try again later” on TikTok. 

Method 5: Wait It Out

The fifth recommended method to fix “Too many attempts. Try again later” on TikTok is just wait it out! You can wait for the issue to solve itself if nothing else does. After too many attempts, The TikTok “Try again later” issue is only temporary and should disappear in about an hour. In some cases, it can take many hours, but this is unusual. If you come back in an hour, the error ought to be fixed. When all other options have failed, and you are trying to post at a specific time, waiting it out may not be convenient, but it is the quickest way to correct the error.

Wrapping Up

Hope this article helped you with how to fix “Too many attempts. Try again later” on TikTok. If you are looking for more insights let us know in the comment section. Meanwhile, do you know how to unfollow everyone on TikTok, or how to turn on weekly screen time updates on TikTok? Follow Deasilex for more insights on Twitter! 


Q1. Why Can’t I Get Back Into My TikTok Account?

Simply forgetting your password or login credentials is the most frequent cause of account inaccessibility. TikTok, however, also locks accounts that have participated in behavior that is against the platform’s policies.

Q2. What Is The Meaning Of Too Many Attempts?

There are times when you can receive the response “Too many attempts, try again later.” It signifies that because of your excessive request volume, the system temporarily locked you out.

Q3. How Long Is Try Again Later?

The result is that even if two users receive the same kind of ban, one may be released from prison far sooner than the other. A “Try again later” prohibition could be in effect for a short while or a number of days.

Q4. How Long Does TikTok Lock Your Account?

Your restricted TikTok account may take some time to unlock. It can even take one or two months. It’s advisable to build a backup account that you can use until your account is unlocked if you use TikTok for routine tasks.

Q5. Why Is My TikTok Locked?

In truth, there are a number of reasons why users’ TikTok accounts can be locked. The most frequent explanation is that you’ve lost your password or login details. However, in some circumstances, accounts may be suspended or banned if it is determined that they have violated the terms of service for the site.

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