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How To Sell On OpenSea Without Paying Gas Fee

Are you an artist who is new to the NFT world and looking to sell your NFT without paying the gas fees? If yes, then worry not! Because here we are with a post on how to sell on OpenSea without paying gas fee.

Gas fees are transaction fees paid to miners on Ethereum. OpenSea does not receive these fees and is not able to refund them. It also doesn’t control gas prices nor does it profit from them. However, if we mint in a polygon, then you don’t require any gas fees to be paid. Mint and sell for free.

We will be going through how to sell on OpenSea without paying the gas fee in detail. The process is quite simple, just follow the steps carefully.

So, without much ado, let’s start.  

Why Is Gas Fee Required?

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, currently uses a Proof-of-Work mining model. In proof-of-work, miners are decentralized computers that use their computing power to process and confirm transactions. In Ethereum, new transactions get added in “blocks” every 15 seconds. Miners are a built-in mechanism of the Ethereum blockchain and get paid in Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency, ETH. 

When you pay for gas fees, the payment only guarantees your transaction to be processed. It does not guarantee that the transaction will succeed.

This is because gas prices on Ethereum fluctuate widely. If there is a high level of activity on Ethereum- for example, a popular NFT collection is being released – gas prices will rise due to network congestion. In this case, the original gas fee you paid may no longer be high enough for miners to process and confirm the transaction. 

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When Are Gas Fees Needed On OpenSea?

How To Sell On OpenSea Without Paying Gas Fee

It is important to understand when gas fees are needed so that you can understand “How To Sell On OpenSea Without Paying Gas Fee”. When you send crypto to another wallet or purchase an NFT on OpenSea, you’ll need enough ETH in your wallet to pay for gas fees.

There are two categories of user actions that will result in ETH gas fees on OpenSea.

  • One-time fees
  • Recurring fees

One-Time Fees

As we mentioned above, there are a few one-time fees you’ll have to pay when using Ethereum for the first time. These transactions are required to grant transaction permissions between your wallet and OpenSea. 

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Recurring Fees

You will pay gas fees on Ethereum when:

  • Accepting an offer.
  • Transferring (or Gifting) an NFT to someone.
  • Buying an NFT.
  • Canceling a listed NFT.
  • Canceling a Bid.
  • Converting WETH back to ETH, and vice versa.
  • Freezing your metadata.
  • Bridging ETH or withdrawing ETH to and from Polygon.

How To Mint NFT On OpenSea For Free?

For this, first, you need to open a MetaMask account.

You don’t need to deposit any ETHs as we are selling without paying any gas fees.

  1. Go to OpenSea and link your wallet to it.
  2. Click on create option. We recommend making a collection of items.
  3. Upload the avatar.
  4. Name your NFT and provide the link.
  5. Write its description.
  6. Add a collection to it.
  7. Add other options like properties, levels, and so on.
  8. Write its supply and add the Blockchain currency – select Polygon
  9. Click on create.

There you go, you have successfully minted your NFT for free.

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How To Sell On OpenSea Without Paying Gas Fee?

How to sell On OpenSea without paying Gas Fee, here is the process.

  1. Go to the minted NFT and click on sell.
  2. Set the price.
  3. 2.5% is the gas fee of OpenSea. Click on the complete listing.
  4. Click on unlock. Sign the message.

Congratulations! You have successfully put your NFT on sale for free on OpenSea.

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Wrapping Up:

Here, we conclude our post on how to sell on OpenSea without paying gas fees. It is quite simple to understand that a gas fee is required when we are dealing with Ethereum. However, if we change our blockchain currency to polygon, then no gas fees are required to mint or sell NFTs on OpenSea.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do You Have To Pay A Gas Fee For Every NFT OpenSea?

OpenSea is one of the platforms that provide free NFT minting. However, users will still be charged 2.5 percent of the final sale value of your NFT work. Sadly, there’s no option to skip the fee. It is undeniable that gas fees or other fees that users must pay may be an issue for many NFT artists.

Q2. Where Can I Sell My NFT Without Gas Fee?

There are some blockchains that have no gas fees or at least lower fees. These include Polygon on Opensea or ImmutableX on Mintable. Before minting or buying an NFT, look into the fees and at which blockchain and token are being used.

Q3. How Do I Avoid Gas When Listing On OpenSea?

Lower the gas price, slow the transaction. In general, gas prices will be around below range at the time of writing. If you enter your number as 54 Gwei, it means the transaction will take < 30 mins to confirm. Faster the transaction, the more the gas price.

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