How To Get Permanently Banned TikTok Account Back 2022? Get Unbanned on Tiktok!!

How To Get Permanently Banned TikTok Account Back?

There is nothing more terrifying than getting your TikTok account banned. It means that you can lose all your followers and videos. But your TikTok account will get banned if you have violated the community guidelines issued by TikTok. But do you know you can get back your permanently banned TikTok account? Do you know how to get permanently banned TikTok account back?

TikTok is a very popular social media platform that will allow you to make video and then post it on the platform. You can easily gain followers by posting videos on this platform. Besides posting a video, you can easily see the different content that other people post on this platform.

Now, let’s discuss how to get permanently banned TikTok account back. Well, the steps are really easy to follow. You can report the problems to TikTok customer support > use VPN > provide age proof > feedback > and appeal using emails.

We have mentioned the full details below which you can simply scroll down and follow so that you can get back your permanently banned TikTok account. So, let’s not waste any more time and quickly get started.

Why Do TikTok Accounts Get Banned?

Why Do TikTok Accounts Get Banned?

Well, there might be many reasons why your TikTok account gets banned permanently. Let’s see what are the major reasons why your TikTok account gets banned before we discuss how to get permanently banned TikTok account back.

  1. Guidelines violations: when you violate the community guidelines that are issued by TikTok like posting illegal content, spamming other users, or exceeding the daily following and comments limit.
  2. Inappropriate activities: the TikTok algorithms will track the number of followers, comments, and likes. If they suspect any sudden change in them, they will consider them as bots and then ban the accounts.
  3. 3rd party account monetization: you can get banned on TikTok if you try to monetize your account by using the 3rd party apps without even considering the infringement of community guidelines.
  4. Exceeding video posting limit: well, there is a high chance that your account may get banned if you are posting an excessive number of videos within a short period of time, the limit is nine consecutive posts per day.
  5. Copyright policy violations: TikTok does not allow you to post any such kind of content that will violate the copyright policy. If you have posted any such content then that user has the copyright and your account will get banned.

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How To Get Permanently Banned TikTok Account Back?

Now, we know the possible reason why your account might get permanently banned on TikTok 2022, let’s know how to get permanently banned TikTok account back 2022. So, let’s take a look at them.

1.    Report The Problem To TikTok Customer Support

How To Get Permanently Banned TikTok Account Back?

If your TikTok account is permanently banned for no real good reason you can just recover your banned account by contacting the TikTok support team can fix the issue. Whenever an account gets banned then you will get a mail from the TikTok team. In this kinda situation you can either wait for the next 24 to 48 hours to get your account restored or contact the support team instantly. We suggest that you contact the team instantly.

  1. Open the TikTok app and then click on the profile icon.
  2. Go to privacy and setting and then click on the report a problem option which is present under the support section.
  3. Go to the account and profile option and then choose the profile page and then click on the other option.
  4. Click on the still have problem option and then write your issue in the box and explain why your account shouldn’t be banned.
  5. Now, click on the report button.

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2.    Appeal Using Emails

How To Get Permanently Banned TikTok Account Back?

Well, appealing using emails to the support team is another way how to get permanently banned TikTok accounts back. There are many email addresses unavailable online that you can use to report your issue.

As your account may get banned due to the infringement of policy and guidelines the best way by which you can deal with the issue is to approach the legal department of TikTok. When appealing for getting back the banned TikTok account one thing that you have to remember is to mention your email address and your TikTok account details.

Don’t use harsh language or the hateful speech by returning your account. Explain your situation and issues to the team in detail and why you think that your account has been banned wrongly.

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3.    Use Feedback Form

Use Feedback Form

TikTok does allow you to use the feedback form if you have any inconvenience. If you want to recover your permanently banned TikTok account then you can use this form. To use the form the first thing that you have to do is go to the share your feedback form. This form has been made for TikTok users so that they can share their experience with the TikTok app. But you can use the form to report the problem with your account.

  1. Enter your contact details and enter your email address it should be the same address that you used to create the TikTok account and then the TikTok username.
  2. After you have provided the contact information scroll down the form and you will be asked to provide other things as well: description, topic, and sub-topic of the appeal.
  3. Go to the topic dropdown box and choose the account ban or suspension option and click on the tell us more option.
  4. You will get three options that are banned account (age-related), banned account (not-age related), and Livestream. Choose the option that suits you better.
  5. Now, in the how we can help box, describe your issue in detail and plead to remove the ban from your TikTok account.
  6. After describing your issue select the optional attachments and you can upload up to 10 screenshots.

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4.    Provide Age Proof

Provide Age Proof

Well, if you want to know how to get permanently banned TikTok account back, then you can provide your age proof to the support team to remove the ban.

There are many TikTok users who fake their age to set up a TikTok account. If you have entered your incorrect age then your account will get banned. But at times TikTok may misperceive your age and can ban your account. If that is the case then you can remove the ban by sharing the ID proof with the TikTok team and then asking the team to remove it.

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Wrapping Up:

Now, these were a few ways that will help you to know how to get permanently banned TikTok account back. The steps are really easy to follow and there are different ways by which you can easily remove your permanently banned account. If you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Actions You Cannot Perform During Account Suspension?

Well, when your account is suspended then you will not be able to comment, message, and edit your profile and upload a video on TikTok.

Q. How To Get Unbanned From TikTok By Re-Sharing Your Removed Videos By TikTok Moderators On Facebook?

If you learned how to contact TikTok about a banned account then you can easily ask your friends to reshare your TikTok video. In that case, you can show your TikTok you don’t violate the terms of service anymore.

Q. How To Get A TikTok Account Banned Fast?

Well, one of the most important details about the TikTok ban is how you can get somebody’s TikTok account banned and the best answer is to report their page with the report icon from the upper right-hand side of their profile page.

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