How To Get Free NFL Avatar On Reddit?

How To Get Free NFL Avatar On Reddit

Reddit introduced its NFT project in July 2022 and in just three months, four separate Reddit Collectible Avatar collections ranked in the list of Top 10 for the 24-hour trading volume. Are you also among many Reddit users who are aspired to use these Avatars, and specifically searching how to get free NFL Avatar on Reddit, no worries we will get the job done for you!!

No marks for guessing that Reddit is a famous social news and discussion website. Reddit Users can submit and vote on content submitted by other users. It’s a great platform to engage in discussions with like-minded people and you can also create communities based on mutual interests. Reddit has proved to be a great resource for learning about trending topics. It helps find answers to many questions and connect with individuals who share similar interests. For now, let’s learn about how to get NFL avatar on Reddit.

To get free NFL avatar on Reddit, first, you need to click avatar > after that click claim > choose your team > and lastly claim your avatar.

Earlier there were rumors and vague information available. Reddit users had created more than three million Vault crypto wallets on this knowledge tank platform since July, this even surpassed OpenSea in the count of active wallets on its platform. It was unclear if Reddit gifted users with free avatars, particularly NFL Avatar. We have all the answers for you, along with step by step guide to get free NFL Avatar on Reddit.

What Is NFL Avatar On Reddit?

Reddit again took the internet by storm when it launched the Super Bowl LVII Collectible Avatars on February 6, 2023. Before the game of the Super Bowl, every user can select an NFT avatar. Users further can keep, trade, sell, or use the collectible as their avatar on Reddit. The Super Bowl NFTs are easily available and that too for free, which gives its owners exclusive platform perks. These amazing Super Bowl LVII Collectible Avatars are available on OpenSea. We know it’s quite tempting for you also now, and you know can’t hold it anymore to get free NFL Avatar on Reddit.

These unique avatars have been introduced in the colors of the Philadelphia and Kansas City squads. The users have four types to opt between of NFTs to mint: an Eagles, Chiefs, The Champs, or LVII Super Fans collectible. Reddit users can now choose among these four and show their support for their favorite teams.

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How To Get Free NFL Avatar On Reddit?

Reddit has recently announced a new set of custom avatars for the game the Super Bowl. This has been created in partnership with the National Football League (NFL), and this will enable millions of football fans to express their love for the game in an innovative way to engage with the event. These limited-edition PFPs are created by many independent artists around the globe in partnership with Reddit. 

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Needless to mention that a lot of Redditors are crazy football fans. Reddit says that, with the launch of this project, they will facilitate 411 million views in football-related communities every month. This thought could fit in here that, this is a well-planned move that is part of the marketing strategy. As this will definitely engage more user discussions on Reddit, resulting in definite growth of users. Reddit also says that there was a remarkable 32% YoY growth in Super Bowl mentioned in its application last year. Meanwhile, Reddit’s Avatars, have become surprisingly popular in a very short span of time.

Open your Reddit application on your phone, log in, and follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: In the top-right corner of your phone screen, tap your current avatar or profile picture.

How To Get Free NFL Avatar On Reddit

Step 2: An animated NFL Avatar must appear at the top of the screen. 

How To Get Free NFL Avatar On Reddit

Step 3: Simply tap the “Claim” button to the right of the text that reads “Claim your Super Bowl LVII collectible!”

How To Get Free NFL Avatar On Reddit

Step 4: In order to select your favorite team, tap the “Choose Your Team” button at the bottom of the screen.

How To Get Free NFL Avatar On Reddit

Step 5: A total of four available Avatars are available, swipe from right to left to view these four Avatar on Reddit to select from.

Step 6: After you’ve selected the Avatar you want to claim (check if that same one is displayed on your phone screen), 

How To Get Free NFL Avatar On Reddit

Step 7: Tap the “Claim Yours” button at the bottom of the screen, and it’s done.

How To Get Free NFL Avatar On Reddit

Most Popular Avatar On Reddit

We know that NFL Avatar on Reddit is quite famous, because of the time of the launch and it’s also free. At the same time, there are many others you may find interesting. 

It is really a hard job to create a rank list of more than 40,000 Reddit NFTs. this varies from person to person as likes and dislikes change and what’s the purpose behind the creation. We however have tried to compile a list of the top five most popular collections of Avatar on Reddit. 

This is completely based on their sales volume, as it determines how much the one is preferred and bought.

1. Spooky Season By Poieeeyee

In neck-to-neck competition, Spooky Season Poieeeyee x Reddit Collectible Avatars transpired as the top seller among all Reddit Avatars. The collection has been created by a Reddit user “pie-eyed.” The user released this for Halloween 2022 and because of the best time of its launch, in no time this secured the number-one spot on OpenSea’s Top 10 list by 24-hour trading volume. This gave hard time to others and outpaced all other Reddit Avatar releases by a greater margin, also with nearly double the volume of sales.

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2. The Senses By Rojom

These are created by Reddit user Rojom. Senses x Reddit Collectible Avatar on Reddit is a set of three NFTs. A horror theme has been adopted because this NFT collection has been specifically created for Halloween. This definitely shows us how we as humans, contemplate horror.

NFTs in The Senses collection rival are created with some unique thoughts, that’s why even the creepiest monsters are with a dark and moody aesthetic.

3. Foustlings By Tyler Foust

Soon after Reddit launched its Avatar on Reddit collectible Creator program. A Reddit user Tyler Foust created the Foustlings NFT collection. It’s still among the highest-selling avatar NFTs even after six months of its release. Adding more to this, each NFT collection is customized with the creator’s signature and vibrant curling lines.

4. Spooky Season By Rojom

Rojom again created trouble for other creators and their Avatars with its second release Spooky Season. It was released ahead of Halloween and earned a spot among the top 5 Reddit NFTs by sales volume. However, The NFTs in the collection look more like the ones in the Senses collection. A shift in concept can be observed, this time the focus is mainly on astronomical imagery but not too far from the horror theme.

5. Imagination Station By ChipperDoodle

This collection shows Snoo metamorphosing into diverse Avatars. User Chipperdoodle created this series that includes a “big city bear,” “cone head,” and “kid rexie.” More than $533,000 worth of NFTS from this series collection have sold since launch.

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Reddit is one of the most popular social media networks, with a user section of more than 330 million, which really tells us about. Its dominance. Reddit Avatars are worth some attention and we won’t even try to determine the shelf life of assets like NFTs. It hosts hundreds of active subreddit communities. It allows other NFT collections to start from scratch to build a community. Reddit NFTs have already catered to a captivated audience. This can be said, that Reddit’s collectible avatars are more likely to sustain popularity with a much wider audience for a longer period of time as compared to the average NFT collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Get Free NFL Avatar On Reddit PC?

NFL Avatars are making loud noises since their launch. Being a Football fan, everyone along with their user name is eager to get these Avatars also and support their favorite teams. We have outlined a step-by-step process for you. This will surely help you to get free NFL Avatar on Reddit PC. A  mobile use case has been taken, in the steps mentioned, but don’t worry, steps will stay the same for PC.

Q2. How To Get Reddit Avatar Maker Free? 

Reddit proudly announced Avatar Builder. this will give its users an advanced way to customize their appearance on Reddit! With this Avatar Builder, users can easily create their own Avatar, as per their choice, which will be supported by added components like hair, jackets, jerseys, capes, and event-themed gear also. Users can personalize their Avatars on their profile page or profile card.

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Earlier when Reddit didn’t have an official Avatar maker, there were many third-party websites that offer Avatar-creating tools. Even after the release of Reddit Avatar builder, these third-party websites are still preferred largely. Reson could be any but these are still popular among many and as per the popularity and clicks hit, we have shortlisted one popular website for creating avatars. It is called “Avatarmaker” ( This website offers you to choose from a wide variety of features and accessories to create or customize an Avatar.

Q3. How Much Are Reddit Avatars Worth?

Many NFT Avatars on Reddit were premium NFTs and were purchased from the site, The first selling fixed price points range from $10 to $100 per piece. As per the data from Reddit Floor, more than 86,000 NFTs were sold to its users, and now they have a collective market cap (or value) of about wowing $100 million.

An avatar can be said to be a graphical representation of anyone that in a way represents them. A hypothetical depiction of someone, in the form of a picture or sketch. Avatars can be of many different forms, they could range from realistic depictions of humans, and animals, or to anything which is in the range of thoughts of a creator who wishes to abstract characters in the shape of a cartoon or maybe a sketch. A creatively complex way that enables users to express themselves and their character in online communities or social media platforms. But still, only a few of them actually comes closer to their thought, when they draw a sketch. Most of the time the thought is depicted squiggly. With the use of social media platforms and virtual worlds, Avatars have also become considerably popular in recent years, social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, offer their users to upload profile pictures that could be a created Avatar even. Apart from this, many virtual worlds like Second Life and VRChat also allow their users to create and customize the Avatars that they could use in online environments.

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