How To Fix WhatsApp Call Not Ringing? 10 Easy Fixes!

How To Fix WhatsApp Call Not Ringing?

How frequently do you wake up your phone, open WhatsApp, and discover a number of missed calls that didn’t go through while your phone was locked? Both iOS and Android mobile devices experience this. If you are facing the same situation, you must be hunting for the answer to – how to fix WhatsApp call not ringing.

Due to a gadget or in-app notification configuration, WhatsApp calls frequently won’t ring when your iPhone is locked. Rarely, but potentially, the problem could also be operating system related, where a defect in the version of WhatsApp that is installed on your phone is making it a glitch. Fortunately, there is a handful of solutions to fix WhatsApp calls not ringing.

To fix WhatsApp call not ringing, you may start by – disabling silent mode, updating WhatsApp, re-enabling WhatsApp notifications, and resetting notification settings. 

Let’s go through the article and explore more about – how to fix WhatsApp call not ringing. 

How To Fix WhatsApp Call Not Ringing?

Your WhatsApp call may not be ringing while your Android or iPhone is locked for a number of different reasons. The instructions in the guide may not apply to all Android phones due to their various software configurations. Let’s start with the answers to – how to fix WhatsApp call not ringing.

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Fix 1: Disable Do Not Disturb Mode

DND mode, commonly referred to as do not disturb mode, is an Android and iOS feature that mutes all calls and texts, and notifications. The sound is immediately muted when this function is activated. The apps’ notification noises won’t play after that, including those for incoming WhatsApp calls.

Most of the time, the Do Not Disturb setting on Android cellphones is to blame for users missing incoming calls. It is a simple way to fix WhatsApp call not ringing with WhatsApp incoming call alerts by disabling the Do Not Disturb option.

Also, make sure that none of your schedules are set in glitch mode. Your device will automatically enter DND mode and mute incoming calls and messages when the DND schedule is enabled.

Fix 2: Enable WhatsApp Notifications

Not receiving call alerts could also be due to WhatsApp notifications being turned off. When a user gets a message or calls on WhatsApp, a notice is shown. The notification for WhatsApp may come in the form of a banner, sound, or buzzing based on the phone or settings.

It’s possible that WhatsApp alerts are turned off on your smartphone if you don’t get any of these alert types. This is one of the most effective ways to fix WhatsApp calls not ringing.

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Fix 3: Disable Silent Mode

Make sure your iPhone is not in silent mode first. This might stop WhatsApp calls, as well as regular/cellular phone calls, from ringing. Make sure the Ring/Silent toggle on the top left of your iPhone is not orange. If so, your device is in silent mode, which mutes ringtones and notification alerts.

Switch to the opposite side. Your device will enter Ring Mode as a result, and a pop-up message stating “Silent Mode: Off” will appear on your screen. Go to the next step if this step is unable to fix WhatsApp call not ringing issue.

Fix 4: Update WhatsApp

As was already mentioned, a fault in the WhatsApp software may be the blame for the problem. Upgrade WhatsApp on your iPhone to the most recent version and see whether the problem still exists. By tapping the Update WhatsApp button, you can update WhatsApp from the App Store on your device.

If you’re still having trouble with this after updating to the most recent version of WhatsApp, your iPhone’s configuration problems or bugs in the app are almost certainly at blame. Continue to the following solutions to fix WhatsApp call not ringing.

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Fix 5: Enable Background Data

You can deactivate Internet connectivity for specific apps, including WhatsApp, in the most recent version of Android. To place and receive calls, WhatsApp employs Voice over Internet Protocol technologies. When your device is locked, you might not be able to answer calls if background Internet access is disabled. Enabling the background data is an easy way to fix WhatsApp call not ringing issue.

To view WhatsApp’s Android background data settings follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open your device’s Settings app. A different option is to long-press the WhatsApp icon, select settings, and then select Data use.

Step 2: Click “Network & Internet” or “Network Access,” then click “Data consumption.”

Step 3: Choose WhatsApp from the list of apps by scrolling down.

Step 4: Turn off or on background data by flipping the switch next to it.

Furthermore, make sure the data saver is off. This limits background data allowance for all apps and only permits background data usage for the apps you have whitelisted.

Fix 6: Disable Battery Saver

When the power level drops below a predetermined level, typically between 15% and 20%, the battery-saver mode is typically enabled. Under the device settings, you can, however, manually activate it. When the power saving feature is turned on, the system automatically modifies its settings to increase battery life. The screen brightness has been decreased, vibration feedback has been disabled, and some programs’ network and background consumption has been restricted.

While your device is locked, the energy conservation mode may occasionally prevent you from getting WhatsApp call alerts. To fix WhatsApp call not ringing issue, simply turn off the battery saving on your smartphone.

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Fix 7: Clear WhatsApp Cache

The most effective way to fix WhatsApp call not ringing issue is to clear the app’s data and cache. This technique can be used to quickly fix call notification issues in WhatsApp. The temporary files that WhatsApp has stored will be deleted after clearing the app’s cache. No significant WhatsApp data or settings will be deleted as a result.

Fix 8: Update Google Play Services

On Android devices, Google Play Services runs in the background and gives apps access to push notifications, location-based services, Google Maps, and other features. When it comes to the effective operation of the app, Google Play services are crucial. If you ever experience any faults with the app, including problems with WhatsApp call notifications, upgrading Google Play services may be able to help. Updating Google Play Service may help to fix WhatsApp call not ringing issue. 

Fix 9: Uninstall And Re-Install WhatsApp

One of the greatest ways to fix WhatsApp call not ringing problem is to uninstall and reinstall apps. Before deleting the software, however, the correct steps must be followed.

Keep in mind that removing WhatsApp would erase any messages, media, and settings related to the application. Backing up your data is advised before deleting the program. Follow these steps to back up your WhatsApp data:

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp on your phone.

Step 2: Choose “Settings” by selecting the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Choose “Chats.”

Step 4: Choose “Chat Backup.”

Step 5: To begin the backup procedure, tap “Backup Now.”

You can remove WhatsApp from your smartphone after the backup is finished. Again go to the Google Play store and re-install the app. 

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Fix 10: Force Stop WhatsApp

Another frequent app troubleshooting technique to determine whether the app is causing issues is to force it to close. An application stops utilizing resources like memory and data when you force it to close. No data or preferences are deleted from WhatsApp when the app is forced to close. Just WhatsApp’s background operation is prevented.

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Wrapping Up

Hope, this article helped you with how to fix WhatsApp calls not ringing. We have discussed 10 possible fixes to the issue. Try all of them and let us know which one worked best for you. Looking forward to learning more tricks about WhatsApp? Keep following Deasilex

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Does WhatsApp Stop Suddenly?

If your smartphone is out of space, you may not be able to utilize some features. Go to Settings > Storage to verify your phone’s storage to make sure that’s not the reason WhatsApp is crashing. We advise you to free up storage if it has less than 1GB of available space.

Q2. Why Is WhatsApp Not Sending Messages?

There are a few explanations why WhatsApp messages aren’t being received if you are certain that your phone is online: You must restart or switch off and on your phone. Your phone number has been blocked by the person you are messaging. Read this article to learn more.

Q3. Why Are My Messages Not Delivering?

The most frequent cause of improper text message delivery is an incorrect phone number. This explanation is reasonable given that the intended recipient cannot be reached. Unless you have entered the erroneous number, your mobile provider will often notify you when a number is invalid.

Q4. Why Is WhatsApp Not Working On My iPhone?

Your gadget needs to be powered off and back on to restart. Download the most recent version of WhatsApp from the Apple App Store then activate and deactivate Airplane Mode. Toggle Cellular Data by tapping Cellular.

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